Infinite Blessings

The morning Prayer unfolds my day beautifully
The serenity glowing all over my being
It envelopes my day and existence with beautiful blessings 
And makes my face glow with peace
The prayer continues to follow me unless 
I forget my Lord
To renew my submission 
and love for God

In the business of the day
I do not take notice of the colourful rainbow that God gave permission 
to appear in the cloudy sky
Or the hungry birds that take flight 
by His Will to 
unknown sources and return to their nest satisfied 
All by the Mercy of God
And mankind, the infinite blessings that they are enjoying
Without thought or thanks to the Giver Of All
That if you were to count them by oceans 
The oceans of the world would not be able to contain them
And how he veils the day with night
In a complete cycle
with it comes the natural nightly sleep
So will I not veil my prayers with the night time prayer
In the time of Isha 
Where upon the high clear sky
stars continue to twinkle on His permission 
Until another day unfolds like a flower 
And the Prayer continues to follow 
the believer in me

Fahmida sultana 2013

Fahmida Sultana

Fahmida Sultana

I love poetry It heals my spirit and at the same time heals others too Poetry is in me The ink bleeds poetry And my heart yearns to write And love
Fahmida Sultana

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