I Promised…

I promised I’d be the good guy

Stereotypical Samaritan type

A truly decent human being

I’d choose the right path.


I’d choose the right path

How ever hard that would be

Say my prayers, go to church

Help old ladies cross the road.


Help old ladies cross the road

Missed my step, lost my faith

Grew to be a liar and a cheat

I walked on the wrong path.


i walked on the wrong path

Unconscious of my own self

Image in the mirror is not me

Hiding in the shadows forlorn.


Hiding in the shadows forlorn

I begin to listen, think, pray

Understand it’s down to me

To choose the right path.


To choose the right path

Got to forgive my mistakes

Repair the hurt and try again

I promised I’d be the good guy.



Tracy Tudor
Loner looking for her tribe...square peg in round whole...quirky, weird looking kid stood at far edge of playground, biting skin round her fingernail till it bleeds, shooting looks that could kill at anyone that gets within 10 metres...30+ years later same philosophy applies...but...here's the thing...this socially awkward individual wants to let her creativity out...wants to share...converse...communicate 🙂
Tracy Tudor

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