Bi Polar, Sometimes Beautiful, Sometimes NOT

Everyday becomes a journey; a potential threat, a joyous and productive venture, or a downward spiral which leads  into remaining in bed.  The mind is a fortress, it can co-habitate with so many thoughts and directions, colors, images, voices, they all have the ability to scramble together,  but I do have a moment of clarity  when I have a hot cup of coffee and sit outside, these two things can bring it all together so seamlessly it is unbelieveable. 

I struggle everyday, but I understand myself and my afflictions, they weigh heavy on my perception, but this can be a blessing because I am empathetic, real, and wear everything on my sleeve.

People don’t know how to handle approaching me, but I do, I don’t hide and I may not even speak, I do however offer a truth that can be profound to some people and scary to others, while providing a loyal warmth and love those close to me.

Those that know me, they know that they have my heart and my true and committed love,  others may have some fear, so they are nice long enough to get through the line, then I never see them again.  I however, live in every moment, love every second, and give what ever I can no matter what.

“To know yourself is a true beginning”

Lisa Green

Lisa Green

I am a creative soul that seeks out opportunities....I have wrote poetry and inspirational quotes for years. I am from Minnesota, I am an empty nester and now it's my time
Lisa Green

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  1. The lighthouse keeper says:

    Very beautiful sentiments and insights Lisa. I am a member of Grow Ireland and understand exactly where you are coming from. Kind thoughts and best wishes Paul

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