“The axis of the pulsating heart of life, the spirit, it is automatically strategic. Listening and always correcting itself to all things directly as they are in reality. So is the spirit always moving through its own portals of truth. …If we remember the center of who we are, we find the spirit is always our strongest alliance, to ourselves and others. It is not a moral or etiquette issue, always seen of men as right or wrong. It is that mercy of reason we give to the truth of weakness and strength that exists within ourselves, and others. It is the narrow portal that leads to a translucent place where the spirit dwells in rest. Like a spring in a dry land”   Catherine Phael


Catherine Phillips
It is in the dying that I have learned to live purposely. Like fireflies flickering in the night, so is the enlightened word around me. It is that one speaks a word like a taking wind, spreading embers constant, continually opening a great portal through time indefinite. Though it had been far, it has come near. It was in the losing, I found. And there are fireflies everywhere, like crackling embers observed. Always leading the way ~ Catherine Phael
Catherine Phillips

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