Healing Love


healing love

When the world

 is faced with lies

 who is the one

 that will unveil

 the ties that bind

A world in cloak

designed to choke

yet, light filters through

for those who want

peace and truth

Mourners cry

at sights untold

devastated the youth of old

casting shadows


Let us find the way

the road to love

swept through the blood

to the other side

where everlasting

love resides

Take my hand

to guide the way

and don’t’ listen

to media

on the way

Find your truth

your story

deep inside

a light, a hope

of a new world to shine

You have what it takes

 to reach the pain

 for healing love

 to rise again


Judy Martene
Intuitive Consultant Motivational Speaker, Advisor, Media Personality
Judy Martene

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