Appreciated Friendship

A true friend can be hard to come by.
Till the day I met you,
and you proved that theory wrong.
The fit was perfect…I’ve waited so long!
To you, I give thanks and for the past that made you who you are today.
It’s not only what you do but also what you say.
The support that you have given me through months that have passed,
Will not be forgotten…sincerity does last.
Looking forward to more, the friendship that we both created.
The fashion that our friendship has made will never be outdated.



Life is an adventure. I love to experience it, and learn from it. I surround myself around positive people and environments that foster growth and opportunity. The people that I meet in my life have a purpose whether it is for me to learn from them or them to learn from me or both. I believe we are here to be resources for one another. To learn lessons and learn how to build strong relationships with one another so there is more LOVE on this earth. My career is GREAT. I am able to help provide education to others that will help them be successful. Some may say I am married to my career, but it is that I am love it and I believe in our brand so much plus I LOVE the people I work with whom I call many of them my friends. I love that I am part of an industry where we make people look and feel good about themselves. I love that I work for an organization that feels like family where they invest time to develop you and they truly believe in your potential. This is consistent with how I feel about people in my personal life. I want people to feel safe, comfortable, and at home around me. We share the same belief system which makes it easy for me to LOVE my career. I believe my purpose is to educate, inspire, lead and motivate others. To help others believe in themselves and guide them to their success is something that is intrinsic to me. I will travel the world to help others feel this. I desire to immerse in different cultures just so I can learn to adjust my approach to others and adapt to their ways. I genuinely love people and I know that everyone has good nature in them. With the right guidance and inspiration, every person on this Universe can know this. My beliefs are consistent with Buddhism hence my subscription to it and LOVE for it. Passion is a key ingredient to success. It helps keep that fire going in your heart. I believe when you love what you do, you will be successful. So, let LOVE keep the fire going in everything that you do. It really is that easy, you just have to believe it.:) Xo

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