My Knight In Shining Armour

Staring up into the dark sky to wish upon a star that’s first in sight,

A heart’s every beat pleading for the paint to be taken by her true knight,

A lost girl spending her entire time just trying to trust in life,

Hoping someday it would be her chance at Prince Charming’s wife.


Still having faith in everything happens for a reason,

But just as hope began to fade he appeared giving her someone to believe in,

I now really do know why so many things had to happen,

And the reason is so much better that i could have ever imagined.


It was you that came along and made me the luckiest girl alive,

Now every moment of everyday i am so thankful to have found you,

Never will i take for granted your love that is so warm and true,

My heart did not think it would ever be free from lies.


But each morning when i wake and look in your beautiful eyes,

I know i can trust in you and i finally feel my heart’s every beat smiling that we are together,

I have now found you Steve, my Knight, my Prince, my whole world and “This is it now!  Together always and forever!”


So quite simply I love you, i do not ever want to be without you, you changed my life,

And i thank you my love that i get to be Prince Charming’s Wife!


Cheryl-anne James

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