There is a trail,

out back of the house,

winding over the hill,

so peaceful and still.

On that old trail,

I have walked,

and watched the white tailed deer.

On that old trail, I have heard,

the wild goose call,

echo through the cool air of fall.

Om this old trail,

I have watched,

the wild flowers bloom,

have heard the crows,

and bumble bees zoom.

Yes,  this old trail,

takes me to and fro,

my favorite place,

where the red pine trees grow.

On this old trail,

I go,

to meditate and pray,

to my heavenly Father above,

and say thank you,

for His everlasting love.

Gerald Staples

Gerald Staples

I am 72 years of age, I love writing poems and sharing others poems and writings!
Gerald Staples

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