Strive for the finish line: keep in the presence of the saints.

God continues to show that He can bring strength even in our weakness.  “Samson’s name (Hebrew, shimshon) means “sunny” or “of the sun.”(Hindson, 2003, p. 123)  Born from the weakest of Israel, he was given strengths by God that were unmatched by any other.  With this strength came conditions, and over time flesh always seems to move in the way.  “He was a “holy child,” uniquely dedicated to God.”(Hindson, 2003, p. 124)  Even so; his selfishness and lustful nature led him to make errors in judgment that led to broken promises. 

He got involved with the wrong crowed if one chooses to look at it that way.  Even though it was females, this is one of the problems many struggle with today.  There are some elements in one’s life that should be limited as to the contact one has with them.  This needs to apply to friends as well as family, there should be no exceptions and should be viewed from a Godly level as to how these limits are set and who with. 

This is your life you are playing with, so should there be exceptions in your life that are not quite what you would want to present to God?  This is one that you can say your life depends on.  Life proves you become a product of the environment you are in, or keep.  Some say no, but being in any environment long enough will start to impute elemental traits or habits in one that (depending on the environment) may be good or bad.  God reveals this to you, and this is one of the reasons He asks you not to be unequally yoked (learn the meaning of that), and even to keep in the presents of the saints.  Not forsaking the fellowship is for more than one reason (there is a list of reasons).  

With Samson; even-though there are many more elements to the story, the for-mentioned is one that stands prominent in my life today. This is not talking about other women, nor being in the midst of the wrong crowd.  It is about the underlining element that cannot be seen in the words, but is at the source of the problem.  The selfishness of me to hold on to my will, and failure to fully submit to God what should be His. 

Though my strengths differ greatly from Samson’s, my strengths seem to fall in the background when feelings and emotions (concerning wants/needs of self) come into play.  My obligations to God should come before all else, but many times that is not the case.  Sometimes it seems like I make strides forward, only to wind-up taking two steps backwards.  When one is not letting the Spirit lead, they lose stride and fall behind or even get ahead.  Doing so only leads to failure, and sometimes it comes fast, or slow, but it will come.  Samson eventually comes to terms with his destiny Judges 16:28 KJV, he submitted to God and done what was needed. (Hindson, 2003, p. 134)


                Whether it be in my strengths, or my weaknesses; God must come first if I am to draw closer to Him.  There will be days where I fail, but to stay down is failure.  The victory is gaining the strength and courage to know you were wrong, and calling on God to be your strength so you can stand.  I will continue to strive for the finish line and gain my prize, I thank God it’s not pillars on my head.




Hindson, E. (2003). “Courageous faith: life lessons from Old Testament heroes,” Chattanooga, Tenn.: AMG Publishers.



I'm a Christian that loves God with a passion, and loves His people, but strongly believe there is to much division in Gods Church today. I'm a 46 year old male that's a student of Liberty University, and it has not been a walk in the park, but a walk nonetheless. I have started writing articles, and posts for myself and for class to gain some needed practice. I need a lot of it.


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