Are You Okay?

Are you okay? Are you alright?

Questions asked when loved one is gone.

Your house feels empty

Your soul is blue

The same questions asked over and over again?

Dreams you shared once gone like the wind

Truth be known no you are not okay!

Your okay will be different from here on in!

Okay will return again in due time

In time you let go of what once was

Are you okay will return to yes

I am okay!

You might even open your heart and love again someday!

Debra Quigley born in Peterborough Ontario Canada Mother of two sons. Debra published Wind Whispers A Poetry Anthology a collection of poetry based on life lessons. She also contributed in Touched By an Angel, The Best of 2013 also Whispers of The Soul along with many talented writers chosen in Spiritual Writers Network contest publications. Debra currently resides in a small country hamlet she enjoys nature and gardening. Debra's poetry is simple and real she loves to touch hearts with her words. One reader One heart One word is her quote when writing poetry. If you wish to purchase Wind Whispers it is available in 3-book and print version at

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