Jesus Our Greatest Example

This is a poem that tells us that Jesus is our greatest example of how we should treat each other, and how we should have love one for another.  Please copy link and past in browser.  Thanks for reading.

Verna MacKay
Verna enjoys the outdoors, and going for nature walks. She prefers the use of natural remedies instead of prescription drugs, and believes that it is better to prevent a disease, than to cure it, after it has developed. She received several certificates from the University of Southern California, (U.S.C.) where she was an employee for many years. Verna was a Financial Aid Counselor at one of the local colleges in the State where she lives. During the Special Olympics, while she was a student at the University, she was the head assistant chaperone, representing the state of Montana, as a volunteer. Verna was involved in prison ministry, and wrote several plays for the prisoners to perform. She played sang, played her guitar, and keyboard for the prisoners. She was involved in the feeding program for the homeless, as a volunteer. She visits the nursing facilities to sing, and play for the residents. Verna has dedicated her life to serving the Lord. She writes Southern style gospel songs, and some with a Caribbean beat. Verna enjoys singing, playing the piano, the organ and the guitar.

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