I drifted through a tunnel past the memories in my head

To leave them far behind and find a peaceful place instead

The beginning of the journey, that began in black and white

Transcended into several arcs of rainbow-coloured light

And through the multi-coloured hue, I was drawn by the transition

To a spectrum-veiled, transparency in panoramic vision

I was standing in a meadow and the sky was clear and blue

And everyone was children, even I’d became one too

They stretched their hands to welcome me whilst asking me to try

Strawberries to eat that kept them spiritually high

There seemed to be contentment as everything was one

And all was as it should be as they played beneath the Sun

They drank from sparkling waters that were endless, flowing love

Eternal rays of happiness embraced them from above

There were tigers with no claws – just paws and snakes that just ate grapes

And little children tumbling in the tree-tops with the apes

There were dogs and cats that didn’t fight and bees that didn’t sting

And predators that didn’t prey, a peace with everything

There wasn’t any flesh to eat as this was strictly banned

The land supplied abundant fruit in acres grown un-manned

There wasn’t any need  to have a military defence

As things were absolute in peace, a feeling I could sense

Polar bears and lion cubs shared pears from lemon trees

And everyone was healthily immune from all disease

Every source of evil-ness had been eradicated

And every trace of suffering – completely terminated

Everything seemed perfect and I wanted to remain

But in the blinking of an eye-lid, I was back in bed again

Anchored by this life that held me back and bade me stay

’til moments, not of now – then be for me – to fly away

But oh, what of the beauty in such vivid, dream-like dream?

To melancholy mortal man, would so appealing seem?

But, should he try to venture there in haste – be premature


His opportune, perpetual dream shall he dispel – for sure



Andy McGuinness

Andy McGuinness

Not about self. About Self-becoming expressed.
Andy McGuinness

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