Hello, it’s me!

They said it wasn’t true
They said, “Don’t be so daft!
There’s no such thing as ‘ghosts’
And that, sweetheart, is that!”

Growing up during The Troubles in N.Ireland
Was so difficult, you see
When all I felt was different
I used to wonder, “Why me?”

People to me were colours
Like “the Pink Lady in the hat”
My family would just kindly laugh
And say, “You’re as daft as a bat”

But I now know that I saw auras
In all their colourful glory
And I’ve developed enough to work with Spirit
Now, that doesn’t seem too gory!

The road at times has been a challenge
And I have felt like giving up
But my Spirit guides and Angels would tell me,
“Pick yourself up, my Buttercup”

No-one said it was going to be easy
No-one said life’s all fun and games
But if you try walking the road less travelled
You will eventually reach your aims

For we are all so unique
God broke the mould after we were born
Our lives are all so different
Some get tattered, some get torn

Never give up, dear child
Be you, be strong, treat yourself kind
For as they say
“Those who mind, don’t matter
Those who matter, don’t mind”



I work as a medium/ clairvotant and I have also been writing articles for an online company . I started out after my Dad passed to Spirit when I heard a message one day to " work with the Angels". I began my training in Reiki up to Master level, this helped me to open up to Spirit, I read the Angel cards for a while and I have been attending development circle at my local Spiritualist church giving mediumship messages/ demonstrations for over a year . Spirit have been tapping me on my shoulder to start writing a book, and they have worked their lovely magic, when I saw this post on FB whilst doing my research the other day 🙂 I had an article published in Fate and Fortune magazine last summer , documenting my meeting with an Angel in 2009. I see Spirit quite a lot of the time, I know my Angels are around me every day. I feel guided and blessed. I have now got my own website up and running, and I will be developing it as my work progresses, it is http://workwiththeangels.weebly.com, plus find me on FB too : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Work-with-the-Angels/ I have also at the time of writing this ( April 30th 2013) agreed to sell my story of Church House to Fate & Fortune magazine for publication hopefully later in the year .

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  1. Bernadette Price says:

    thanks Debbie , it is one of my faves too 🙂

  2. Love this poem!

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