Whatever I Am

I Am the Fountain of Life

I Am Love Unconditional

I Am the Mirth of Children

Breezes on an Angel’s wing

I Am Sunshine cast on Shadows

I Am Refreshing Rain

I Am Wisdom without Knowledge

I Am Peace Eternal

I Am Silence

I Am Bliss

I Am Ageless

I Am Whole

I Am Empty

I Am Sweet Nirvana

I Am Nothing



Joyfully travelling

On a Road

to Nowhere



For as long as I can remember I've been 'different'. To the exasperation of my teachers and the amusement of my peers, I've always walked my own path and spoken my own truths. At landscape art classes I would draw complex architecture, expressing with pen, ink and sepia wash rather than sweeping watercolours! Such is my life, much attention to detail and seeing the beauty in everything rather than the perceived ugliness. A prolonged NDE at age 11 changed my life completely. I spent over 30 years angry that I had been returned to a world that didn't feel mine.. to severely narcissistic parents who thought I was mad, to a place where I could find no place. Then I found I could let off steam by writing. Over the years my writing has divided into 'me' and 'them'.. the me being something more humourous, quirky even. The 'them' being inspired writings that simply drift through my consciousness in the wee small hours, urging me to write the words, which I never change. Poetry, stories and philosophy.. it's all here.. I hope you enjoy and I hope I learn so much more from all the wonderful and skilled writers here. Many Blessings, Maelona (Mandy) x <

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