findingOurWings-3DCheck out Spiritual Writers Network’s latest contest book!

Finding Our Wings: A Collection of Angelic Stories and Poems

This book is a compilation of the winning submissions from our latest writing contest for publication.

Congratulations to the 37 authors and poets who make up this divinely inspired collection:

Diane Bell, Tonia Brown, Vicki J. Cypcar, Mary Frances Fisher, Krista Gawronski, Giuliana Melo, Louise Huey-Greenleaf, Joan Genske, Cheryl Denise Chandler, Georgia A. Hubley, Barbara Harris, Lore Raymond, Kelley Smith, Alex Treglazoff~Dober, Dr. D. Leon Pippin, Karen Erlichman, Emily L. Pippin, Susanne E. Steinel, Wyshika Gibson, Betty Whitaker Jackson, Camellia Stadts, Laura Silvina, Amy Bryant, Joanne Mills, Lisa Wells, Linda A. Mohr, Barbara Collins, Vicky Mitchell, Janet R. Sady, David DeWolf, Bernadette Price, Katie Golby, Debbie Quigley, Chaya Rosen, Susie Tierney, Kev Milsom

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Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", "prison", for ALL Eternity? I think the answer is "free will". Do I not "give and take away", being my own "editor", when I … [Read More...]

I Believe

I believe in you I believe in me I believe in us I  believe in love I believe in honesty I believe in trust Things in common that brought Us together To live, love, laugh Together sharing … [Read More...]

Writing My Heart Out

Writing my heart out matters to me. It might also matter to you.    When I release the voices that speak, life opens up and speaks volumes. I am many times blown away at how far I have come, … [Read More...]

Celebrating Life

Everything exist because of Universal Love. Life is the Universe’s celebration in the manifestation of our human form and love is our true nature. To awaken to this is to awaken to the … [Read More...]

Excerpt from “Whispers of Hope”

1. Hands   “The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” Anne Frank   I do not remember when I stopped believing in fairy tales. If family photos are an indicator, … [Read More...]

Joy in the Mourning

  Joy in the Mourning I recently attended a five day mind-body-spirit intensive workshop hosted by a beloved friend and gifted Spiritual mentor. At its conclusion each attendee was to stand at … [Read More...]

Are You Okay?

Are you okay? Are you alright? Questions asked when loved one is gone. Your house feels empty Your soul is blue The same questions asked over and over again? Dreams you shared once gone like the … [Read More...]

More Than a Person: I AM…

More than a Person: I AM (The first definition for persons is): (per·son)   “noun \ˈpər-sən\ : A human being : A person who likes or enjoys something specified Law: the body or clothing … [Read More...]

Every Acorn is An Oak Tree

Every acorn doesn’t become an oak tree, but every acorn does have the potential to become an oak tree, and what it’ll take for this transformation to occur has to be cultivated. Although … [Read More...]

Being Alone

A simple protected life Keeping walls around your heart! Listening to the sounds of your own voice Drying your own tears Simple and protected it seems to be Being alone! It seems to me Not the way it … [Read More...]

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Check out Spiritual Writers Network's latest contest book! Finding Our … [Read More...]

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A Father’s Love

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What Could Be

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In Stillness is Trust

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Present Reality

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An Imagined Identity

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Thank you Dad

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Limited Heights in Place

One is truly bound by nothing but what ones own mind creates. So we only … [Read More...]

Caring More For Others

Truth will be known when life is aligned to be a benefit to all beings. And … [Read More...]

Turning on the Light

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Reacting From Within

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Love Serving Energy

No matter what's attained in life, it's never truly lived until there is … [Read More...]

Tales from the Secret Cottage

Hello to all from the land beyond our Secret Cottage! We have enormous … [Read More...]

Universally Satisfied

The Universe produces much different noise than the created noise that … [Read More...]

Strive for the finish line: keep in the presence of the saints.

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Breaking the Chain of Ignorance

Ignorance has been in place for many years and although one should never … [Read More...]

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Song – I Am a Survivor

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It was about 12 PM, you might say midnight, I lay looking my … [Read More...]


Communion   Life sustaining clear Moisture in a droplet rolls Down … [Read More...]


He followedAnd abandoned.He servedAnd retreated.He worshipedAnd … [Read More...]

The Road Within

The Road Within Every way I've turned  each twisted road that I have … [Read More...]

Lost Heart

A heart beats with sadness The grip of  loneliness accepted Missing … [Read More...]

Reflections of Love and Forgiveness

As I look in the mirror .... the bronze copper image reflected carries the … [Read More...]

A Father’s Day Poem

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Happy Second Birthday to My Son on 26th November 2014!

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Lady of the Dark

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  Fractal       Our rate of knowing   Is out of … [Read More...]


Our lives are like the clouds,little vapors in the sky,we hang around … [Read More...]


As he looks at his past From the photos of despair He opened his heart … [Read More...]

Boston Strong

On Boylston Street, there are two soul stemmed orange blooms. Around the … [Read More...]


No more... proclamation for a key salvation... with gravitational truths … [Read More...]

White Feathered Horse

White Feathered Horse   On the wings of the white feathered horse I … [Read More...]

Stretching Out

Take my hand, Lord I'm reaching, My arm extended Barely able to touch you. … [Read More...]

The Lord Picked Up My Hand

Placed a pen between my fingers For ink to touch each page To share parts … [Read More...]

a drunkard of the spirit

tipsy tock tipsy tock falling and getting up  for the power of the … [Read More...]

Angel Healing

Angel healing You have been working hard my friend,I have seen you from … [Read More...]

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