Grace in a snowflake

Prayer “God, if your not mad at me please let it snow”

Prayer answered ” My grace is sufficent, LET IT SNOW!”

It snowed like i never seen it snow before. I was shown great grace and true love that day<3

Love can change the weather, Gods grace shows true love, i discovered my winter wonderland a whole new world. It is not a fairytale. This is not just a dream.

This is my life.

nichole silveria
My name is Nichole Silveria and i am a beautiful child of God 馃檪 I am a mommy of an amazing 8 year old daughter who i am so very proud of and love unconditionally. I am blessed with an awesome family and many friends who i love and charish deep in my heart. I love how seasons change the cleanlines, growth and the light of spring, the colors and chill of fall, the big comfy clothes and the smell of fire in winter, summertime barefeet an sunbathing. Each season brings freshness, and a new start. Life is so much more then the seen, there is a far deeper meaning behind everything. I have had many changes in life, many discoveries. My deepest desire is to please my Father in heaven, to live love to have and be true love in my life. I surrender all to him and he is growing me into a beautiful flower<3
nichole silveria

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