Weeping Maiden

Weeping Maiden


Maiden in the forest deep

sits and weeps

sits as her tears fall to the ground

sacred tears the earth has found


Maiden in the forest deep

dreamed a dream that made her weep

shares her pain and all her joy

with the forest

with that all

that is close and dear to heart

where she feels

she is One


Maiden in the forest deep

frees her heart as she weeps

Let go her tears to sacred grounds

and find healing for her wounds


Maiden in the forest deep

knows the sacredness

of going deep within her heart

where new life is born

new love


Maiden in the forest deep

finds new joy as she weeps

finds silence and grace within her prayers

as she lifts away her layers

which hold her down

now she tears them down

and behind them

peace she found


copyright: Wudang





Biography Wudang I was born on the 16th June 1958 in Bad Ischl, Austria. After I visited my years of school, I did my professional training at the Federal Institut of Residential Education in Baden near Vienna. 1996 – 1999 I visited a training in becoming a Tai Chi Trainer at the „ Yu Yi Zhai Trainer Center for Old Chinese Hygienics - Tai Ji Qi Gong – Dietetics – Old Chinese Medicial Philosophy“. I love to express my gratefuless to my father, who took me at very early age out into nature. With his love and skills, he left deep footprints of love and respect for Mother Earth within me. The Medicine Wheel is for me sacred tool, which I am gifted and love to work with. It shows me how to reflect and grow on my spiritual path, the path of my heart.

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