Cowboy’s Walk Into The Sunset

That day was just any other day,
Totally unaware you were not to stay,
Spending the day leaning on the one you loved so,
No one knew it was your time to go.

That simple everyday sloppy Dane kiss,
It is unbelievable how much I miss.

So young my baby boy how could you be dead,
Suddenly it hit me, inside the swelling of disbelief and dread.

Distraught, panic, confusion, why, I just want to know why?
I cannot understand what has happened; it has to be a lie.


As my foot reached that last stair,
Seeing your body on the floor just lying there,

I cannot take this internal screaming,
What is going on, how could you be leaving!

Why did you not fight and be stronger,
You should have held on for longer,
I’m sure you really did try hard,
It was inevitable they had already dealt your card,

It will never be the same now you are not here to stay,
Tragedy the loss of your life is in every kind of way.

There are times when we get pulled back from the beyond,
For them it must have been the timing was wrong,
As everything does happen for a reason you see,
If it was meant to be, it will just be,

You changed my whole life in that short time,
You stole my heart but I can forgive that crime,
As it was your loving spirit that kept me so strong,
So much wisdom you gave me even though you were not here long.

Falling in the canal gave us so much laughter,
I hope you are now running free in the after.


But I still feel cheated that they took you from my side,
I know deep down it has come as this is your new ride,
I shall be waiting for the next time we meet,
You will once again sweep me off my feet,
Yes tears will continue to flow almost everyday,
With time healing will come to fade the tears away.


And Yet, it is still not the time to say goodbye,
Because every time I walk looking up at the blue sky, 
I know you will always be here walking right beside me,
There’s a place in my heart that you will never leave,
So this is not the ending we all fear to hear,
It is the start of forever for you to always be near.

Cheryl-anne James

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