It is now safe to move. Become un-paralyzed to break out and break free from the fear of being made fun of because you’re creatively unique intelligent in a different way that others do not understand.

It is now okay. You now give yourself permission to live the life you want to live with bravery and joy with courage and with might and strength and freedom.

It is now time. You are free to claim ownership with your own life. You are free to be in divine relationship with you and the Most High.

The celebration is found in your uniqueness. You are the owner of your life and the God of your understanding is your Director. When you partner with Gods great plan for you all your spiritual qualities will soar and shine. You will be lifted into a greater and more expanded self full of joy and wonder.

Soar baby soar! Others may or may not understand or accept your metamorphosis. Fall deep and trust yourself. Own your talents live this great gift of life beyond your wildest dreams.

Do not worry about ego centered judgment or arrogance that takes hold of you. You are a human being and you will experience life as such. Remember though that you will learn to witness yourself and turn around any false belief or lie and/or negative behavior that is not for your highest good. You will always defer to and live from grace and humility.

It is now safe to literally “move” about the world and live out loud. Take positive actions to support the celebration of your life. Breathe through all feelings and fear based negative thought patterns. Remember to call upon your higher self God and all your guides and angels to support and guide you. Call upon your own self to come into being. Live in the truth of who you really are in this great cosmic world. Become the plans that were written just for you. There are great masterful plans that have only your name on them.

Remember that each of us in this world is different with unique gifts and talents. We will each gravitate toward those like-minded people that will support and celebrate our uniqueness. Once you find your tribe you will soar within yourself and with them. You will learn to accept without condition others who are different from you and you will be able to love them. You will be able to exist one among many the different and the unique.

You will continue to grow and be strong within yourself and proud of You. You are an incredible woman who is filled with love joy laughter creativity peace and so much more. Create and share with others your unique talents and spiritual gifts of wisdom and healing. I see you. Our healing is the healing of humanity and our holy planet earth because we are all One. We are one united blended and integrated being of light and we are whole again.

I am thrilled to continually be made whole and strong. With every war and battle that goes on within me and with each and every surrender that comes out of the dark night of the soul I will thrive and I will win. My darkness are the seeds that bear the fruits of my life. These seeds are not only sown for me they are sown for countless others.

So when the inner battles begin to roar as the lion does during their hunt- Stop and Breathe – Stop and Breathe. When fear of failure and yes the fear of success take hold breathe deeply into it and become one with it…do not be afraid. Breathe. Just keep breathing and calling out the truth of you until you literally feel the internal and energetic fields shift and break. Then move and I mean literally move your body and do something no matter what it is just remember to move your body. Don’t remain stuck inside of yourself in this mix of addictive negative patterns of old. Each time you win this battle you conquer the war. Raise up your voice and state the truth: “I AM” and I say Yes to Me and my Brilliant Self!!!

Just remember when all else fails breathe move meditate and pray. Call out to the One-the God of your own understanding.
Call out to this God that is called by many names. This Great Spirit this Higher Power will always hear you and rise up within you with a mighty strength beyond your wildest imaginings. God will rise up to meet you…

Without seeking a path of spirituality recovery and seeking outside help; I would not have been able to survive my past. I would not have found the courage wisdom and power to walk the path back to integration and freedom.

Thank you God!
I go to the Rock for my Salvation…

Infinite Blessings, Cathy G

Cathy Greer Gonzales
I am an intuitive writer and poet sharing healing wisdom and spiritual truths that comes through me from a higher plane of consciousness and is infused with Love and Peace. I send Infinite Blessings to all Beings and to our Holy Planet Earth. Always in Peace Cathy G Personal Message It is my deep intent and my souls purpose to support and guide others as they walk the path back home to themselves and find their own Sacred Light. My work is based on spiritual principles and universal truths. I share my gifts and the spiritual wisdom I found through my own healing journey and my conscious contact with Spirit. It is my belief that in order to find Peace and Love in our lives we must first take the inner journey back home to our self. Finding inner peace will lead us back to living a more authentic life full of love and joy. I am deeply honored to share the experiences of my life and the path that led me back to the truth of who I really am. I have been blessed with an abundance of infinite wisdom that I now hold deep within My Heart. This work and my healing process is the gift I give to others with the hope of guiding them back to finding the lost parts of themselves and reclaiming all of who they truly are. Infinite Peace and Love -Cathy
Cathy Greer Gonzales

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