Writing My Heart Out

Writing my heart out matters to me. It might also matter to you. 


When I release the voices that speak, life opens up and speaks volumes. I am many times blown away at how far I have come, when I read what I write. Inspiration comes when I have taken enough down time to reconnect with the spaces in between the spaces, which do give voice to silence. 

Writing has been a tool for me since I was a very young child. Whenever I felt misunderstood, or somehow felt I had been wronged. I would write a letter to the person I wanted to be heard by. 

Not everyone will accept the words written, that is OK, so long as your voice is heard. At least by ourselves first and foremost. 

Self expression is key to developing a healthy mindset. Keeping the pain bottled up inside hurts the one keeping it tightly sealed.  

When our voices cannot be heard, writing them down helps. Journaling , our thoughts and feelings add up to a release valve, releasing the pain or the joy, whatever it is that your wanting to express.

Life is an expression… it is a feeling, it is a thought.. it is a doing, it is a coming, it is a going about… 🙂 

Each life according to their own way and understanding. 

I know on a personal note that due to my writing ability- my life is changing. Writing helps me to clear the blocks, it helps me to remove the pain, and angst of the past. Transmuting my memories into wings that can now fly, because releasing them means, my voice is heard somewhere. Most importantly, I can now see and hear myself. If I don’t write it out and see it written, I have a difficult time understanding myself.

I have come to understand myself through my writing. I know what matters when I write. The good the bad and the not so cute stuff. I also appreciate those who read my words without judgements or attachments to them. My words are mine, and when someone resonates, gets angry or happy about what I write, it has nothing to do with me. Even if its about the reader. We ascribe to what is inside of us, what matches, what vibrates at that same level of understanding, thus the resonation of someone’s writings. we relate therefor, we feel something. 

Thats why writing is so very important. The world needs us to get us from the inside of ourselves, to the outside of ourselves. Writing allows this process to take place.

Its not all smoke and mirror when we write.  Maybe it is sometimes. Once truth finds you and your writing, the smoke and mirrors will absolve themselves, from the spaces between the spaces, so that the writer and the reader can commence the dance of self actualization. 

Writing my heart out matters. 

Shine on beautiful souls, it matters 🙂

Kim Pacheco
Hello there... 🙂 Nice to meet you. What is there to know about me, that might benefit another. hmmm... I am me, as me as I can be. Simple, quiet, introverted, loving soul, learning my way up and out of myself through reading, and writing my way through, the good the bad and the not so cute, times. Growing daily, ever changing... grateful soul ♥




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