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An “Aha Moment” Shift

Everyone has an “aha moment” that shifts their view of life, but the mind has to be settled if one is to be aware of this. The question is if there isn’t awareness, what’s going to done so the next … [Read More...]

Getting Out of a Rut

To be stuck in a rut doesn't just occur, it takes time and repetitive mind patterns to create it. It goes deep in the subconscious and will take a mind that is very settled to get out of it. For one … [Read More...]



Balance in an Imbalanced World

Climbing Pikes Peak last summer, I discovered a trail marker I'd never known before.  Called Cairns, they're stacked rocks that mark the trail.When I first noticed them, I thought they were merely … [Read More...]

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence How do science and spiritually offer evidence of oneness? Objective: Growth in compassion and emotional freedom. The following excerpt was included … [Read More...]

Visit to the North on Dec. 24

My antisipated drive to the North The pines lined the road  Snow banks piled high Sky so blue the air crisp and fresh The sun glissened  dazzled the eyes Millions of crystals on top Of … [Read More...]

A Soulful Awakening   In August of 2012, amidst the magnificent mountains of Whistler British Columbia Canada, Stephanie Banks, misjudged her surroundings and narrowly avoided death as … [Read More...]

Mom’s Lessons

I learned  from her to be strong To work hard or nothing would be gained Hold my head up be a lady with some grace Mom  always had a joke to tell a smile upon her face Be kind to others … [Read More...]

I Do Not Want To Leave You

Sweet man of kindness and charm Need to make some income so I can come home to stay I love your smile and tender gentle touch The laughter and dreams we share I hope that you are waiting When I return … [Read More...]

Rewards Program

When a rewards system is put in place to live life by, it makes for a reward to always be needed. When we do certain deeds are we not looking to possibly get a better seat in heaven or move up on the … [Read More...]

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The Eleventh Step: Harmony

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our consciousness of … [Read More...]

Enslaved By One’s Own Lies

One can't claim to know truth if they don't understand what it is to be a … [Read More...]

Compromised Freedom

When the Conditioned Mind is in control, ones freedom is compromised. No … [Read More...]

Loving God Back

Nothing more is needed in life than to allow the opening of our heart so we … [Read More...]

Beyond Attachment

There’s a higher self that’s always there, waiting. When one understands … [Read More...]

No Real Pleasure

Just about everything that's done is to satisfy some pleasure from within, … [Read More...]

Acceptance to Move On

One can only act in the ways that are inside. A trigger activates the … [Read More...]

Called By God

Why do people treat you wrongly? Who are you that the universe would spend … [Read More...]

Trusting the Way Things Are

There's the one who exist with all the mind made concepts and beliefs, but … [Read More...]

Assigned Roles

When existence is based on the roles that we ourselves or society assigns, … [Read More...]

I am a person

I am a personCopyright (Trisha Mary Duffy 2013)I sit in this doorway day … [Read More...]

Generosity Generates

Normal 0 false false false … [Read More...]

The Love of Jesus

The love of Jesus is the love of our own heart, but if the human self is … [Read More...]

The Spell of the Conditioned Mind

When one is under the spell of the Conditioned Mind they behave in ways not … [Read More...]

The Heart Loves

An I perspective interrupts the cohesive flow that one has with life … [Read More...]

Habitual Reactions

Ones habitual reactions can be devastating if not understood. The … [Read More...]

What’s in a Label

Think of this, everything you have labeled up to this point in your life … [Read More...]

An Awakened View

Awakening from the dream of an egoic I is as if an entirely new view of the … [Read More...]

Thought Created Delusions

Separation from each other only occurs if one is controlled by the … [Read More...]

The Space of I Am

I Am, it is everything yet it is nothing. It is so simple, but it’s missed … [Read More...]

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It’s All A Matter of Perspective

It's All A Matter Of Perspective Imagine two people One … [Read More...]

Do you know

Another poem I wrote about my mental and physical torture in an abused … [Read More...]

Endless Possibilities

The openness to endless possibilities manifest when there's no past labels … [Read More...]

Healing Bird

Healing Bird   Healing Bird share with me your color which is made out … [Read More...]

Stand Still

Stand Still   You must stand still, silent, and then just wait. Wait … [Read More...]

Meditating Along the Ohio

To paraphrase Heraclitus, one cannot meditate by the same river … [Read More...]


As he looks at his past From the photos of despair He opened his heart … [Read More...]

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Wind gusts push cold snow Across the ridge, settling As a … [Read More...]

Dear Husband Of Mine

How I wish for a peaceful day.  My head spins like the ferris wheel at the … [Read More...]


 SOUNDSI love the sound, of the morning dove,when he calls his mate in … [Read More...]

Reach for the Heart

wandered lonely for moments uncounted, not on the sky   but on this … [Read More...]

Thank you

I thought I would die, if I stopped living a lie To used to staring up at … [Read More...]

Ta Panta (The Re-Enchantment of Chaos)

It's all imaginary it's all real it's all ephemeral all … [Read More...]

The light shines in

There is a crack That passes through my soul It caused … [Read More...]

Who Is This Man Called Jesus

This is a poem that ask the question, Who Is This Man Called Jesus and … [Read More...]

Pearls of the Poverty

The roadway was all deserted, Street lights making images, Some were of … [Read More...]

Celestial Dance

To Dance The Dance Forgotten By Time To Touch The Edge Of Rippled … [Read More...]

Angel Wing Songs

Trees wave in the gentle breeze Winds whisper as the angels wings Move … [Read More...]

Abstract Heart

when I look at you, im looking at an abstract piece of arta very strong … [Read More...]

Call of the Goddess

I hear her calling, her voice like a siren's song. I know I am not the only … [Read More...]

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