The Touch of Father’s Hand!

When I was young and being bad,

I thank God for the dad I had,

He would not beat me,

But he would guide,

With words of wisdom,

Obtained from God’s word,

He kept by his side.

Every night I would wait,

Watching him come down the hill,

Walking from work

To enjoy his family,

While supper we ate.

Dad made sure his family,

Went to Church each Sunday,

To learn about Jesus,

That He was the truth, the Life,

And the way,

We would sing “Jesus loves me,”

And ” This is my Father’s world”.

I thank God,

For my father,

And his leading me,

To know the Master,

And a home with Jesus,

For Eternity.

Thank you dad,

And thank you Heavenly Father,

For loving me,

And loving others.


winston staples
I am a 72 year old male who loves the great outdoors and the God who created it! I love to write poems about both. I love writing as a hobby on my blogs!
winston staples

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