A Prayer to Self Love

Blessed Mother Father God, help me to forgive myself on every level. Help me to see the small child in me that has longed for love for so long and to speak to this child with Love and Patience. The way you have always looked upon me. May I be as the gentle winds that caress the faces of all You love and allow myself to love all aspects of myself. May I have the faith and the courage to travel deep into my wounds and see that they are reflections of my bravery and spirit, that were learnings on this path of Life. May I remember that I came to this realm to experience the myriad complexities of Life. And sometimes that means that I may forget that I am a pure child of Spirit. Help me to remember my own Divinity. Help me to remember that I am intrinsically perfect, and that there is nothing in me that is not loveable.
May I fall into the arms of Love often, may I allow myself to be myself in all my wonderment and Truth.
Blessed One, Great Mystery may I see that I am an infinitely powerful being and that I have complete control over the life experiences I have.
May I love with a passion that cannot be quenched. May I forgive with an open heart and may I always have Faith in myself. For I AM but a reflection of your Great Love, come to serve and celebrate at this time


amber agha
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