Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw

Many of their pictures show a rainbow in the sky

The rainbow is full of colours in God’s unique design

When I think of the rainbow and the strips of colours it holds

To me it is the many people from all around the world

It takes many colours of the rainbow to make the bridge design

The rainbow needs the many colours in sequence

To make it a vision of unity in areas of the world to behold

Angels from the heavens send their rains down to Mother earth

Creating a thing of beauty in differant parts of the world to see

People need to be part of the rainbow of colours entwined

Creating the rainbow of humanity needed all around the world

A rainbow of people creating peace and harmony

Creating a rainbow of humanity



copyright 2014 Debbie Quigley


Debra Quigley born in Peterborough Ontario Canada Mother of two sons. Debra published Wind Whispers A Poetry Anthology a collection of poetry based on life lessons. She also contributed in Touched By an Angel, The Best of 2013 also Whispers of The Soul along with many talented writers chosen in Spiritual Writers Network contest publications. Debra currently resides in a small country hamlet she enjoys nature and gardening. Debra's poetry is simple and real she loves to touch hearts with her words. One reader One heart One word is her quote when writing poetry. If you wish to purchase Wind Whispers it is available in 3-book and print version at http://www.amazon.com/author/debbiequigley

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