Inward Journey


Walking through the misty haze ~
I wander close to see ~
The wonderful reflection ~
Of  how life once used to be ~

No room for bitterness or hate ~
They fell away at heavens gate…

The entrance to my heart was shrouded ~
Mystical veils of love gently falling ~
And through the mist of time I saw ~
A silhouette of familiar form ~
My heart was racing ~
Can it be ~ the one I’ve known for eternity?

You offer your hand ~I take it in mine ~
A cosmic feeling ignites within ~
Of loves great fire ~
Soaring through my life’s blood ~
A feeling of exultation ~

Arrested by your beauty ~
Life’s breath is suspended…
Sinking into your embrace ~
I see that old familiar space ~
The essence of me has found its home ~
Why did I ever care to roam?

Meeting with gods child within ~
Weeping happy tears ~
An everlasting love begins
As we become one




Born in the late fifties ~ a child of the sixties ~ A healer and empath from very young... I\\\'ve witnessed a few apparitions over the years ~ I\\\'ve had predictive dreams that came true ~ premonitions that came true and an out of body experience I\\\'ll never forget ... This is why I believe we are spirits having a human experience All that I share I share with love...

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