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December 3 ·

the only thing important in my life is that i continue to grow along this path of self realization. my days are spent listening to master on cd. or the OM or other spiritual teachers, this is how has life has become since i started to meditate.

when i do anything i do it for master and the lord, and i am never tired. i meditate
at 3 am till 4, 5 am then sleep until about 12 – 2pm. meditate, then i go out wherever i need to go, do my chores, feed my dogs etc, write on the computer and go to bed about mid. or so where i usually talk with master and sometimes doze a bit until 3am.
this has been my routine lately, its starting to work good, ive tried for a long time to get it together and bit by bit its happening. master told me what to do and slowly with effort its happening.
i know i have far to go but master is with me, guiding me.

these last days have been emotionally painful due to wrong thinking. ive asked divine mother and master to help me. tonight as i talked with master i had a awakening, a realization and a calm came over me. i was able to see things as an observer, i saw my human self from above or at a distance. i was not attached to the mind or body, it was like watching a movie. i could see exactly what caused me to suffer and remembered that i have risen above it befor and had thought for good. i guess not, those minutes and hours that i lose sight of my guru i fall back into the little self, the little self that concerns itself with the body and the mind, never happy, always complaining. we must forget the body and forget the mind.
your spirit will guide you if you ask……

im filled with the spirit
peace and love

walt lapierre

walt lapierre

walt lapierre

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