To …A Man


Does a man who shows his feelings 

 make him any less a man?

some people seem to think that this is weak

But I think there is strength inside of

 any man who can

express his mind and teach his heart to speak

The stigma that we live with is that

 – men are made of steel

and women are more delicate and break

Unwritten rules are stereotyped 

and branded with a seal 

 to break that mould would be a grave mistake

I’d only be a half a man

 if half of me felt ‘dead’

displaying my aggressive, macho role

A lack of sensitivity is

 butter without bread 

together and as one – they make me whole

So if you’re one who thinks of me

 as less than any man

for expressing what I feel – then think again!!

The ‘dead-inside’ can`t change their world

the ‘living, feeling’ – can


for passions are the inner-strengths – of men



Andy McGuinness

Andy McGuinness

Not about self. About Self-becoming expressed.
Andy McGuinness

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