Little Book Of Poems

My mother’s little book,

Little book of poems

Lies closed beside my bed;

Sometimes I open those pages

And try to put their words,

Firmly planted in my head.

Mother has been gone,

Departed from this earth,

And her little book of poems

Have proven to me,

A little book of worth.

Today as I open,

Open the pages of this little book,

And find a good poem to read,

I will share some words from this little book,

To bless, to guide and to feed.


The soul who’s undergoing strife

And finds but little joy in life,

May find the soft word of a friend

When spoken gently at day’s end

Will bring some coast,

And in the night give sweeter rest.

—- Arva Morris —

winston staples
I am a 72 year old male who loves the great outdoors and the God who created it! I love to write poems about both. I love writing as a hobby on my blogs!
winston staples

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