I walked your world alone
With Breath and pulse
Both rapid
I stalked my prey
And full of May
So, full of the World I sang.

My little song still sings along
My pulse still skips a beat.
And I still stalk
In Realms above
A sacred meadow garden.

But these I will miss most:
My constant Friend,
My lovely Friend,
Upon whose Heart I lay
My Home and Hearth,
And greening Spring
That ripens into May.

My insect friends, cicadas,
All, the Beasts of Winter too,
Day’s scents and movements
All so fleeting
Sweet bed where I
Lay sleeping

Do not despair
I am not there,
For I am everywhere you go
I am soft wind
And skein of geese,
The prayer of Mantis noble
I am the Kiss of Starlight
And Sun’s most Healing Ray

I am not gone
My Heart beats on
And Wishes only this:
That You, My Friend,
My cherished One,
Will find your Love again.

Jeanie Henderson
Earned a living at 35,000 feet, then, later, at sea level, now writing nonfiction books somewhere inbetween. What's cool about writing are the things that inspire me: music, near misses, film, the natural world, my yellow lab, Luna, literature and the people I meet in serendipidous ways. I'm not a great writer yet, but I'm working on it.
Jeanie Henderson

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