Truth is the building block a lie can teardown.

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown.

In reference to plagiarism, one article said it best in a simple statement, “Plagiarism is an equal opportunity transgression.”(Di Pierro, 2011)  The chosen example will shows that plagiarism reaches not only students just starting out, nor the Business Executive, but Political Executives as well.  The chosen example is Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  In an article posted in February of 2013, by Simon Shuster, he references (as it states it) “Open secrets”(Simon Shuster, 2013) about many of the business leaders and politicians in Russia.  His article puts a spotlight on a growing problem relating to plagiarism resulting in falsely acquired degrees. (Simon Shuster, 2013)

In the case of Putin, it was first noted by “Researchers Clifford Gaddy and Igor Danchenko”(Strauss, 2014) in a study done in 2005 after gaining a copy of his thesis paper.  Findings released in 2006 shows evidence of text taken from a “1978 textbook, “Strategic Planning and Public Policy,” written by University of Pittsburgh Professors David I. Cleland and William R. King.”(Strauss, 2014)  “Gaddy said that the thesis did include the King/Cleland textbook in the bibliography,”(Strauss, 2014) but no citations, quotation marks, nothing in the footnotes, nor a mention of their names were found in the content of the text anywhere. (Strauss, 2014) 

Dmitri Medvedev announced plans to Government officials in Russia to make attempts to rectify the problem.  IN that attempt, Igor Fedyukin was put in charge in order to purge the problem with fake degrees.  Fedyukin was a rookie “with a Ph.D. in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”(Simon Shuster, 2013)  Even though the attempts to purge the problem have made some progress, the article alludes to the theory that not all guilty parties will be held accountable.  “When the subject turned to Putin and other high-ranking officials, Fedyukin became jittery.”(Simon Shuster, 2013) 

Shusters article goes on to mention that outside of the academic circle, the problem has little attention.  Though as time passes more attention sheds even more light on the problem some desire to sweep under the rug, some may slip through the cracks and go unpunished. This does not change the fact that plagiarism can/will create issues that eventually stem far beyond the boundaries of the Academic realm.  Liberty Student code views plagiarism as it “misrepresents the truth, invents facts, or distorts the origin.”(LU, 2014)  Best example is stealing thoughts and ideas that are not original to the individual expressing those thoughts or ideas. (Strauss, 2014), (“The Graduate School | LU Online Honor Code | Liberty University,” 2014)

It breaks down trust, and as stated before; that is when it reaches beyond the academic realm.  It effecting the students, schools, reaching into social networks of society, which in the long-run can degrade the morals and credibility of society as a whole, and in-turn affect the economy.  So for one to resort to plagiarism is not just robing themselves of a chance to gain knowledge through that avoided research, but it is stealing someone’s thoughts or ideas they worked so hard to obtain.  Proverbs 28:6 “6 Better the poor whose walk is blameless than the rich whose ways are perverse.” (NIV2011)  They may be hurting individuals they never see as well, like a ripple effect.  The best way to look at it is how bad do you want it, and to still it is obtaining nothing for one’s self, but taking from others what is theirs.  God has a rule against plagiarism (stealing), Exodus 20:15 15“You shall not steal.” (NIV2011)  Doing all things as if one is doing it for God, this will keep one on the straight and narrow path. Matthew 7:14 “14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (NIV2011)






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I'm a Christian that loves God with a passion, and loves His people, but strongly believe there is to much division in Gods Church today. I'm a 46 year old male that's a student of Liberty University, and it has not been a walk in the park, but a walk nonetheless. I have started writing articles, and posts for myself and for class to gain some needed practice. I need a lot of it.


  1. In reference to plagiarism….
    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    What has been will be again.What has been done
    will be done again ; there is nothing new under the
    Is there anything of which one can say” Look !
    This is something new”? It was here already , long
    ago,it was here before our time.

    Are people stealing the thoughts and ideas of
    others or are they truly ORIGINAL to their minds ?
    Having quite often read my own inner thoughts in
    manuscripts published before I was born , I ponder

    Ecclesiastes 12:13
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter.Fear God
    and keep His commandments.For this is man’s all.For
    God will bring every work into judgement including every
    secret thing whether good or evil .

    • You are correct about nothing new under the sun. However, there could be a drastic difference between one who puts forth the effort to express those thoughts or ideas, in contrast to one whom chooses not to express those thoughts or ideas in some way shape or form.

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