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  1. The Core

    Everybody has a core:
    It’s an acute subconscious state
    differentiating the right from wrong,
    let’s call it- a “core”
    We are all have the sense of a “core”
    Thus, not everybody aligned with it
    sometimes the “core” itself
    is in disbalance and discord.
    Doesn’t remit to a conscious self
    What’s right and what is not!
    And that, isn’t somebody’s fault!
    Its just a misalliance of his “core”!

    What gratifies Soul?

    When you want to delight your taste buds,
    You eat delicious food to satisfy that.
    When you want to indulge your eyes,
    You look at a beautiful view,
    such as nature, fire or sunset.
    When you want to satisfy auditory needs,
    You’d listen to beautiful music or beats.
    When you want to listen to your heart’s longings,
    You spread kindness and become sweet.
    What uplifts or gratifies soul?
    Well, you can read all the books in the world:
    Learn yoga from the best masters and gurus,
    Nothing able to satisfy or delight your soul
    But love!
    Only with love’s ignition Soul is enlightened
    and alive.


    What is the difference
    Between you, me, and others?
    What’s mine, what’s theirs?
    We can pretend or label
    As if it’s yours or mine but
    Truth is nothing is ours
    Sheer fact to be or to exist
    Isn’t ours to begin with
    So what’s the difference
    Between you and me?
    None whatsoever!
    As insane as it may sound,
    What’s mine isn’t really mine
    What’s more?
    I am not mine, you are not yours
    What’s yours or mine,
    Ain’t there: it’s an illusion!
    We are delusional
    Our difference is in perception
    and in degree of our delusion
    Nothing more or less,
    Just a delusional illusion

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