What Can, but Will Not.

What could be, can Not be without any faith

What could love, can Not love, while pursuing hate

What can change, will Not change if compelled with fear

What can grow, will Not if neglecting to rear

What lives, can Not live holding evil intent

What wants, will still want for it has No extent

What cheats, could Not cheat if preventing the ways

What rests, with un-rest has numbered its days.


My name is Jeff Oickle. I'm 28 years of age, and I was born and raised near the Southern Shores of Nova Scotia Canada. In the Summer of 2000, I moved to Southern Alberta with my mother and brother, and is where I've lived since. I've always loved great stories growing up; grades three to five are very prominent. The teacher would have us write anything that came to our imaginations, and once a story was complete, they would be "published" and put on the bookshelf for the whole class to read. Books read in silent or out loud in class were also times where the aspiration was being created. I much later, took a liking to real life stories; autobiographies and/or isolated inspirational moments, etc. I would always, as a child, right up to present day,have a lot of journals or scribblers to write in; writing stories as a child to writing thoughts and ideas, poetry and songs, daily events, venting anger, and confessing love upon the pages throughout my teens. All of my teen aged/Jr/High school yrs were nothing but downward spirals and near fatal outcomes thus the content lost its 'innocence', becoming dark, disturbed, and desperate. The few women whom I thought would fulfill my life and purpose, just happened to do the opposite, thus bringing me nearer to more current times. I've since, reversed the downward spiral by reconciling myself with Gd as well as an independent study in scripture, theologies, philosophies, psychology/dream psychology-Interpretations, symbolism, numerology/gematria, etc; it'll be the 4th year in faith and in study. I am what I am through Gd; without Him, I am Nothing; with Him, I am. It is He that guides my ascent in Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom; as it too, is He whom grants my ascent from the Sleep of Death with His Breath of Life. Peace be upon You

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