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What does The 8-Week Book Writing Intensive eCourse entail?

In this 8-Week Book Writing Intensive, you will work with writing coach, Shanda Trofe, and other participants to develop your story idea, brainstorm and outline your manuscript, develop your writing skills, sharpen those writing skills, build an author platform, learn how to market your book, and tackle the polishing and revision process with the option to have your work critiqued in a closed group of writers just like you. And… as an added bonus, those who finish the program will also have the opportunity to pitch their book proposal for a chance at publication!  Click HERE to find out more!

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Kabbalistic Difference Between Writing in Third Person Narrative and First Person

Since the topic came up recently, I thought to include my responses here for the benefit of all. While this article references non-fiction, the difference between the two relates to fiction as … [Read More...]


go and do that

I am in awe of my friend Kristy. She knows what brings her Alive and she cultivates it every day. Everything is art and wonder to her: riding her bike along the canal and taking the time to gaze at an … [Read More...]

Twilight Meditation

  As we outgrow certain aspects of our lives, such as jobs, relationships, and ways of thinking, there is often a transition period to the new place we are heading for.  The time between the … [Read More...]

summer flowers

Melody Of Summer

I sat in a lawn chair wind chimes tinkling behind my head. White towels on the clothes line gently swing back and forth. The pinwheel flowers stand still for a moment then gently spin. The sound … [Read More...]

Kellie Newsome writer

Your Glass

Push through your glass into the cold dim world where our lifetime still remains Eye to eye - silent memories reflect our selfish pain   The pendulum swings far to your side - was it worth it for … [Read More...]


Mom’s Lessons

I learned  from her to be strong To work hard or nothing would be gained Hold my head up be a lady with some grace Mom  always had a joke to tell a smile upon her face Be kind to others … [Read More...]

Undying Love

His  eyes know what  you think Without saying a word His  hands the ones You love to hold A place of friendship Honesty and Trust The missing piece felt When you are apart The person that makes you … [Read More...]

Joy in the Mourning

Joy in the Mourning

  Joy in the Mourning I recently attended a five day mind-body-spirit intensive workshop hosted by a beloved friend and gifted Spiritual mentor. At its conclusion each attendee was to stand at … [Read More...]

Beneficial Response

Life occurs and our response to it will be determined by what mind set has been developed. A mind set of neutrality is much more beneficial than one thats in place to respond a certain way.Regardless … [Read More...]

CG4 2012

Be Amazing

Simply Amazing A Chinese proverb reads, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  I love that wisdom of life’s journey and we can all agree on its truth.  But what happens when … [Read More...]

Changing choices

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown.

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown. In reference to plagiarism, one article said it best in a simple statement, “Plagiarism is an equal opportunity transgression.”(Di Pierro, … [Read More...]

butterfly and eye

Time Is

A moment A smile A touch A word A memory Time is a gift Time is now Time is a minute Time is an hour Time is months and years Time is now! Time is life each second Each day Each moment and memory Make … [Read More...]

wedding ring

Little Gold Band

A lady stared down at her hand On a warm and sunny day At  the band her husband put on her hand On their wedding day The little band glissened Small diamonds twinkled back at her As she stared at her … [Read More...]

Replacing Death with the Beauty and Peace of Transformation

What is death? Well for a start, it isn’t simply the end of life itself. Death has many forms, including death of an appetite for living life in the true sense of really living. In this demanding … [Read More...]


More Than a Person: I AM…

More than a Person: I AM (The first definition for persons is): (per·son)   “noun \ˈpər-sən\ : A human being : A person who likes or enjoys something specified Law: the body or clothing … [Read More...]

A Soulful Awakening

www.stephaniebanks.org   In August of 2012, amidst the magnificent mountains of Whistler British Columbia Canada, Stephanie Banks, misjudged her surroundings and narrowly avoided death as … [Read More...]


Live Alive!

  I recently came across a post on Pinterest with a quote many of us have seen before. The pin said, “Do it afraid.” For so long this made sense to me. How would we ever do anything … [Read More...]


Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence How do science and spiritually offer evidence of oneness? Objective: Growth in compassion and emotional freedom. The following excerpt was included … [Read More...]


A Soulful Awakening Excerpt

Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about a year and a half ago. It is one of our favorites and one that I’m grateful and excited to share. Happy reading and … [Read More...]

introducing kids to meditation

When I first considered introducing meditation to children I had a hard time believing it was possible. How could I get these kids who were running around and bouncing off the walls to sit still with … [Read More...]


When Jesus Knocks

This is a poem that tells what happens when Jesus knocks at the door of our … [Read More...]

A Stroll with Uncle Free

Curse the blighters, curse them all. He had bled and sweat to see them … [Read More...]

Open invitation


Come to the sweetness of his presence Come to the fullness of his grace His … [Read More...]


  MORNING PRAYER   Arise and awaken Greet the morning sun Give … [Read More...]

A Soulful Awakening

www.stephaniebanks.org   In August of 2012, amidst the … [Read More...]

A New Start

Divorce is always hard, and is never the easy option, but sometimes it's … [Read More...]

My Angel Boy

My Angel Boy you came before your time and closed your tiny eyesyour mammy … [Read More...]

The Name Of The Lord Will Be Glorified

This is a poem that glorifies the name of the Lord.  The Lord deserves our … [Read More...]

New Season Cleaning

You're tracking dirt in my house Didn't I tell u 2 wipe ur feet b4 u come … [Read More...]



To feature your poetry on this site, please REGISTER and create a free … [Read More...]


A Soulful Awakening Excerpt

Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about … [Read More...]


The Beggar

And there he sat alone and withered, Tired, sad, No clothes, he … [Read More...]

White Feathered Horse

White Feathered Horse   On the wings of the white feathered horse I … [Read More...]

My Last Wish

My Last Wish

I walk amongst the Skyscrapers in horrible abandonment,Thinking of my Guru … [Read More...]


As he looks at his past From the photos of despair He opened his heart … [Read More...]

A Drop In An Ocean

A DROP IN AN OCEAN These tears you cry were Ocean, once Your weary … [Read More...]

Visit to the North on Dec. 24

My antisipated drive to the North The pines lined the road  Snow banks … [Read More...]

Experience Life in Poetry Volume One Cover

Experience life in a new way – First volume in poetry series released

I am excited to have just released the first book in my Experience … [Read More...]

Fall Fishing

  Fall Fishin       When the river’s running … [Read More...]

A Beautiful Rose broken into many pieces

The tender loving bluebell shined in all its glory With the lightly yellow … [Read More...]


The Age of My Time

Time measured in endless pursuits, are a baited scent to the influence of … [Read More...]

You are my Angel

I am your Angelcopyright (Trisha Mary Duffy 2013)I know you hear me … [Read More...]

1100 o’clock Panic

Sulphurous memories make me reek of you; dark alleys behind my eyes … [Read More...]


  Fractal       Our rate of knowing   Is out of … [Read More...]



Thank you God,for blessing me,with ears to hear,and eyes to see,a mouth to … [Read More...]

What Can, but Will Not.

What could be, can Not be without any faith What could love, can Not love, … [Read More...]


  There is a trail, out back of the house, winding over the hill, so … [Read More...]

Copy of CroppedButterfly .jpg


COCOONS We hid ourselves  swathed in our fleshy bandages So we could … [Read More...]


Pearls of the Poverty

The roadway was all deserted, Street lights making images, Some were of … [Read More...]

Thank you

I thought I would die, if I stopped living a lie To used to staring up at … [Read More...]


Awake, my mind awake! Meditate on God; His words and grace so freely … [Read More...]


  Imminent   I looked at the sky   Seeing black clouds … [Read More...]

God’s Child

He came out her womb with his obvious first cry. He still cries for that … [Read More...]


Breathing, the heart slows…my body releases me.My mind now travels. … [Read More...]

rose glasses


lovelove is protecting,love is consuming.love is that kiss on your … [Read More...]

Irish Angel

It was a beautiful October day a few years back The sun was shining … [Read More...]

Child called me ~

I loved to sing to dance and play ~Run through the meadow And roll in the … [Read More...]

The Kite

A kite flies high, with not a care to be had. It soars with great … [Read More...]

The giving Tree

Inward Journey

  Walking through the misty haze ~I wander close to see ~The wonderful … [Read More...]

Special Someone

When you meet that special someone That puts that sparkle in your … [Read More...]



I hear Your Voice in the rustling trees,I feel Your Touch as the grass … [Read More...]


Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw Many of their pictures show a rainbow in … [Read More...]

winter scene

Just A Dream

As I sat looking out the window The white airy flakes fell from the heavens … [Read More...]


Love is an intimate, shared look Love is a warm and caring touch Love is … [Read More...]


IN THE STILLNESS OF THE NIGHT   All was quiet on that far away … [Read More...]

Citizens and the winter rains

Tender and shimmering,  The winter morning rains, Sudden---fierce, In … [Read More...]

Blessing to Gran

I miss the sound of your gentle hum, And the way you used to stroke my … [Read More...]


We regret to announce That last Wednesday a funeral Was held for … [Read More...]

What Shall I Give My Lord This Day

  This poem asks the question: what can I a mortal being, give to the … [Read More...]

Cowboys Goodbye

Cowboy’s Walk Into The Sunset

That day was just any other day,Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]

Be home where your heart lives

Be home where your heart lives   Be home where your heart lives Be … [Read More...]

promises made


Promise is an easy word to say I promise to do something is a comment … [Read More...]


A blank canvas Pure, untainted Innocent, unknown "What will I become?" A … [Read More...]


I wake up and I feel your presence all around me, smile in the knowledge … [Read More...]


Be Here

Like the prudent mariner Never trust your fate To just one map, A … [Read More...]


I see and image in my brain! I visualize Beauteous! Hues are hypnotizing, I … [Read More...]

Not To Fast And Not To Slow!

It was 7 in the morning,   I jumped on the old four … [Read More...]


Reach Toward the Sun

A Rock said to a Tree, " It is YOU I want to be!, Tell me, how can it be … [Read More...]

Verna E. MacKay

Jesus Christ God’s Gift Of Love Our Hope Of Salvation

This book tells of God’s goodness, his mercy, his grace, and his love for … [Read More...]

A Heart’s Wasteland

Gnawing on the inside Are faults and failures. Growth can none find, And … [Read More...]


A Season of Wisteria

You are gone. But once you were there. Once, back then, you covered me with … [Read More...]


may you always rise if you should fall, be you large or be you … [Read More...]

Tales of Jonathan

included in attachment … [Read More...]

broken heart

Bedroom Dreams

People say things, at those most precious timesTouches your heart .. … [Read More...]


S.A.D As rain cries teardrops Down the window pane I look out beyond At the … [Read More...]


IN HIS ARMS In His arms we can safely go, Where great blessings He … [Read More...]

Divine Presence On A Lonely Night

  The loneliness of the night,When creeps in by the bed-side,I can … [Read More...]


Grateful Me

All this talk of Abundance and the Law of Attraction Has most people think … [Read More...]


Hiding in darkness

The hidden story of Mother Earths Light, awakened to heal in the … [Read More...]


… the light is shining on me …

I stand in the middle of the desert, And the light is shining on me ... I … [Read More...]

A Stroll With Uncle Free

Curse the blighters, curse them all. He had bled and sweat to see them … [Read More...]

Finding peace in chaos

Whatever did I say Whatever did I do To make you feel this way? I am … [Read More...]

Shine On

Shine on   A heart sighs in empathy As if, somehow, to revive the … [Read More...]


Wolfsisters   Wolfsisters running through the woods being born in the … [Read More...]



There is a place I go to rest my headWhen the world is scary and I’m … [Read More...]


sacred drum thumpingancient rhythms living eternallythroughout … [Read More...]


A Hug from Archangel Michael

A Hug from Archangel Michael     “Here we go again,” … [Read More...]


A Father’s Day Poem

A Father's Day Poem I looked at your photo on my mantelpiece today I really … [Read More...]

When You Think Of Me

Think of the smell of a fresh bouquet of flowers A campfire crackling with … [Read More...]

Amy Bryant: Reflections of a Nubian Daughter

Reflections of Love and Forgiveness

As I look in the mirror .... the bronze copper image reflected carries the … [Read More...]

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Whose Your V.P.?

When I worked for the bank, it was a big deal for the vice-president to … [Read More...]

Yoga Meditation, Raja Yoga

yoga meditation Another long day for me, I cant believe how much energy … [Read More...]

Karmic Peace

Karma is real, so when there is undeniable trust in the moment as it is, … [Read More...]

Flower Power

  Flower Power       Smooth, softly tender   Pale … [Read More...]

A Created Reality

Finish this sentence: I am a ( ). The fill in the blank has just … [Read More...]

Our Hearts Love

Our journey in life is to learn to do the things necessary for the love … [Read More...]


An Alien Observer

Man considers himself the peak of creation; less, perhaps, than gods, … [Read More...]

The Fifth Step: The Root

Identified the exact nature of our wrongs and the associated behavior that … [Read More...]

No Results Needed

If the results of what we do with our life are needed to be in a certain … [Read More...]

Expectation or Attachment

One can expect life to be anyway that it's wanted, but when it doesn't work … [Read More...]

The False View – Part 2

If the view of self is to ever be different, its imperative to look within … [Read More...]

Have You Found Your Place in the Sun?

It was early morning. I headed out my driveway for the road that winds up … [Read More...]

Subtle Awareness

The subtleness of how ones behavior affects others can only be understood … [Read More...]

Gently Gently

                    … [Read More...]

Addicted to Dependency

A person I know has been struggling with a dependency problem, the … [Read More...]


A Soulful Awakening Excerpt

Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about … [Read More...]

A Mistress’ Daughter

    When I was 12, I learned that I was a mistress’ … [Read More...]

Tales of Jonathan

included in attachment … [Read More...]

One Mind Different Results

If the mind uses directions that make it travel on a road that leads to a … [Read More...]

stepping out

Stepping Out

A couple weeks ago I decided I needed to get out. It was a Friday night and … [Read More...]

Someone sees me

  "For those that loved me, there were always conditions,"For those … [Read More...]

The Eyes of I

Simply put, when the eyes of I are the base of ones view in life, there … [Read More...]

Silence of a Growing Flower

The silence of a graveyard is not the same as the silence of a flower … [Read More...]

Stillness of Existence

Existence will be based through the thoughts that are attached to and used … [Read More...]

An Awakened View

Awakening from the dream of an egoic I is as if an entirely new view of the … [Read More...]

Tools of Change

Tools are needed that cultivate what needs changing. They can change the … [Read More...]

No Diversion Needed

To be in the moment is to be with what is occurring at that precise time. A … [Read More...]

Spiritual Expansion

As long as ones I is firmly in place spiritual expansion isn't possible. … [Read More...]

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Thoughts are a part of being human, but the controlling aspect of them is … [Read More...]

Love Unites

Unity as a species seems to be linked to the base of an individuals … [Read More...]

Enter Zen From Here

The unity produced when the world is truly heard for the first time occurs … [Read More...]

A Life Provided Life

Life is the provider of life, the basic functions to live aren't thought … [Read More...]


Strive for the finish line: keep in the presence of the saints.

God continues to show that He can bring strength even in our … [Read More...]

What flows in your veins???

Once upon a time, blood used to flow through my veins, It was tough being … [Read More...]

Attachment is Suffering

When there isn't attachment that needs life to be a certain way, it is only … [Read More...]

Distracted Energy

An agitation is what causes our mind to become distracted and what is it … [Read More...]

Self Created Chaos

Nothing that happens in life has an affect on me unless my own mind allows … [Read More...]

Easy, and Egos

Easy never "comes and goes". Its visit's brief, and no one knows exactly … [Read More...]

Deeply Rooted in Love

When one lives from the head, life's foundation is as if it was built on … [Read More...]

Emma Cooper – Reborn

There’s no life support for memories. Emma Cooper existed because she … [Read More...]

The Tool of Fear

Live in fear and everything that occurs in life will be from the mind, not … [Read More...]

Zen 3

* Many humans keep in their primitive part of the brain the idea that the … [Read More...]

To realize the Advaitic truth the seeker has to be free from all superstitions and orthodox contamination.

  Sage Sri, Sankara’s Supreme Brahman is impersonal, … [Read More...]

No I in Love

What one sees as I is only a thought that constantly reinforces itself so … [Read More...]

Hitting the Snooze Button

When the alarm clock rings a choice is to be made, hit the snooze button … [Read More...]

Writing Truth Can Hurt Yet It Is -One- of The -PassageWays- Home To The Heart

Writing Truth Can Hurt  Yet It Is -One- of The -PassageWays- Home To … [Read More...]

Transforming Heart

When one heart is opened, it makes for a world that will be a better more … [Read More...]

The Love of Creation

One can instill trust in the love of creation or turn away from it. Trust … [Read More...]

Small Acts of Grace, Big Impact

Small Acts of Grace, Big Impact "Could you imagine what the world would … [Read More...]


Out of the Sixties Prologue

Here's the prologue from my new book, Out of the Sixties available in the … [Read More...]

We Are One

If one can't understand themselves, it will be impossible to understand … [Read More...]

Attaching Energy

Happy thoughts, not so happy thoughts, the attaching energy to either one … [Read More...]

Death is Like a Bird

The Scarlet Macaw is considered to be amongst the most beautiful birds on … [Read More...]

Knowing What’s Beneficial

If one doesn't do things in their life that are beneficial to it, it should … [Read More...]

Life Happens to Everyone

Life happens to everyone, one day the story is about us, not someone else. … [Read More...]

Know Your Own Mind

It has been said that if you rule your mind, you'll rule the world. But not … [Read More...]

A Stroll With Uncle Free

Curse the blighters, curse them all. He had bled and sweat to see them … [Read More...]

The Problem is “I”

The mind is a great problem solver, the only issue with this is its … [Read More...]

Preconceived Reactions

Most reactions that occur in life are preconceived and put in place by ones … [Read More...]

Subtle Conditioning

Our own mind is our prison as it is also our gateway to freedom. This is … [Read More...]

Exposing the Other Cheek

Even when one is wronged and justified in getting even, it will harm them … [Read More...]


Enlightenment is HERE. There is nowhere else. Enlightenment is NOW. There … [Read More...]

The Prince and the Singularity - A Circular Tale

The Prince And The Singularity – A Circular Tale

What is this story about? Well, it is kind of difficult to describe. … [Read More...]

Stairway to Paradise

It is an awesome day when the Lord blesses us with a captivatingly stunning … [Read More...]


RUDRA: a storm god and embodiment of wildness and unpredictable danger

  Rudra (Devanagari: रुद्र) is a Rigvedic God, associated with wind … [Read More...]

Acknowledging What’s There

What's there is always there regardless of how it's dealt with. We can deny … [Read More...]

Love Shared

When we live from the love of our heart, we can truly love another. Whether … [Read More...]

A Lady On The Bridge

The following sonnet is a sample selection from my upcoming second book of … [Read More...]

Body Maintenance

The body is the vessel that we are given, to be used in our travels for … [Read More...]

As We Are

"To we that have been dictated to by genetic or congenital hindrances that … [Read More...]

Beneath the Chatter

When one thinks life is all figured out, they are more disconnected than … [Read More...]

Head and Feet Connection

The head and feet connection is a center that can be used to remain or … [Read More...]

No Mid-life Crisis

An understanding of ourself is vital if we are to continue to grow and … [Read More...]

Trusting the Way Things Are

There's the one who exist with all the mind made concepts and beliefs, but … [Read More...]

Tuned to Love

Life can be totally of love if one is aware that it isn't. Any instrument … [Read More...]

Distracted From Love

A distraction is used and causes one to reach for something when ones mind … [Read More...]


In judging nothing, I am in acceptance of all. All flows through me I am … [Read More...]

An Illusionary Reality

A memory of a dream is really no different than a memory of a past … [Read More...]

Our Tug-of-war

There's a tug-of-war that occurs in most lives between an outer and inner … [Read More...]

Words Are Just Words

Since my "Awakening" I have come to discover many new things, ideas, … [Read More...]

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