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Heart Intentions

A message of consciousness to a mostly unconsciousness world will likely result in many unconscious responses, but to stay the course is to know your intentions and actions are from your heart. What … [Read More...]

The Elusive Present Moment

The body anchors one in the present moment, so when this alignment occurs there’s harmony, but if the body isn’t used as an anchor, the mind continues its grasp for objects and the present … [Read More...]

A Created Void

The Conditioned Mind creates a lie of a void, the heart understands this as emptiness, until this is realized, one will constantly need to reach for something to try and fill a void that doesn’t … [Read More...]

About Truth and Music

Someone told me recently that in Indian classical music the whole performance is stopped if there is just one instrument even slightly out of tune. Even if there is the most minute discrepancy … [Read More...]

Excerpt from “Whispers of Hope”

1. Hands   “The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” Anne Frank   I do not remember when I stopped believing in fairy tales. If family photos are an indicator, … [Read More...]

Selfishness Reinforced

If we are to ever unite as a people, the selfish energy in place will have to fall away, if it doesn’t the energy that makes an adult a foot stomping baby will continue to be reinforced. We are … [Read More...]

Leave the Past in the Past

If you keep bringing the past into the present, the past will be where you live your life. Why this is unfortunate is because all of one’s emotional pain of the past will also be carried into … [Read More...]

The Centennial Meeting of Optimism & Pessimism

The time came, once again, for the centennial meeting of optimism and pessimism. Their place at this juncture was a bench on the edge of a great city, backing upon a national park that held many … [Read More...]

The Jewel Within

A person doesn’t wake up because something from the outside shakes them, it occurs because the jewel within is discovered; everyone has this jewel in their possession. When a person has a shift … [Read More...]

Going beyond fear to “name the process”: A way forward in this troubled world?

Last week I went to see my local football club, Chesterfield FC playing at home in a local ‘derby’ against Doncaster Rovers. At the end of the match, I was leaving the stadium along with a couple of … [Read More...]

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Manifesting Desire

Yesterday I was thinking about how I wanted some large gold circular earing … [Read More...]

False Role Model

Attaching to people who achieve some worldly status is only needed by those … [Read More...]

The Dance

Did you know every song longs to be heard; every poem read? Every painting … [Read More...]

An Awakened View

Awakening from the dream of an egoic I is as if an entirely new view of the … [Read More...]


            … [Read More...]


DAWN   In my life there was darkness  a sort-of, a shroud That … [Read More...]


      Consciousness   A sudden shock to be then no … [Read More...]

Accept What Occurs

Its not the secrets of the Universe that allows for peace, its the simple … [Read More...]

What Do I Need To Know Today

What do I need to know today? Several years ago that questioned just … [Read More...]

Tools of the Spirit

For one to become aware of the spirit within so one’s given life is lived … [Read More...]

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown.

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown. In reference to … [Read More...]

Selfishness Reinforced

If we are to ever unite as a people, the selfish energy in place will have … [Read More...]

The Forgiveness Story

Regardless of what’s done that makes one think forgiveness is needed, … [Read More...]

Searching for IT

Many are searching for something, but don’t really know what it is. … [Read More...]

Conscious and Zen Again

CONSCIOUS   Don't hang in shame that sunny face whose congruence is no … [Read More...]

Gifts to Benefit Others

Having a useful life is being aware of the gifts one has and utilizing them … [Read More...]

Serving One Master

The master that’s served is the one that rules life. Be it from the head … [Read More...]

Called By God

Why do people treat you wrongly? Who are you that the universe would spend … [Read More...]

To Desire is Human

Our walk of life is not one of a made up perfection where it has to be the … [Read More...]

Better Than Myself

There's only ourselves that we have to be better than because it's only … [Read More...]

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Daddy’s Hand

 A hazel eyed man gazed down  At his little bundle of … [Read More...]

There Is One

There is One who catches my breath One who sees deep within the walls I … [Read More...]

Enough is Enough!

There are some people in life those who use words to hurt others The pain … [Read More...]


Layers of years Marred By the rise and fall Of creeks and rivers Leave … [Read More...]


The sun sinks in the west, singling the end, of another blessed day. A … [Read More...]

Still Not Goodbye

That day was just any other day, Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]

God Helps Caregivers

God understands caregivers work of love Getting up the crack of dawn … [Read More...]


          Something infiltrates in … [Read More...]

The Core

The Core    Everybody has a core:  It's an acute … [Read More...]

Flower Power

  Flower Power       Smooth, softly tender   Pale … [Read More...]

Going on…

“Ya he hold it openly They sky cannot let go if me Chosen, then they … [Read More...]

Jesus Our Greatest Example

This is a poem that tells us that Jesus is our greatest example of how we … [Read More...]

Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw Many of their pictures show a rainbow in … [Read More...]

Finding peace in chaos

Whatever did I say Whatever did I do To make you feel this way? I am … [Read More...]

Pearls of the Poverty

The roadway was all deserted, Street lights making images, Some were of … [Read More...]


To feature your poetry on this site, please REGISTER and create a free … [Read More...]

Beware of Mark of Beast!

A dragon with seven heads with seven crowns and ten horns will appear He … [Read More...]

The Weaving Pond

The weaving pond   The weaving pond within me sleeps The weaving … [Read More...]

Reflections of Love and Forgiveness

As I look in the mirror .... the bronze copper image reflected carries the … [Read More...]


The night was long, And the pain was strong, It seemed like an endless … [Read More...]

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