Selfishly Attracted

Awareness is key in breaking free from the grip of the attractions of the Conditioned Mind, and the only reason the grip is even so is because of the selfish nature of what’s at the core of … [Read More...]

Life Doesn’t Respect Want

Wants are conditioned driven, it matters little to life or the Universe whether they’re fulfilled or not. You can make up a story that it matters, but that’s your story not … [Read More...]

A Fixed View

There's not much life in something that's stagnant and this is what happens when one's free flowing energy is cut off by a fixed view; the fixation causes one to suffer. A fixed view … [Read More...]

A View Related Life

Situations unfold in life and the view that’s in place is the way one will respond to those situations as they occur, as a matter of fact everything is related to one’s view and will be … [Read More...]

Judging Separates

Seeing conditioned behavior for what it is doesn’t condone unloving behavior nor does it exalt loving behavior, it just allows one the understanding that a person can only act as the … [Read More...]

Happy New Year

Vows, pledges, and resolutions aren’t needed in 2016 as long as it’s realized the thing one wants to change is only there because of not being in the present moment. Happy New … [Read More...]

Understanding Your Own Mind

Being intelligent doesn’t make you wise. Wisdom is something that occurs naturally as one learns to understand their own mind. With this understanding, wisdom arises and goes beyond the … [Read More...]


Not justifying everything that’s done creates the slightest of cracks in the unconscious armor that’s in place, this allows a sliver of consciousness in to change the way things are looked … [Read More...]

Needing a Quick Fix

There are many situations throughout the day which provide the triggers to reach for a quick fix, but if there’s awareness of this, those triggers will not produce the unloving results of … [Read More...]

Today’s Gift

Today’s gift is simply to be alive and although the Conditioned Mind wants to make it about something more, there’s nothing that truly makes life better other than the simple fact that one … [Read More...]

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To Shine

I'm a diamond in the roughYa - I'm a pretty rough diamondYou have to … [Read More...]

Fall Fishing

  Fall Fishin       When the river’s running … [Read More...]

Lonely Days

Lonely DaysI sit and gaze,gaze across the hills,lying so quiet and … [Read More...]

The Dream

Last night,   I dreamed a dream,   Some might call a … [Read More...]

Be home where your heart lives

Be home where your heart lives   Be home where your heart lives Be … [Read More...]

Boston Strong

On Boylston Street, there are two soul stemmed orange blooms. Around the … [Read More...]


Song-Flower In the garden of the heart rests a pure white lily floating on … [Read More...]

God Saying

I am the head of universe to staying every where to the different stage and … [Read More...]

Beware of Mark of Beast!

A dragon with seven heads with seven crowns and ten horns will appear He … [Read More...]


It is a cool December night, it is early evening, I am enjoying the … [Read More...]

One Love

Your beauty is the sky Day or night, sun or moon, rainbow or cloudMy … [Read More...]


  Shadows       The purple and white columbine … [Read More...]

‘ NOW ‘

' NOW '       Through parted curtains, as if … [Read More...]

Labeled Distractions

Regardless of what it is, once something is labeled it becomes a … [Read More...]


WOLFSISTERS   Wolfsisters we are side by side walking the same … [Read More...]

made calm

'As I stepped outside tonight....I felt the crisp in the air..breezing by … [Read More...]

Song – I Am a Survivor

Okay, so I turned one of my poems into a song (don't know if this … [Read More...]

I Promised…

I promised I'd be the good guy Stereotypical Samaritan type A truly … [Read More...]

A Season of Wisteria

You are gone. But once you were there. Once, back then, you covered me with … [Read More...]

What Can, but Will Not.

What could be, can Not be without any faith What could love, can Not love, … [Read More...]

Mystical Evening

25th June, 2013   The dusk invokes Dusky clouds, purplish in … [Read More...]

Kali Ma – Kali Me

  The pain and rage of a million sorrows I carry within my breast As … [Read More...]


Now I lay down to sleep, listening to hymns, soothing and sweet. Now I lay … [Read More...]

I Need A Man Of Honour

      I need a man of honour That stands beside my … [Read More...]

A Writers Inner Landscape

  Pen and paper, letters forming words Sentences and paragraphs … [Read More...]

Winds of Change

I am the winds of change, the point between day and night. The cool … [Read More...]


This book speaks of God’s goodness, his mercy, his grace, and his love for … [Read More...]

The Thief of My Soul

The Thief of My Soul Written by Deanna Cloe Jaynes   In the dark of … [Read More...]

She Is

        The ego grows and sticks like glue behind … [Read More...]

Cowboy’s Walk Into The Sunset

That day was just any other day,Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]

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God’s Promises Never Fail

This poem tells of God's promises to us.  God never changes, he remains the … [Read More...]

The Twelve Inch Transition

You can live from your head, but you can only love from your heart. You … [Read More...]

Harmonic Energy

One’s energy pattern with be in harmony with the whole or it’ll be directed … [Read More...]

Only the Players Change

If we want our future to be different, we’ll need to understand our place … [Read More...]

Something Is Different This Holiday Season

I have always loved the holidays and believed in the magic I felt from the … [Read More...]

What’s Here Now

Whatever is learned that one needs to be happy will be what becomes their … [Read More...]

Taking Care of Our End

We can only take care of our end so there shouldn't be to much concern what … [Read More...]

Conditioned Mind Antics

Peace is the natural process of awareness because when one is aware of … [Read More...]

Sharing Heart Experiences

Living from the heart stops the need to reach because the heart … [Read More...]

Quieting the Mind

The mind will only settle down when there's something in place that … [Read More...]

Quietness is Freedom

One thinks they know, but only when the mind quiets can one truly know. In … [Read More...]


I went to the park, dogs, dogs, running everywhere, through the … [Read More...]

Clearing Out the Old

As far as the mind is concerned, if the old isn't cleared out, there won't … [Read More...]

Being Human is Spiritual

To understand spirituality one’s humanness must be embraced because it’s in … [Read More...]

“What a long strange trip it has been” – The Hidden Gifts of the Heart

Well, I didn’t make it in time to write my December 2014 Blog, but I … [Read More...]

From the Heart

When life is lived from the head, there’s all kinds of self serving … [Read More...]


This book speaks of God’s goodness, his mercy, his grace, and his love for … [Read More...]

Seeing Clearly

When one is awake, it provides a clear view of one’s actions and the … [Read More...]

New beginning of the day

Starting a new day every morning, Thank you God taking care of me Starting … [Read More...]

Remembering Pleasure

Understanding the phenomenon of remembering is very important in breaking … [Read More...]

The Conniving Mind

Truly loving yourself is natural, but most minds are developed in such way … [Read More...]

A Created Reality

Finish this sentence: I am a ( ). The fill in the blank has just … [Read More...]

Natural State of Peace

There’s a natural state of peace that’s experienced when one stops doing … [Read More...]

The Sixth Step: Entirely Ready

We’re entirely ready to cooperate with Universal Energy so our behavior … [Read More...]

Blinders of Ignorance

People do what they do without any awareness whatsoever of why it is done … [Read More...]

Repeated Mind Patterns

The repeated Conditioned Mind Patterns can be devastating if they’re … [Read More...]

Three Mental Factors

Wisdom arises when one is fully mindful because the distractions of the … [Read More...]

Everything Affects Everything

Everything affects everything. When aversion is directed towards one its … [Read More...]

A Silence Alone

When words are used to try and convince others a certain way is right, its … [Read More...]

A Lady On The Bridge

The following sonnet is a sample selection from my upcoming second book of … [Read More...]

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