A Stroll With Uncle Free

Curse the blighters, curse them all.

He had bled and sweat to see them fall. 

Green though was the plain he walked,

Their death and misery was what he stalked. 

With every step his foot would take, 

Their writhing images- his mind would make. 

Ears fumed with smoke rising from his furnaces of vision – 

For he had heard and seen their spiteful treason. 

Smiled, feasted, laughed and drank They did; his secrets to them so very frank.

Little had he known that they- 

Would turn him out, staring through eyes Grey. 

Knelt afront the Lord he pleaded, 

Their mirth around but not a hand he needed,

Like a leper cast out by men from his bounds, 

Flung in exile to face unnatural sounds.

For this treachery he will have their heads

Impaled on a pike as wolves’ bread. 

He walked the plain with the will of fire, 

No dragon he knew could summon such Ire. 

Atop his rooted anger he knew

T’was righteous rage – he knew, he knew !! 

The time was at hand for his monstrous revenge, 

They would all pay for his trust’s singe.


Tap-tap-flip-flop – 

Footsteps caught up to him from afar. 

He turned, ready, expectant and at sight’s drop 

He saw it stroll up with legs ajar. 

Looked the dunce, its beard grey

Tall as an oaf, but so was he. 

Smiled it did with no heed to pay-

To the wrath and ruin that he be. 

With fury, redemption and Vengeance to boot, 

He had no time for this bearded goof, 

To share with – this solitary route, 

He wondered how far till it found a roof.


“Where do you stroll to, intruder Thou? “, 

He asked, more curious than he was angry.

It turned to him and nodded to a bow. 

” I stroll, comrade, my abode by the Tree. 

And if you tire to call me “it”, 

My neice calls me Uncle Free. “

His thoughts heard from another with words to fit-

Gave him a jolt; how could this be?!

He stared long at Free, replaced ‘it’ with ‘he’, 

For earned he had his watchful gaze.

And for a second, just for a fleeting jiffy,

His fiery eyes forgot to stay ablaze.


 “Where, Oh warrior thou marches to, 

If my manners do not breach your nerve?”

” Kill those spineless traitors I will do, 

And give unto them the misery they deserve. “

The Bearded one found it laugh-worthy

For he cackled quietly to this joke of old.

Humor-stung and too furious to see, 

” SILENCE,  Free !! ” – he bellowed. 

” What would you know of my path;

The suffering that I alone have carried ? “-

Screamed the ambassador of wrath, 

Pushing tears back into the abyss he married. 

” I’d beg your pardon, 

But you couldn’t forgive, 

For you still harken

Of the past even as you live !  “

Said Uncle Free with his biggest smile. 

Wide-eyed now, the angry one, 

His confusion combating his inner vile, 

He knew not now if he lost or won. 

” Tell you what, comrade of mine ! 

Why don’t you get some exercise done ! 

Dreary is this road – so serpentine! 

Carry me as you count from ten to one. 

My tree lies still a mile away;

My beard is long but my knees are weak. 

My home could be your night’s stay;

To feed anger with thoughts and your belly with steak ! “


Fury-face snorted at the concealed tease 

But lifted the weary one atop. 

” I will carry you as you please

But with the count done, I will stop.

For you made a promise, you old fool-

Keep it or it will be made kept. 

I start with ten, oh weak tool, 

My cunning, since wounded, has never slept.”

The angry man barked and sniggered;

A grin as wide as a country river-

Etched not only on the face of the wicked, 

But also on the bearded advice-giver.

“Nine ! “he boomed, feeling so very bright, 

For wisdom shall not dampen his rage. 

” The clouds are a beauty “, Free spoke of the sight, 

Yet the carrier saw none from inside his cage. 

Wondered he why, the blue beyond

Had not been his love since long. 

” How could it, of which you were fond,

Find love in you whose revenge is your song? “

Uncle Free answered him again, 

To a question only his mind had heard ! 

” You say my Vengeance will bring only vain ?! 

After all the blood, sweat and tears I have shed?! “

” No lad, you shall certainly win-

Of your enemy’s death I have no doubt. 

But after your sin answers their sin,

What will your days ahead be about ? “

” EIGHT !!!! ” He blared, straining his chest. 

The old man’s words sliced his tender soul. 

For he made more sense than the very best;

His tears now summoned to freely fall. 

” So be it, Free, that you are right. 

I shall drop all my hate to love again.

But what if evil were again to bite? 

Should I bow my head to be ruthlessly slain? “


Uncle Free beamed that smile once more, 

” Shed all, hold little, have some faith. 

The bad too has some good ashore. “

His anger went to sleep without a wait. 


The man at peace had but one thing to quell.

” With nothing to call mine alone, 

What, oh stroller, will I be, pray tell. “

He looked at the old eyes that shone. 


” You will be my namesake – free ! 

Here we are at the Tree at last ! 

From its top there is so much beauty to see !

Aiding you to belong in neither future nor past ! 

Let us make dinner and play with my niece, 

Your bed will wait till your steak is done. 

But tell me, now that you are at peace, 

How far did you count from ten to one?  “

Vaghul Narayanan

Vaghul Narayanan

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