We Missed the Dawn

This meditation initially ran in The Wizard of Monadnock on June 11, 2013


The truth is that we missed the dawn today.
Today’s dawn awakened before we did.
These are the days when light reigns supreme,
Prancing atop the heights and dancing down below,
Perching and waiting and grinning for us,
Sitting there already in front of us as we open our eyes.
So it begins: Unity Tuesday.

Oh, let it be a day of light, a day of smiles, and a day of warm cheer,
May the rain that falls down be permitted to nourish the soils,
And settle the tensions in the atmosphere and in our spirits.
May we not fail to remember that what is in front of our eyes
Is but a shadow of the Great Mystery – 
The Great Mystery and all the Little Mysteries inside of it.
Today is not our desk or our work or our troubles and stress,
Today is colorful and magical. Today is mysterious. Today is strange.

Today is divine –
May we not forget.

The truth is that we may have missed the dawn today,
But the dawn never misses us.

Jay Monaco
Cubicle mystic. Wizard of Monadnock. http://www.wizardofmonadnock.com http://www.facebook.com/thewizardofmonadnock
Jay Monaco

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