Understanding Change

Don’t hold onto anything and apply a label to it as being the way it has to be, because regardless of what it is it will change and if you don’t accept that, the ability to truly live your … [Read More...]

Seeds of Humanity

There is way to much thought on the individual level for unity to be a reality. Most people have an agenda and it’s usually attached to satisfying themselves in some way and until this is seen, … [Read More...]

Choosing Presence

Existence is naturally spiritual so choosing Presence allows for one to come home and although the mind will often wander, having a Presence direction will keep one from remaining lost. All of life … [Read More...]

Waking Up Now

Love is given a lot of lip service in our society, but not much heart service. You can’t pick and choose who to love, either you love all or you love none, there’s no such thing as only … [Read More...]

Karmic Results

Life is simply a process and the results that manifest in one’s life are a direct result of the support given to their process. The seeds that you plant are the seeds that will grow, … [Read More...]

Humanly Entrapped

Not only is it human to err, but it’s also strictly from being human that one attaches to wanting something different than what it is which causes one’s own suffering. If you really want … [Read More...]

The Jewel Within

A person doesn’t wake up because something from the outside shakes them, it occurs because the jewel within is discovered; everyone has this jewel in their possession. When a person has a shift … [Read More...]

Changing Your Inner State

When love is the energy of one’s inner state, it emanates transforming energy out into the world. Many will pickup on this energy and in the process they will transform. This all occurs because … [Read More...]

Breathe Life Into Your Book

“Follow your breath and it will lead you to your creative source.” – Michelle Berry Expressing your inner voice and inspiration through writing can be a challenge for us sometimes. This is especially … [Read More...]

More Than a Person: I AM…

More than a Person: I AM (The first definition for persons is): (per·son)   “noun \ˈpər-sən\ : A human being : A person who likes or enjoys something specified Law: the body or clothing … [Read More...]

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Winter Days

The day is snowy, The day is white, My deck roof collapsed, In the middle … [Read More...]


I wake up and I feel your presence all around me, smile in the knowledge … [Read More...]

Reclamation Of Soul

Smile And Tears, Joy And Play, Those Were The Things That Made My Day. I … [Read More...]

Winter Solice

        The trees laden with heavy snow mittens on … [Read More...]

A Lady On The Bridge

The following sonnet is a sample selection from my upcoming second book of … [Read More...]


            … [Read More...]

Banner Flag

Bigger yet and bigger still My craft sells fortitude and weeps onion To the … [Read More...]

A Smile Nine-days-lasting

Who is she,this woman who bestowed upon me,underserving mortal man,a smile … [Read More...]

The Inevitable Expansion of Love

Love is the energy of creation, it cannot be denied. The expansion is … [Read More...]

The Precipice

There is no hardness in us Except for deluded egos call So draw near to the … [Read More...]


  Fractal       Our rate of knowing   Is out of … [Read More...]


WOLFSISTERS   Wolfsisters we are side by side walking the same … [Read More...]


Expand me in boundless love Take me to the expanse of expression, And … [Read More...]

Pearls of the Poverty

The roadway was all deserted, Street lights making images, Some were of … [Read More...]

The Door

Behind every man there is a door yes, a door he sometimes breaks in and … [Read More...]

The Anima Initiation

The following poem was published by the Spiritual Writers Networkin a … [Read More...]

A Heart’s Wasteland

Gnawing on the inside Are faults and failures. Growth can none find, And … [Read More...]


It was late, late in the day; I got on the wheeler, and drove slowly on the … [Read More...]

Forever Yours

Bury me deep inside your heartand hide me in the dark.A love that twists … [Read More...]

Can I Sit With You?

I know you do not not know my name Can I sit with you?  When  I … [Read More...]

Summer’s Flighty Glance

Summer's Flighty Glance   Under the brief influence of summer's … [Read More...]

A Season of Wisteria

You are gone. But once you were there. Once, back then, you covered me with … [Read More...]


He followedAnd abandoned.He servedAnd retreated.He worshipedAnd … [Read More...]


IN HIS ARMS In His arms we can safely go, Where great blessings He … [Read More...]

My Last Wish

I walk amongst the Skyscrapers in horrible abandonment,Thinking of my Guru … [Read More...]

Happy Second Birthday to My Son on 26th November 2014!

Your birthday takes me back to the past in my memories to the day when you … [Read More...]

Forest Dweller

Is it magic Or something way more profound? She sees through your … [Read More...]

1100 o’clock Panic

Sulphurous memories make me reek of you; dark alleys behind my eyes … [Read More...]

My Knight In Shining Armour

Staring up into the dark sky to wish upon a star that’s … [Read More...]

Things Left Unsaid

Things left unsaid Emotions are craving to come out of me  My heart … [Read More...]

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Contributing or Taking Energy

If you can truly get beyond the story of contributing to life and just be … [Read More...]

Blinders of Ignorance

People do what they do without any awareness whatsoever of why it is done … [Read More...]

Plan Plans Not Results

Life will always result in what occurs regardless of the plans one has for … [Read More...]

A Canvas of Love

We make our life what it is, but we are not the creator of it, we are … [Read More...]

Being Dependable

One’s usefulness to the world is a result of how centered one’s mind is on … [Read More...]

Present Moment Love

When the body is used as an anchor to remain present, you begin living your … [Read More...]


Abundance is a state of Being. You can have it all, but yet have nothing. … [Read More...]

The Motion of the Moment

Once the mind settles it remains in motion with the moment, but it’s … [Read More...]

Old Man Winter Arrived

I woke up feeling like, I was still dreaming. I looked out the window and … [Read More...]


While strolling through the woods today,I was awed by the beautyof … [Read More...]

Suitable Tools

Are the tools you have in place truly suitable to allow you to love … [Read More...]

Useful in Love

Living from love is the only way one will be useful to our entire planet. … [Read More...]

A Chance for Hope, to Hope for Change.

Will a Universal Balance be respected? Will unrest among mankind, ever … [Read More...]

Inwardly Complete

Inward is our completeness. Outward there are so many distractions that … [Read More...]


MajestySnow flakes, snow flakes softly fluttering down,landing so softly, … [Read More...]


RUSH HOUR   Hurrying here, Hurrying there, Can't stop, Running … [Read More...]

The Human Condition of Addiction

The human condition of addiction isn't limited to the labeled addict, it … [Read More...]

Exposing the Other Cheek

Even when one is wronged and justified in getting even, it will harm them … [Read More...]

Thank You Storm

I thought I was over him. I thought all the bridges were burnt. Little did … [Read More...]

Subtle Awareness

The subtleness of how ones behavior affects others can only be understood … [Read More...]

Jesus FanClub

Come and Get your Free membership today and enjoy exclusive member perks … [Read More...]

Labeled Distractions

Regardless of what it is, once something is labeled it becomes a … [Read More...]

Beliefs Don’t Liberate

Too many people worry about getting to heaven and because of this, life … [Read More...]

Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human

Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human Kiara Windrider   The … [Read More...]

Thinking Differently

There was a time when I didn't know how to love, but today there isn't a … [Read More...]

Past Scars

Because of one's conditioning the past is held onto as if it is needed. … [Read More...]

The Secret of Life

We become our stories, they are what determines everything that happens in … [Read More...]

How to return to Source Energy

A lot of people are talking about Source Energy these days. It's a pretty … [Read More...]

Is Suffering Necessary?

If a sentence is started with the words “I believe” STOP … [Read More...]

Excerpt from a diary

I have lots to say, little to teach and much to share with you my friend … [Read More...]

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