Fall Into

Fall into my arms

For I have never left you

There is a garden that sits deep inside you

it houses the love we shared and created

The beauty we birthed and celebrated

Go there and sit with me

For I am forever with you

My arms are forever wrapped around you

Shielding you from the icy winds that sometimes come

And guiding you when the path grows darker


Fall into my eyes and see that the yearning

You feel is to feel

Is to Love and know that Love

Has never left you

Fall into my breath and hear the words I used to whisper to you

In sleepless times of waking and dreaming

Stay close to the sounds of my breath as it joined yours and we

Ascended as One


We have never been apart my Love

We have never been separated by anything

Than the Illusion that has been fed and shall now soon die

For it must

For the lives that are being led in separation and isolation

In seclusion and disregard for the sentiments of Others

Must come to an End

Or there can be no Survival
You and I know we were not made to be

Focused on Self

You and I know that nothing comes from shutting the doors

To our homes and acting as if we were the only Gods, the only God

That way lies a madness that leads to more of the same


We are not the Gods who sit on high to punish and steal
We are not the Gods who live in isolation and selfishness

We are only the reflection of a Mighty One, who we house in us

Only from a space of Love

When Love is gone that Mighty One transforms into a great Beast that shall

Devour us from the Inside Out and we shall not even know it

Till the last moment


Fall into my Arms my Beloved

It has always been about this simple Truth

We came from Love and we have the choice to return to Love

Or live in the folly of darkness and foolishness


Fall into my arms for our Love

Knows that the Pathway home is a remembering

Of the clues we left behind, you to me and me to you

Securing that homestead we once built and vowed to return to


Copyright Amber Agha


amber agha
Angelic Reiki Master; Shamanic Practitioner www.sacredspacehealing.org
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