Where Have I Come From?

Recently I read about Dr. Stephen Hawking’s views on the subject of the origins of the Universe. He explains, “Because there is a law of gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. …” Science and spirituality may not apparently have a link, but to me both are based on logic and definition. The similarities between matter or form, and energy, have been established by Quantum Mechanics Theory. According to this theory, everything that has form is energy, including our mind and body, which connote gross energy, originating from and returning to, the universe. Our soul/atman or prana is referred to as subtle energy, passing on from one life force to any source in the cosmic zone. As science delves more deeply into origins of our existence, we find truth in what our sages have been saying all along, that we came from nothingness and will finally vanish into nothingness, a cosmic void.

Sri Sri Ravi Shanker tells us, very conclusively, “The space around us is not dead space; it is filled with energy and intelligence”

In an earlier article, I had given my views to explain who I am. Aside from this, what has also always intrigued me is my origins—Where have I come from? and What is the purpose of my life? This article dwells on the link between science and spirituality, how scientific research is now delving into origins of our existence and whether we differ from other forms of matter. I have given my views, with whatever little knowledge I may have gleaned through my readings and observations. This will be followed by another article wherein I will elaborate on my personal views about the purpose of my life, being born and composed in the form of a human being.

Science and spirituality may not have any apparent link, but to me, both are logical and well defined. Quantum Mechanics Theory, which differs from classical physics, tells us that no longer is matter or form different from energy. In fact, the two are identical. When seen through a powerful microscope, delving into the sub-atomic level of our cells, which are divided into protons, neutrons and electrons, we find movement and vibrations in different frequencies. This explains the present mode of our form (e.g., the vibrational makeup of a table is also energy, but slow, hence it appears solid to our eyes). Alternatively, sound and light are faster, with tiny particles churning at high speeds, to provide different tones and colors that appeal to our sensory organs.

This unit of energy, referred to as quantum energy, concludes that everything is energy. This field of energy, where all things originate and return, explains that we are like any other form in the universe, only that our energy levels are different. Our body and mind connote gross energy, which project us as who we are according to knowledge or information we feed into our thought processes. The soul/atman or prana is referred to as subtle energy, which passes on from one life force into any source in the cosmic zone.

Thoughts are also part of the same energy system and are seen to behave in different manners in their frequency and vibrations, when measured by various machines. Depending on whether these are positive or negative thoughts, they lead to various changes in our gross body energy, which in turn, may lead to good health or ailments during our lifespan. Positive energies of love have a very high, fast vibration, which assist in creating harmony between us and the subtle energy of the source. Ageing in life occurs when the cells in our bodies begin breaking down, thereby depleting our energies and leading to free radicals through the process of oxidation. Hence, doctors advise us to ingest antioxidants, to renew our cell growth and rejuvenate us.

These theories, since the 1900s, along with scientific research and discoveries being made now about the origins of our existence, finally confirm what our sages have been saying all along—that we have come from nothing, a cosmic void, where only cosmic energy exists. This is what we call ‘shunya’ meaning zero, which even if multiplied or divided, will always remain zero, the sum of nothing.


To conclude, as Sri Sri Ravi Shanker explained in one of his articles in The Times of India, “God is the space in which everything exists, from which everything has come into existence, and into which everything dissolves. The space around us is not dead space; it is filled with energy and intelligence. That energy is everywhere, inside you as well as outside you.”

Gian Kumar
Gian Kumar was born in Burma, to a religious Hindu family. He was sent to boarding school in India at the age of 7, where he had to follow strict Christian daily rituals. Going back home for his holidays, he had to once again, revert back to traditional Hindu customs. A further aggravation of this dichotomy of religious beliefs was caused by his curious, scientific mind. This may have turned him away from religion, but not from spirituality. As a deeply spiritual person, and avid reader, he started, in his later years, to ponder over questions of the Higher Self. He now had the time, and inclination, to pursue this new path of knowledge. He has shared his findings and thoughts in this e-book. Gian Kumar lives with his family in New Delhi, India.
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