There Is One

There is One who catches my breath

One who sees deep within the walls I have surrounded myself in

There is One who knows the sorrow I cannot let go

One who leaves me wanting more

There is One who cannot count the days gone

One who loved singing their song

There is One that holds my memories

One who told me always, always, always

There is One that is here just behind me standing back

Sometimes to let me have the day without pain

One that holds dear what I cannot through tears

There is One that carries what I have dropped

One that carries me





Poetry for me is in a way my communion with Spirit. It is that connection with many who are also on their own journey of the soul, together embracing life as we travel the roads that lead forever onwards. I started painting twelve years ago purely as a way to work through healing my mind and body after a debilitating onset of an illness that changed my life so profoundly that at the time I would have never thought I would be where I am today. It has been a journey of the soul and through discovering myself I found that the writing I have done for many years blends well with my art. I have shared my work with many, some friends and family and people I've not met that have said how it has helped them through hard times in their lives. I feel so blessed to be able to do that for anyone. It seems to come naturally for me to write, something I never question and to be honest don't really put much thought to it either, it just flows through me from someplace outside of myself. I have had a few pieces published but consider myself a novice when it comes to the do's and don't of publishing. I have been writing a spiritual book for the past two years now, it's been a labor of love and nearly finished. Not sure what I am going to do once I have finished it. I will leave that up to Spirits that guide ~ Shannyk

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