I know where I have been and I know where I must be,
I pay no heed to what all expect from me.
The world is mine to see whenever I feel the need,
 I wish to sing my tune to the multitude,
 Succumb to pressures not, it is my own accord,
I wish to live to time that only I can claim.
No longer will I live based on all my history,
for someone else’s needs that they expect from me,
Demands I won’t accept for my own self respect.
 Following my bliss, it’s the only place to be,
and to whatever it is I feel aligned to be.
My life is mine to live and mine alone indeed
 so why would I exist in someone else’s deeds.
 I feel so much within, the light you just can’t miss,
it radiates from me like honey to a bee.
Eyes that all would see are full of love for thee
so tell me why indeed my life I should foresee.
Staying on my path for this I know I must,
to live a life of love in all I see and have.
SJ~ Copyright 2013


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