Be home where your heart lives

Be home where your heart lives


Be home where your heart lives

Be home in the green

Be home, where you feel love

Be home in the tree


Where wise owl is nesting

Where sacred the grounds

Where patterns of life

enrichen your sound

which you are singing

when the day meets the night

and all birds are joyful

and join in your flight


Where true friends meet

holding their hands

connected in Spirit

I grow with them


Be home, where your heart lives

Be home every day

Invite all sacred

in a humble way


Feel the peace in your veins

which runs through your soul

Feel the power of forgiverness

feel the light of it all

and you may feel strong

where ever you are

and know deep within

Home is your heart


copyright: Wudang



Biography Wudang I was born on the 16th June 1958 in Bad Ischl, Austria. After I visited my years of school, I did my professional training at the Federal Institut of Residential Education in Baden near Vienna. 1996 – 1999 I visited a training in becoming a Tai Chi Trainer at the „ Yu Yi Zhai Trainer Center for Old Chinese Hygienics - Tai Ji Qi Gong – Dietetics – Old Chinese Medicial Philosophy“. I love to express my gratefuless to my father, who took me at very early age out into nature. With his love and skills, he left deep footprints of love and respect for Mother Earth within me. The Medicine Wheel is for me sacred tool, which I am gifted and love to work with. It shows me how to reflect and grow on my spiritual path, the path of my heart.

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