Not To Fast And Not To Slow!

It was 7 in the morning,
I jumped on the old four wheeler,
and away I did go,
not driving fast,
and not driving slow.
I wanted to see the flowers,
and how many,
along the lane did grow,
so I did not drive fast,
and I did not drive slow.
I love driving through the red pines,
and hear their whispering,
as through their branches,
the gentle breezes blow,
I am not going fast,
and I am not going slow.
I love driving the wheeler,
out to where the beaver swim,
swim to and fro,
not swimming fast,
and not swimming slow.
I love driving in the early morning,
enjoying God’s handy work,
I see it wherever I go,
not driving fast,
and not driving slow.
So get up, get out,
where the soft breezes blow,
don’t walk to fast,
don’t walk to slow,
and enjoy God’s creation,
it’s everywhere you go!
Gerald Staples

Gerald Staples

I am 72 years of age, I love writing poems and sharing others poems and writings!
Gerald Staples

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