Blessing to Gran

I miss the sound of your gentle hum,
And the way you used to stroke my forehead with your thumb.
The way you used to sing Brahms lullaby,
Used to sooth me and stop my cry.
The time we spent together was never enough,
But I hope you know you were truley loved.
You to me were heaven sent,
And your angelic qualities were evident.
I look up and see the soaring birds,
And I hear your kind, gentle and loving words.
You being part of my life was such a blessing.
Today I want to say thank-you, I miss you, I love you and have a blessed birthday where ever you are. R.I.P Gran-Gran xxx
Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts

I'm 28 tomorrow with 3 children. I love writing. I love any form of mental expressionism / creativity.
Danielle Roberts

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