Our Love

Our Love


See this golden summer Moon!

So bright and full and shining

Reflected in the still, clear pool

Like lovers’ hearts entwining


Yet, far above, is Moon in sky

On Earth, …still waters run

In distance non to quantify

Duality, …is One


Of Moon and waters’ deep embrace

No-one can set apart

No human hand bestowed with grace

Could touch this loving heart


Reflected in this picture true

What words can there convey?

This emanating love with you

In residence each day


For even through the cloudest skies

It’s known this love is there

Beyond, …the blueness of our eyes

There, stills the love we share


Within and ever-flowing

Is our One-heart beating still

Love blossoms, ever-growing

For… Love

…Love always will






Andy McGuinness

Andy McGuinness

Not about self. About Self-becoming expressed.
Andy McGuinness

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