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I Am Just Me!

You just stay being you! Honest and open Keeping it real and simple! Open hearts sharing Nothing fake no masks I am just me! You keep being you! Flaws excepted We are not perfect Perfection is a … [Read More...]

Gentle Giants

The Lord sent  two gentle giants Into my life when it was full of heartache and strife My husband left for the Heavens without saying good-bye Leaving debts and everything unfinished Stress of … [Read More...]

Exploring Passion

What is passion? A desire? A want? A knowing of something? A hearts whisper? Gods teaching intuition feeling? Unforgetable wonderous moments? That something that makes you smile? That feeling in your … [Read More...]

Getting Out of a Rut

To be stuck in a rut doesn't just occur, it takes time and repetitive mind patterns to create it. It goes deep in the subconscious and will take a mind that is very settled to get out of it. For one … [Read More...]

Here I am

Have you ever had a moment where you realized you were denying a big part of yourself? Over the past few days I've begun to realize how much I deny my fear of being vulnerable. I am starting to shine … [Read More...]

Dear Husband Of Mine

How I wish for a peaceful day.  My head spins like the ferris wheel at the local fair.  Tears run down my cheeks like a spring with no end.  You went to the Heavens without saying good-bye.  I wear a … [Read More...]

I Believe

I believe in you I believe in me I believe in us I  believe in love I believe in honesty I believe in trust Things in common that brought Us together To live, love, laugh Together sharing … [Read More...]

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence How do science and spiritually offer evidence of oneness? Objective: Growth in compassion and emotional freedom. The following excerpt was included … [Read More...]

introducing kids to meditation

When I first considered introducing meditation to children I had a hard time believing it was possible. How could I get these kids who were running around and bouncing off the walls to sit still with … [Read More...]

Lost In The North On Christmas Eve

It was a cold night far in the North The snow was twiring and swirling Before it hit the ground I could barely see the road ahead The snow pelting against the windshield Starring at the endless … [Read More...]

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excerpt from “The Book of Truth”

The creation of chaos magnifies the lessons we are in need of learning. We … [Read More...]

A Cornerstone of Love

You don't have to hope to do the right thing when the cornerstone of your … [Read More...]

Putting Limits in Place

One is truly bound by nothing but by what one's own mind puts in place. So … [Read More...]

Investigate the Cause

Life can be endured with the hope that by some miracle it will be changed, … [Read More...]

“Capture The Wind”

Capture the wind with the sails of your heart, And fly to the destiny that … [Read More...]


No more... proclamation for a key salvation... with gravitational truths … [Read More...]

Don’t compare

I know we're always telling ourselves and each other not to compare who we … [Read More...]

A Heart Fully Opened

The cause of any seeking is the absence of love which closes ones heart. … [Read More...]

A False Comfort Zone

Although it's not surprising why one would create a so called comfort zone … [Read More...]

Love Reveals Truth

Truth is known when one truly loves and love can only truly be known when … [Read More...]

Emma Cooper – Part Three

"Most of my friends are like you, Emma." Ben’s voice came from behind … [Read More...]

Mind, Body and Spirit Unison

Mind, body, and spirit, if there’s a deficiency in any one of these areas … [Read More...]

A Projected Reflection

What one sees in the mirror is a projection of one’s heart. If it’s blocked … [Read More...]

It’s Monday Only in Your Mind

In stillness all truth is revealed. The truth of existence can only be … [Read More...]

Bridges or Walls? Choosing The Stones We Are Given

As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, my … [Read More...]

No Isness in I

Trying to describe the isness of I is like trying to describe the watchness … [Read More...]

The Whisper of the Heart: (Revised)

There's a whisper of the night that's from the stillness of our heart. This … [Read More...]

Tales from the Secret Cottage

Hello to all from the land beyond our Secret Cottage! We have enormous … [Read More...]

Self Associated Reactions

History repeats itself because its whats in place. If there wasn't self … [Read More...]

Confusion will be my Epitaph

The eden which we live in or the world. Is in a state of confusion. … [Read More...]

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Wither in Peace

 a red folded layered pettalled form   tender sweetly soft … [Read More...]

God’s Promises Never Fail

This poem tells of God's promises to us.  God never changes, he remains the … [Read More...]


SLOW DANCE ME:   My life on earth is near on done, so please,  Slow … [Read More...]

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", … [Read More...]


THE PSYCHOLOGICAL COMPOST HEAP   Our minds will often clutter-up with … [Read More...]


This book speaks of God’s goodness, his mercy, his grace, and his love for … [Read More...]

Winds of Change

I am the winds of change, the point between day and night. The cool … [Read More...]

Kali Ma – Kali Me

  The pain and rage of a million sorrows I carry within my breast As … [Read More...]

Canadian Winter Sight

Gentle dusting of snow flakes falling from the heavens, Floating endlessly, … [Read More...]

Womans Whisper

I am a woman of faith I  am a woman of grace Strong and wise Through … [Read More...]

Come Back

Come Back EgoWhirls around me, like a hurricaneIn search of its … [Read More...]

Your Glass

Push through your glass into the cold dim world where our lifetime still … [Read More...]

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Tomorrow is my birthday, it's yet another blessing. Tomorrow is my … [Read More...]

To you My Friend !

You are the friend who is always there and will always care. Who have … [Read More...]

Dead Man Walking

"Is this where my life has come?" I said "I'm afraid so"  he … [Read More...]

A Thought

T o the Wounded A bandage applied Is but a bandage But a bandage applied … [Read More...]

Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw Many of their pictures show a rainbow in … [Read More...]

Myriad voices

Among the myriad voices A lonely head spins Like a merry-go-round Trying to … [Read More...]

Weave the twine of your life

Weave the twine of my life between power and love let the shuffle flow … [Read More...]

Just A Dream

As I sat looking out the window The white airy flakes fell from the heavens … [Read More...]

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