Where Does The Soul Live?

Your name is Alex and you got into a car accident where both legs needed to be amputated. Luckily for you Tommy, who just died, donated his entire body and the doctors can attach his legs to where yours used to be. Now you have two legs from Tommy, but does that change who you are? Of course not. You are still Alex, just with Tommy’s legs. But you also have bad lungs from years of smoking and heart trouble as well. So the doctors decide to replace your two lungs and sick heart with Tommy’s healthy organs. This also does not change who you are; you are still Alex, but with Tommy’s organs and legs. A year later you are in a more serious accident leaving your entire body, from the neck down, paralyzed. David who died recently has a perfectly working body and new technology allows you to take your head and attach it to David’s body. Are you still Alex or are you David with Alex’s head? You still think the same and act like Alex, you just have a different body shape now, so you are still you. But the following year your house catches on fire and the only part of you that the doctors manage to save is your brain. Sam has just developed brain cancer and is in major need of a brain transplant. The doctors take your brain and give it to Sam. You look 100% like Sam, but you think and talk the same as Alex. So who are you, Alex or Sam? There is an argument for both sides, but where draws the line to determine what defines a human? Is the brain the entire entity of a human being or is there something else?

Humans are made up of three parts: the mind, body, and soul. This person has the mind of Alex, the body of Sam, but whose soul? This all determines where the human soul lives in the physical body. But if there is not one singular place where the soul resides then how do we know or can we ever know whose soul captivates this human? If the brain is the only thing that determines who a person is then this is still Alex. But the entire outside, physical part of this person is entirely Sam. Sure he thinks differently, but he looks completely like Sam and besides this one single organ, everything else is Sam’s.

I am not a psychic and cannot answer this question, but it shows that there is more to a person than the physical body. The hard part in this scenario is understanding the separation between the mind and the soul. Some say that the organ closest to where the soul resides is the heart. This makes sense because the heart chakra is the center for unconditional love, the same love which our souls take with them to the other side. If this is true, then the physical brain has no relation to the soul, but rather just the mind. Having a soul centered near the heart would mean that Sam’s soul remains in him, regardless of the brain which will remember only the life of Alex. If I had to answer this questions, I would guess that the soul would remain Sam’s because the brain is simply an organ, replicable like any other. It would be hard to say whether this scenario is even possible because it is believed that there needs to be a balance between one’s mind, body, and soul. Having these three parts mixed among two people might create disharmony within the being as a whole. These ideas are something to think about when trying to understand the human soul, where it comes from, what it does to our bodies, and what it carries with it after our physical death.

Hannah Goldstein

Hannah Goldstein

A few years ago I discovered who I was. I am a spiritual being, living a human experience. I live life knowing that the lessons I learn on Earth are developing my soul and this helps me to make sense of the world. I want to share my experiences in hopes that others will too see that there is more than just life in the physical world and we are being guided from above everyday.
Hannah Goldstein

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