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I Do Not Want To Leave You

Sweet man of kindness and charm Need to make some income so I can come home to stay I love your smile and tender gentle touch The laughter and dreams we share I hope that you are waiting When I return … [Read More...]

Be A Friend To You

You will find when you get older True friends are few You do not  have to look far You have yours  inside of you Be a friend to you! You look at her each morning In the mirror she looks … [Read More...]

The Journey of Transformation

The Journey of Transformation by Diana Bellerose Link: http://amzn.com/1493545051 … [Read More...]

Visit to the North on Dec. 24

My antisipated drive to the North The pines lined the road  Snow banks piled high Sky so blue the air crisp and fresh The sun glissened  dazzled the eyes Millions of crystals on top Of … [Read More...]

Lost In The North On Christmas Eve

It was a cold night far in the North The snow was twiring and swirling Before it hit the ground I could barely see the road ahead The snow pelting against the windshield Starring at the endless … [Read More...]

I Believe

I believe in you I believe in me I believe in us I  believe in love I believe in honesty I believe in trust Things in common that brought Us together To live, love, laugh Together sharing … [Read More...]

to reach God

Out-side of God

        God is Divine, He is Righteous, and He is Just in all His ways.  But His Anger is kindled, and there is a day appointed in which this Anger will be poured out on the Earth.  God has made a way … [Read More...]

Special Someone

When you meet that special someone That puts that sparkle in your eyes Your heart flutters when he smiles His touch is soft like satin When he whispers soft like a gentle breeze Laughter he … [Read More...]

If you’re breathing you’re spiritual

  Here are a few things to consider about spirituality: Meditation is wonderful, but it's not what makes someone spiritual. It's what supports a balanced life, can help open your mind, and … [Read More...]


More Than a Person: I AM…

More than a Person: I AM (The first definition for persons is): (per·son)   “noun \ˈpər-sən\ : A human being : A person who likes or enjoys something specified Law: the body or clothing … [Read More...]

What your mind believes, it can achieve. Believe the best!

Transformation in Awareness

Energy is the key to personal transformation. According to many spiritually awakened authors, it is the energy behind our thoughts that creates our reality. As the creator of our experiences in life, … [Read More...]

Gentle Giants

The Lord sent  two gentle giants Into my life when it was full of heartache and strife My husband left for the Heavens without saying good-bye Leaving debts and everything unfinished Stress of … [Read More...]


go and do that

I am in awe of my friend Kristy. She knows what brings her Alive and she cultivates it every day. Everything is art and wonder to her: riding her bike along the canal and taking the time to gaze at an … [Read More...]

Twilight Meditation

  As we outgrow certain aspects of our lives, such as jobs, relationships, and ways of thinking, there is often a transition period to the new place we are heading for.  The time between the … [Read More...]

on the verge

On The Verge

The past several weeks I have felt weepy.  I’m not sad nor am I highly distressed. It feels like the tears could drop at any moment. Yet when I try to cry nothing happens. Sure I’ve … [Read More...]

Life Long Friend

Once in a lifetime someone comes along From your youthful past Loving the girl you once were Now the woman you have become Love is timeless and ageless With this special person Their smile touches … [Read More...]


Exploring Passion

What is passion? A desire? A want? A knowing of something? A hearts whisper? Gods teaching intuition feeling? Unforgetable wonderous moments? That something that makes you smile? That feeling in your … [Read More...]

Knowing What’s Best

Every choice made is justified as the right one or it wouldn’t be made, but this doesn’t automatically make it the best one. Accept whatever choice is made, just know one’s motives determine if it’s … [Read More...]

I Am Just Me!

You just stay being you! Honest and open Keeping it real and simple! Open hearts sharing Nothing fake no masks I am just me! You keep being you! Flaws excepted We are not perfect Perfection is a … [Read More...]

What we can learn from the human face of Association Football

On Sunday, 30th March 2014, I was with my partner at Wembley Stadium, London to watch my hometown Team, Chesterfield FC play in the League Trophy Final against Peterborough United FC. It was my fourth … [Read More...]



Breathing, the heart slows…my body releases me.My mind now travels. … [Read More...]


A blank canvas Pure, untainted Innocent, unknown "What will I become?" A … [Read More...]


A Season of Wisteria

You are gone. But once you were there. Once, back then, you covered me with … [Read More...]


The day is very cold, After the snow, The temperature hovers, At twenty … [Read More...]

You are my Angel

I am your Angelcopyright (Trisha Mary Duffy 2013)I know you hear me … [Read More...]

I am not a victim

Angel's have asked me to write this poem for everyone whose lives have been … [Read More...]

October Rain

It is a cool October morn, The rain falls softly, Softly upon the corn, The … [Read More...]



THE SCRIPT... Let it go, let it be, it was once yours, but it was … [Read More...]


The month of August, has just begun, what a beautiful day, it is filled … [Read More...]


Sight The sunlight Peaking Over the mountain Of the east Filters through … [Read More...]


Reach Toward the Sun

A Rock said to a Tree, " It is YOU I want to be!, Tell me, how can it be … [Read More...]


I find calm repose in the energy that bleeds between words. I want as thin … [Read More...]

God’s Child

He came out her womb with his obvious first cry. He still cries for that … [Read More...]

A Piece Of Clay

God gave us each a piece of clay perhaps not doled out fairly Some got more … [Read More...]

Blessing to Gran

I miss the sound of your gentle hum, And the way you used to stroke my … [Read More...]



Our lives are like the clouds,little vapors in the sky,we hang around … [Read More...]


That feeling of seeing the break of dawn. That feeling of anticipation of … [Read More...]

Visit to the North on Dec. 24

My antisipated drive to the North The pines lined the road  Snow banks … [Read More...]


A Hug from Archangel Michael

A Hug from Archangel Michael     “Here we go again,” … [Read More...]

Zena (RIP)

Still Not Goodbye

That day was just any other day, Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel   Medicine Wheel of sacred powers teach me my place in … [Read More...]

White and Silent

It is white and silent  trees heavy laden with untouched snow,  a sky of … [Read More...]


I am sitting, sitting quietly, thinking about special things, how the … [Read More...]

R.I.P Baby P


Myriad voices

Among the myriad voices A lonely head spins Like a merry-go-round Trying to … [Read More...]

young girls face a key and a heart

Who Are You?

Who are you? Are you the woman you want to be? Making choices to live your … [Read More...]

Life Long Friend

Once in a lifetime someone comes along From your youthful past Loving the … [Read More...]

I Feel You!

I feel you in everything... in the glorious nights inside your incandescent … [Read More...]

A May Day

It is late in May,the leaves are green,the shy is grey,but it is still a … [Read More...]

A Beautiful Beginning

Hey all, I've turned another one of my poems into a song. Here's why: I … [Read More...]


  Shadows       The purple and white columbine … [Read More...]


The Beggar

And there he sat alone and withered, Tired, sad, No clothes, he … [Read More...]

Symphonies of silence

[Read More...]

Endless Possibilities

The openness to endless possibilities manifest when there's no past labels … [Read More...]

I am child of the goddess

I am child of the goddess   I am child of the goddess the goddess … [Read More...]


God knows why things happen to make us feel so lowmaybe its the only way … [Read More...]



 SOUNDSI love the sound, of the morning dove,when he calls his mate in … [Read More...]

Weave the twine of your life

Weave the twine of my life between power and love let the shuffle flow … [Read More...]

Holy Saturday: The Power of Liminality

They take my body bound in linen And lay it in a tomb hewn out of rock. I … [Read More...]

Unfolding the rose

Unfolding the rose It is only a tiny rosebud        A flower of God's … [Read More...]

Stretching Out

Take my hand, Lord I'm reaching, My arm extended Barely able to touch you. … [Read More...]

Reach for the Heart

wandered lonely for moments uncounted, not on the sky   but on this … [Read More...]

Angel Healing

Angel healing You have been working hard my friend,I have seen you from … [Read More...]

Shaman tree

A Prayer to Self Love

Blessed Mother Father God, help me to forgive myself on every level. Help … [Read More...]


Kali Ma – Kali Me

  The pain and rage of a million sorrows I carry within my breast As … [Read More...]

Choosing a Source

When one chooses their source of life to be of love, it leads to a much … [Read More...]

Experience Life in Poetry Volume 3 Cover

Experience Life in Poetry: Seeking, Accepting and Following God

Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/19NtyZX Description: This is volume … [Read More...]

A Message from Above

For over fifty years You carried THAT secret deep in your heart You know … [Read More...]


IN HIS ARMS In His arms we can safely go, Where great blessings He … [Read More...]

Abstract Heart

when I look at you, im looking at an abstract piece of arta very strong … [Read More...]


A Soulful Awakening Excerpt

Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about … [Read More...]


  Freeze       Leaves cold … [Read More...]


It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, let our hearts joyfully sing, God sent His … [Read More...]



I bathe ... within the moons full glow...In awe of her beauty ... so clean … [Read More...]

Steve and I

My Knight In Shining Armour

Staring up into the dark sky to wish upon a star that’s … [Read More...]

In Need of Thy Hand

On a slippery slope Of fear and trial, I look upon my Savior for hope When … [Read More...]


IN THE STILLNESS OF THE NIGHT   All was quiet on that far away … [Read More...]

The Dream

Last night,   I dreamed a dream,   Some might call a … [Read More...]

My Angel Boy

My Angel Boy you came before your time and closed your tiny eyesyour mammy … [Read More...]

Holy Spirit Filled and Led

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", … [Read More...]


Broken Open.

It is ceaseless. And it is true what they say, there are always … [Read More...]

A New Start

Divorce is always hard, and is never the easy option, but sometimes it's … [Read More...]


Forgiveness It is hard to smile at someone Who has caused you pain and … [Read More...]


Today is dark and grey, and I long to go, go out to where,     … [Read More...]

Old Barn and Ageing

As it ages wood becomes grey Exterior not as beautiful as it was in it's … [Read More...]

The Road Within

The Road Within Every way I've turned  each twisted road that I have … [Read More...]

Love Light

You’ve given a love light, life by building glass globes out of … [Read More...]



          Look at this tree an … [Read More...]

Ethereal Awareness

In this timeless ethereality where silences build converted assonances and … [Read More...]

Blossom Young Bird

Blossom Young Bird Blossom young bird, blossom and grow, Embrace the … [Read More...]


Heat and bluff : I had done not a thing wrong and i was … [Read More...]


Ennui   Chilly, drizzling rain Dampens mood, dims thought dull … [Read More...]

feather pen and paper

My Wish For Today

The sun in my face, The wind at my back, A song in my heart, A pen in my … [Read More...]

Surreal Life

All that is real becomes surreal when contemplating the nature of this one … [Read More...]

Love Shared

When we live from the love of our heart, we can truly love another. Whether … [Read More...]


Growing: Loving God, loving each other, producing fruit with my friends, … [Read More...]

Lost Heart

Lost Heart

A heart beats with sadness The grip of  loneliness accepted Missing … [Read More...]

Are You Okay?

Are you okay? Are you alright? Questions asked when loved one is … [Read More...]


Layers of years Marred By the rise and fall Of creeks and rivers Leave … [Read More...]

The Inevitable Expansion of Love

Love is the energy of creation, it cannot be denied. The expansion is … [Read More...]

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Here I am

Have you ever had a moment where you realized you were denying a big part … [Read More...]

A Silence Alone

When words are used to try and convince others a certain way is right, its … [Read More...]

Plan Plans Not Results

Life will always result in what occurs regardless of the plans one has for … [Read More...]

The Problem is I

The mind is a great problem solver, the only issue with this is its … [Read More...]

No I in Love

What one sees as I is only a thought that constantly reinforces itself so … [Read More...]

Processed Results

Love is the underling base of the process of life, but if our agenda is … [Read More...]

Conditioned Not Evil

Behavior is more conditioned than it is evil. Because this isn’t … [Read More...]


Daily Message. Exercise 36. You are infinite and spiritual.

We are exploring your infinite side. We are saying, “I am spiritual. I am … [Read More...]

Someday Dreams

Someday is a popular word A word that holds our dreams Someday I will do … [Read More...]

Reacting From Within

One can only love if love is what’s there. Within each of us are the … [Read More...]

Tools of the Spirit

One can't see what isn't revealed. When truth is revealed, it puts ones … [Read More...]


Inspired Inscape

"...but thou art above, thou Orion of light. Mine, O thou lord of life, … [Read More...]

One Affects All

Everything affects everything. When aversion is directed towards one its … [Read More...]

Honored Guest

We do what we think is needed to make a purpose of our life to better the … [Read More...]

Being a Benefit to Others

When one awakens, life is lived in a way so it can be a benefit to others … [Read More...]

A Father’s Support

As it is written, Jesus turned to the Father often, this provided the … [Read More...]

Well in Quietness

It was then she saw intrinsic denial, the builded walls of separateness, … [Read More...]

Using Outside Diversions

When one is using diversions from an outside source as a means to live … [Read More...]

A Glimpse of Hell!

Hell is compartment inside the earth where persons soul goes to after they … [Read More...]


  There is a trail, out back of the house, winding over the hill, so … [Read More...]

Distinguishing What’s Real

One has to decipher for themselves what truth is, but just as it is when … [Read More...]


Destiny!!! Never Forget

Never Forget this … [Read More...]


Today is coudy, … [Read More...]


Grateful Me

All this talk of Abundance and the Law of Attraction Has most people think … [Read More...]

my perspective of life

They say write about life Do I write my rights and wrongs? They say write … [Read More...]

Tools of Change

Tools are needed that cultivate what needs changing. They can change the … [Read More...]

What Is Your Name?

Have you ever thought about what’s in a name – in particular, your … [Read More...]

No Rhyme or Reason

Unity as a species seems to be linked to the base of an individuals … [Read More...]

A Heart’s Urging

Wanting from the heart is from the urging of the moment of what is as … [Read More...]

Soul Plan

The unborn/incoming soul is a most amazing and profound subject, definitely … [Read More...]

Truly Living

Dependency in any form creates a prison to the bondage of self that blocks … [Read More...]


This book speaks of God’s goodness, his mercy, his grace, and his love for … [Read More...]


Don’t compare

I know we're always telling ourselves and each other not to compare who we … [Read More...]


It was about 12 PM, you might say midnight, I lay looking my … [Read More...]

Continuity of Love

"It is that love, natural affections, the truth spoken of throughout the … [Read More...]

A Created Facade

Because of the Conditioned Mind most of what’s seen in life is a created … [Read More...]


You CAN Move Past Your Troubles

Heal Thyself Luke 4:23 “And he said unto them, Ye will surely say … [Read More...]

Truthless Opinions

An opinion is nothing more than a decision being made from a mind that's … [Read More...]

Head or Heart Living

Some people live from the head and some live from the heart. Each produce … [Read More...]


Beyond Limitations

There is a hunger in all of us that wants to be understood. To be fed. A … [Read More...]



Pen, Paper, InspirationTo ensure that poems flow Only inspiration will do … [Read More...]

Love Gives

Life is not a blessing because of what one gets, its a blessing because of … [Read More...]

Writing for Humans

A workshop focusing on the perspective of Humanism At the Crescent and … [Read More...]

Know Your Own Mind

It has been said that if you rule your mind, you'll rule the world. But not … [Read More...]

Death is Like a Bird

The Scarlet Macaw is considered to be amongst the most beautiful birds on … [Read More...]

The Stuff We Are Made Of

Modern science has put together a computer animation program on the … [Read More...]

Genie in a Bottle

To be completely honest, the first time I attempted to read the first few … [Read More...]

Agitated Provoked Thoughts

The origin of many thoughts are based in the illusion that something is … [Read More...]

What’s Within

Don't regret anything that's been done in the past because it's most likely … [Read More...]


Look Within.

If you wish to find yourself                                         … [Read More...]

A Surface View

The way life is viewed determines ones entire existence. When the view is … [Read More...]

Harming One Another

If one wants to do something for the greater good, love your neighbor, but … [Read More...]

Hitting the Snooze Button

When the alarm clock rings a choice is to be made, hit the snooze button … [Read More...]


Some gifts are large, some gifts are small, but it’s the thought that … [Read More...]

One Mind

Watch how the same mind that creates is also the one that destroys. Think … [Read More...]

The Way of Holiness, Enlightenment, and Redemption in the Hebrew Bible

                  THE WAY OF … [Read More...]

Absorbed in Self

When there’s an urging to seek, it doesn’t come from us, but it can only be … [Read More...]

‘Everything’s OK here. Don’t be scared’.

When I just started dreaming, I was scared about going to sleep. This was … [Read More...]

Mind Chatter

Mind chatter exist because its what's there. Attachment gives it the needed … [Read More...]

New beginning of the day

Starting a new day every morning, Thank you God taking care of me Starting … [Read More...]

A Compassionate Reality

A compassionate reality only occurs in the present. One’s self serving … [Read More...]

One Small Thread

One Small Thread   By blending all of the personality traits, … [Read More...]

Doing What’s Beneficial

One of the strangest paradoxes in life is when a person is being selfish it … [Read More...]

Truly Beneficial

What is truly a benefit in ones life takes a very settled mind for it to … [Read More...]

Natural State of Peace

There’s a natural state of peace that’s experienced when one stops doing … [Read More...]

Transforming Heart

When one heart is opened, it makes for a world that will be a better more … [Read More...]

Characteristics of Energy

Energy is always in constant motion, it's not created or destroyed, it only … [Read More...]

Misguided Thought Patterns

One will either behave in a manner that puts them in cooperation with life … [Read More...]

Think Not

Not many think they're wrong in what they think or thinking wouldn't be in … [Read More...]

Let Freedom Ring

If one is always trying to arrange things to their liking, it shouldn’t be … [Read More...]

A Lady On The Bridge

The following sonnet is a sample selection from my upcoming second book of … [Read More...]



There is a rhythm, even in the wildness of life. There is a mystery in the … [Read More...]

Conditional Illusions

Life is illusionary because what’s truly needed to live takes a back seat … [Read More...]

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MARY MAGDALENE: What Is Most Critical At This Time

Part 1 of a MessageReceived by Mercedes KirkelOn September 5, … [Read More...]

Many will loose their faith at the End days!

Jesus is the source of our faith. Our faith comes from hearing the message … [Read More...]

Habitual Reactions

Ones habitual reactions can be devastating if not understood. The … [Read More...]

" Let it be "


Ever feel alone? But so close to something at the same time? Ever wondering … [Read More...]

Prison is Prison

When the Conditioned Mind is in control ones freedom is compromised. No … [Read More...]

Diamond Logo


As we journey through our lives, in the nature of things we will be … [Read More...]


MARY MAGDALENE: Finding The Relationship You’ve Dreamed Of

Part 1 of a Message Given to Mercedes KirkelOn July 21, … [Read More...]

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