Reach for the Heart

wandered lonely for moments uncounted, not on the sky


but on this very land surrounded by thousands


of  worried eyes looks profiles, reflections  questions

 are you going up  to the tower? up the stairs ?


                        or will you enter and sit where ever you


 get a seat a place ? with no matter who is beside?


Vacant empty lost senselessly sad I stare numb


Dumb and mumble No, I am sure I feel secure-


 I know one thing  I have a song to sing


For a purpose for all the same, in any name


My heart will  beat red and only red till


 I may cease and  be no more so I have said-


The Only Power is One to reach it


the only sure real  way is One


From the heart itself , it is love pure,


and I have seen it in those eyes,smile, profiles


reflections, where it shone  in the soft smile,


How can I reach that love pure tender


speak soft grateful comforting words


for I could also feel  the deep swaying waves


of filling deepening pain brewing hurting


like a  growing rising burning storm-


I too struggled up the rough rugged path touching


sensing the roots branches twigs of trees-gaining


strength from the  branches leaves breathing tenderly


My destination is close for I hear the birds tweet


I can see the shining Light just within reach’


Reach out Reach out Reach out a voice seems to say


look up someone is waiting praying hoping -dont delay’


Reach out in the heart and mind with the One


The one and Only Feeling that is true


and you will see and know how love comes to you’


in moments of no time nor distance soon


nor in the sky at night or at noon


closer came the smile from miles miles and miles


if feelings are true happy and not blue in focus too


then dreams always come closer and true


for Love has power strength attraction


clutching pulling digging stretching roots


from depths and lengths far away dimishing forever


to stay settled  in the heart and soul-


Rumi finds the true emotions guides all in still motions


struggling swirling twirling one revolves and evolves to start


dancer becoming  the dance, from far away to reach the heart.


Distances disappear appear no more


hearts meet words entwine spirits are alone no more.




anjum dar
Born in Srinagar Kashmir Educated at Presentation Convent Rawalpindi Pakistan Masters in English Literature and History Married published poet Winner Poet of Merit 2000 USA national Education Award 1998 Creative Writer -Teacher-Researcher
anjum dar

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