Reactive Mind State

Life will always be life and it will always be as it is, but you don’t have to be stuck in a mind state where you’re not mindful of what’s actually happening. To be mindful is to be … [Read More...]

The Pull of the Past

The energy of the past has so much pull because of the way the Conditioned Mind uses past experiences to process life from and until this is realized the present moment will basically be out of … [Read More...]

A Conditioned Mind Notices

See how a mind agitation arises from your conditioning, it’s not there because you were born that way or that’s just the way you are, it’s there strictly because it’s the way … [Read More...]

Believing What You Think

Don’t believe anything you think. A thought is only a thought and it’s not necessarily true, but unless one’s mind is settled enough to see this, the thought controls what happens … [Read More...]

The Gift of Trauma

Freedom, Peace, and Love. The 3 gifts I was given nearly 3 years ago. The three most important things of my life, that I will never let anyone change or take from me. No-one or no thing, on earth … [Read More...]

A Sacred Temple

There’s no real good or bad in life, there’s only the story of good and bad. If you don’t think this is true, watch the story attached to what you like (labeled as good) and what you … [Read More...]

The Journey of Transformation

The Journey of Transformation by Diana Bellerose Link: http://amzn.com/1493545051 … [Read More...]

Shifting Truth

The shift that occurs in an awakening is an opening of the heart which allows the truth within to surface. When this occurs where there was once blindness one will now see. People think they change … [Read More...]

Endless Possibilities

The openness to endless possibilities manifest when there's no past labels associated with doing what's in front of you. The Universe provides possibilities with an open heart that's not living in the … [Read More...]

Inward Clarity

It’s the worldly view of satisfying our self that keeps one from the clarity of seeing their own innate beauty. This clarity will only occur when one’s view comes from looking … [Read More...]

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October Rain

It is a cool October morn, The rain falls softly, Softly upon the corn, The … [Read More...]

You are my Angel

I am your Angelcopyright (Trisha Mary Duffy 2013)I know you hear me … [Read More...]

My Tapestry Of Life

As the rains fall From the Heavens The tears I hold in my heart Another day … [Read More...]


  Under the anaesthetics there was nothing to know for we are all … [Read More...]

A Chance for Hope, to Hope for Change.

Will a Universal Balance be respected? Will unrest among mankind, ever … [Read More...]


may you always rise if you should fall, be you large or be you … [Read More...]

The Great Outdoors

The Great OutdoorsAs I gaze,out toward the hills,from this valley,where I … [Read More...]

Weave the twine of your life

Weave the twine of my life between power and love let the shuffle flow … [Read More...]

The Mystery

A touch, a gleam, There's something there, I cannot see. I know it … [Read More...]

A Father’s Love

Jesus prayed to the Father often, this provided the needed love and support … [Read More...]

Lonely Days

Lonely DaysI sit and gaze,gaze across the hills,lying so quiet and … [Read More...]


the lemon tree lemons grow on trees, hence lemon trees. love grows … [Read More...]


  JUST THINKING! My old body is feeling ill, as I sit … [Read More...]

Goddess on Fire

        She is a Goddess of fire and passion The … [Read More...]

excerpt from “The Book of Truths”

Rise and fall as all of us shall but always return to your roots that run … [Read More...]

A Piece Of Clay

God gave us each a piece of clay perhaps not doled out fairly Some got more … [Read More...]


Communion   Life sustaining clear Moisture in a droplet rolls Down … [Read More...]

The Eyes of a Child

A beach lit by the sun Every grain of sand Sparkling like a crystal A … [Read More...]


IN HIS ARMS In His arms we can safely go, Where great blessings He … [Read More...]

God’s Whisper

Can you hear God’s whisper? It vibrates in the wind It reverberates … [Read More...]


MY OLD SWING   My old swing, sits beneath, a large old pine; a … [Read More...]



If I Were a Bird

This is just a little poem that I wrote while I was in Primary School in N. … [Read More...]

Irish Angel

It was a beautiful October day a few years back The sun was shining … [Read More...]

Tell It To Jesus; He Alone Understands

This poem tells that there are times when we go through rough times in our … [Read More...]

Our Love

Our Love   See this golden summer Moon! So bright and full and … [Read More...]

Do you know

Another poem I wrote about my mental and physical torture in an abused … [Read More...]


Keep me singing, as I go, keep me singing, in the sunshine, or … [Read More...]


      Why does the green feed my soul while black evokes … [Read More...]

New Children’s Book – What If…Superheroes Were Real?

JJ loves to imagine new worlds where anything is possible. In this book, we … [Read More...]

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Our Tug-of-war

There's a tug-of-war that occurs in most lives between an outer and inner … [Read More...]

The Definition of Difference

“My existence from thoughts ~ into reality it comes~ unseen because … [Read More...]

A Heart View

Seeing through eyes that have a default view from the head (intellect) … [Read More...]


MajestySnow flakes, snow flakes softly fluttering down,landing so softly, … [Read More...]

Filters of Love

It's not that thoughts can be controlled, but the filters that are in place … [Read More...]

Hearing This Moment

Without being present in this exact moment, hearing the sounds of the … [Read More...]

Conflict With Oneself

All conflicts are within, they arise from one’s inner questions. … [Read More...]

Sharing Faith

 If one could excercise faith toward Gd, in the ways in which they … [Read More...]

“Grasping at Straws”

One of the obstacles that’s used to keep you in a state of … [Read More...]

Waking Dreams (Part I, 2012)

  3 days. My solo part of the trip. 3 days, before im due to pick up a … [Read More...]

The Human Condition of Addiction

The human condition of addiction isn't limited to the labeled addict, it … [Read More...]

Movement of the Moment

Life is constant movement, it never stops. If the movement of the moment is … [Read More...]

Inner Truth Revealed

The more the truth of oneself is understood the more chance there is to … [Read More...]

Constantly in Motion

When one truly awakens, it’s to the energy of love which is of one … [Read More...]

Know Your Own Mind

It has been said that if you rule your mind, you'll rule the world. But not … [Read More...]

No Justified Judgements

From our judgements not only do we cause harm to ourselves, but we affect … [Read More...]

Shelter From the Storm

Existence is based in the energy of love, but this energy is not a … [Read More...]

Choosing a Beneficial Path

With so many paths to choose from, how can it be known if the one chosen … [Read More...]

Universal Importance

Freedom from the bondage of our made up stories is only known in the space … [Read More...]

Protesting Energy

The only reason protesting energy is in place is because one thinks (a … [Read More...]

Unity Inward/Unity Outward

Unity inward results in unity outward. A self serving mind separates one … [Read More...]

Newness in Each Moment

The beauty of life is in the newness of each moment. Many miss this because … [Read More...]

Wholesome Consequences

The consequences that arise from living a wholesome life naturally puts one … [Read More...]

Be a Blessing

“You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good … [Read More...]

Conditioned Not Evil

Behavior is more conditioned than it is evil. Because this isn’t … [Read More...]

Gifts to Benefit Others

Having a useful life is being aware of the gifts one has and utilizing them … [Read More...]

The Suffering of “I”

Because the Conditioned Mind isn’t understood enough it’s very … [Read More...]

Love Thy Self

Love emanates as behavior and it can be measured in others as in oneself by … [Read More...]

Succumbing to Feelings

Unfortunately mostly everyone today thinks there’s a need to use … [Read More...]

The Snowball Effect

There is a controlling energy of the ego that never occurs if it isn't … [Read More...]

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