For Those Who Hurt On Fathers Day


This Father’s day I ask you to listen to what I have to say


I ask you not to put this off for even one more day


I know your hearts been broken, crush and tossed away


Hardened for your own protection, lost with so many words to say


I know you that you are hurting, I know you feel alone


Abandon and abused buy the one you should call your own


While others sing their Fathers praise, you cry oh don’t they know?


I can`t relate to them at all, I`m living in a hole


And bitterness and resentment are eating at my soul


Snuffing out any hope at all of a life that`s truly whole


You`ve been waiting for an apology or something to hold on


An explanation a ray of hope to show that that they`ve done wrong


But nothing comes you sit alone within your darkened room


Brooding over someone who brought you fear, mistrust and gloom


You`ve given control of your life to someone you despise


Fear and heart break, bitterness and pain apart of all the lies


I know that you are hurting, I know, I know, I know


But you can get your freedom back just by letting go


The past is far behind you, the future lay ahead


Come take my hand and I`ll help you from this hell you truly dread


Freedom comes through forgiveness and with forgiveness there comes peace


Asking for forgiveness will set your mind at ease


Forgiving those who hurt us and forgiving our own selves


Is the only way you’ll break out of this eternal hell


I know it’s hard to come to grips with all you’ve been put through


But some ones waiting to be free and that someone is you


Pray: “Jesus please help me, free me from this guilt and shame,


Help me to forgive the one I hate, the one who is to blame


Help me to forgive myself, and live a life that’s free,


And realize it not my fault, I’m not the one guilty


Richard Harvey

Richard Harvey

Richard Harvey

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