We hid ourselves 

swathed in our fleshy bandages

So we could be metamorphosised

from the children we were then 

To the adults we longed to become

without being too traumatised


By keeping life within ourselves 

and not projecting out

We might survive inside this pupal-state

and everything externally, we didn’t understand

To comprehend as adults 

we would wait


As years of life would pass us by

 we’d learn and change and grow

Experience would guide us through our fears

In safety of Cocoons we’d built around us to survive

We’d  find out how to cope 

the future’s years 


We cannot hide from living 

we must endure and fight

Even through abuse and hurt and pain and lies

for, one day we will see it through 

Break free from our Cocoons

to freely fly like new-hatched butterflies














Andy McGuinness

Andy McGuinness

Not about self. About Self-becoming expressed.
Andy McGuinness

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