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Elite Writers Mastermind™ Program!

1As many of you know, I’ve been working on the Elite Writers Mastermind™ Program for several months. It’s with great pleasure I announce that registration is now open for this exclusive group!

Find out if the NEW Elite Writers Mastermind™ Program is right for you…

If you have an unbridled passion for writing…

And a story or a message to share with the world, this group is for YOU! You may be plagued with many questions as you travel along your writing and publishing journey. Many aspiring writers feel alone in their quest to be published. There is so much information (overload!) available to us online. How do you navigate through it all? What information can you trust? There is no better way to reach your goals than to belong to an Elite Mastermind group who helps, supports and promotes you and your work each step of the way!

When you belong to the Elite Writer’s Mastermind, you can learn and enjoy the connections and support from anywhere on the planet. You will be able to network and brainstorm with colleagues and facilitators with one click. Enjoy online guest lectures and interviews with best-selling authors. Everything at your fingertips!

What does the Elite Writers Mastermind™ Program entail?

*A monthly tele-class covering a unique topic pertaining to writing and/or publishing. This could be anything from an author interview with a best-selling author, insider marketing secrets from a top guru, or simply a Q&A call where YOU can pick our brains for an hour. The sky’s the limit and we have plenty of surprises and bonuses in store!

*Access to an exclusive private Facebook group available ONLY to the participants of 15735373_sthe Elite Coaching and Mastermind Program. This is a place to brainstorm, collaborate, network and receive feedback with other writers and authors. You could be asked to beta-read for each other, exchange book reviews, share your experiences while learning from the experiences of other like-minded writers.

*Unlimited bonus materials are added weekly such as: freelance writing jobs, publishing opportunities, writing prompts and inspirations to help you along the way. You will also receive the benefit of writing tips, marketing strategies…and so much more!

*Publishing opportunities added regularly. This means first dibs at OptiMystic Press publishing opportunities before they are released to the general public as well as writing contests and other publishing opportunities we access!

*Connections! You’ll gain access to our rolodex of business contacts—everyone from editors, to graphic designers, to podcasters, and much more. In this business, it’s all about who you know!

Are you ready to get started??? Click HERE to register or to gain more information about this exclusive membership!

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Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence How do science and spiritually offer evidence of oneness? Objective: Growth in compassion and emotional freedom. The following excerpt was included … [Read More...]

Please Allow Me!

When I am old and my body frail If tubes keep me alive instead of breathing on my own Please allow me to go home! I know you love me and do not want me to leave! We cannot live forever as you know If … [Read More...]



I am not a very religious man but I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. I do believe in miracles and praying. As far as Angels go I always thought they were just in Heaven. I had never seen one but … [Read More...]

Endless Possibilities

The openness to endless possibilities manifest when there's no past labels associated with doing what's in front of you. The Universe provides possibilities with an open heart that's not living in the … [Read More...]

wedding ring

Little Gold Band

A lady stared down at her hand On a warm and sunny day At  the band her husband put on her hand On their wedding day The little band glissened Small diamonds twinkled back at her As she stared at her … [Read More...]

Soul writing

The Tarnish in Forgiveness.

Forgiveness. A word that looks great on paper. A word that when spoken, soothes the heart. However, because we live in a world that is enforced by the nature of duality, I cant help but do what I do … [Read More...]


Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw Many of their pictures show a rainbow in the sky The rainbow is full of colours in God's unique design When I think of the rainbow and the strips of colours it … [Read More...]

Undying Love

His  eyes know what  you think Without saying a word His  hands the ones You love to hold A place of friendship Honesty and Trust The missing piece felt When you are apart The person that makes you … [Read More...]

Are You Okay?

Are you okay? Are you alright? Questions asked when loved one is gone. Your house feels empty Your soul is blue The same questions asked over and over again? Dreams you shared once gone like the … [Read More...]

Lost In The North On Christmas Eve

It was a cold night far in the North The snow was twiring and swirling Before it hit the ground I could barely see the road ahead The snow pelting against the windshield Starring at the endless … [Read More...]

Changing choices

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown.

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown. In reference to plagiarism, one article said it best in a simple statement, “Plagiarism is an equal opportunity transgression.”(Di Pierro, … [Read More...]

I Believe

I believe in you I believe in me I believe in us I  believe in love I believe in honesty I believe in trust Things in common that brought Us together To live, love, laugh Together sharing … [Read More...]


Live Alive!

  I recently came across a post on Pinterest with a quote many of us have seen before. The pin said, “Do it afraid.” For so long this made sense to me. How would we ever do anything … [Read More...]


A Soulful Awakening Excerpt

Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about a year and a half ago. It is one of our favorites and one that I’m grateful and excited to share. Happy reading and … [Read More...]

Gentle Giants

The Lord sent  two gentle giants Into my life when it was full of heartache and strife My husband left for the Heavens without saying good-bye Leaving debts and everything unfinished Stress of … [Read More...]

butterfly and eye

Time Is

A moment A smile A touch A word A memory Time is a gift Time is now Time is a minute Time is an hour Time is months and years Time is now! Time is life each second Each day Each moment and memory Make … [Read More...]

Holy Spirit Filled and Led

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", "prison", for ALL Eternity? I think the answer is "free will". Do I not "give and take away", being my own "editor", when I … [Read More...]

CG4 2012

Be Amazing

Simply Amazing A Chinese proverb reads, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  I love that wisdom of life’s journey and we can all agree on its truth.  But what happens when … [Read More...]

Daddy's Hand photo

Daddy’s Hand

 A hazel eyed man gazed down  At his little bundle of joy Chubby cheeks eyes of blue Stared back He reached his hand down in the little bed A tiny little hand reached up She … [Read More...]

Whispers of Hope

Excerpt from “Whispers of Hope”

1. Hands   “The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” Anne Frank   I do not remember when I stopped believing in fairy tales. If family photos are an indicator, … [Read More...]



The Precipice

There is no hardness in us Except for deluded egos call So draw near to the … [Read More...]

A Mind In Conflict – A mind At Peace

A mind in conflict tortured, twisted, tormented. Divide and fight the enemy … [Read More...]


A Season of Wisteria

You are gone. But once you were there. Once, back then, you covered me with … [Read More...]


Communion   Life sustaining clear Moisture in a droplet rolls Down … [Read More...]

Experience Life in Poetry Volume One Cover

Experience life in a new way – First volume in poetry series released

I am excited to have just released the first book in my Experience … [Read More...]

Holy Spirit Filled and Led

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", … [Read More...]

The Listener

The Listener By Terry Roice   I heard what they said When they … [Read More...]

Life’s Choices

Life is a song unsung A play  not performed An untold story Life can … [Read More...]

my metaphysical and spiritual ebook

Here are both links where you can buy copies of my book Here is the Amazon … [Read More...]

Our Love

Our Love   See this golden summer Moon! So bright and full and … [Read More...]


Kali Ma – Kali Me

  The pain and rage of a million sorrows I carry within my breast As … [Read More...]

The Anima Initiation

The following poem was published by the Spiritual Writers Networkin a … [Read More...]


IN THE STILLNESS OF THE NIGHT   All was quiet on that far away … [Read More...]

Copy of CroppedButterfly .jpg


COCOONS We hid ourselves  swathed in our fleshy bandages So we could … [Read More...]

One fire, one flame

All this time we were looking around, searching all over the ground Trying … [Read More...]

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Tomorrow is my birthday, it's yet another blessing. Tomorrow is my … [Read More...]


S.A.D As rain cries teardrops Down the window pane I look out beyond At the … [Read More...]


excerpt from “The Book of Truths”

Rise and fall as all of us shall but always return to your roots that run … [Read More...]

White and Silent

It is white and silent  trees heavy laden with untouched snow,  a sky of … [Read More...]



Oh, what a beautiful morning,   Oh, what a lovely day,   God has … [Read More...]


Banner Flag

Bigger yet and bigger still My craft sells fortitude and weeps onion To the … [Read More...]


Grateful Me

All this talk of Abundance and the Law of Attraction Has most people think … [Read More...]

You are my Angel

I am your Angelcopyright (Trisha Mary Duffy 2013)I know you hear me … [Read More...]

Divine Presence On A Lonely Night

  The loneliness of the night,When creeps in by the bed-side,I can … [Read More...]

Tales of Jonathan

included in attachment … [Read More...]


      At twenty five we put on black painted our faces … [Read More...]

This Fall

This Fall   This fall We had cold rain, finally,  Barging in … [Read More...]

White Feathered Horse

White Feathered Horse   On the wings of the white feathered horse I … [Read More...]

rose glasses


lovelove is protecting,love is consuming.love is that kiss on your … [Read More...]


The Definition of Difference

“My existence from thoughts ~ into reality it comes~ unseen because … [Read More...]

amazing grace

Winds Of Change

I am a year older My husband has passed I trust my insticts Now like never … [Read More...]

Weeping Maiden

Weeping Maiden   Maiden in the forest deep sits and … [Read More...]

An Angel’s love

It must have been an Angel that spoke to me that dayshe said its time to … [Read More...]

Lord Teach Me to Count My Blessings

This poem reminds  us of how much God has blessed us, because … [Read More...]

Boston Strong

On Boylston Street, there are two soul stemmed orange blooms. Around the … [Read More...]

Stretching Out

Take my hand, Lord I'm reaching, My arm extended Barely able to touch you. … [Read More...]



Whirling blackness within my soulan emptiness that can never be filled.Love … [Read More...]


Healing loss

healing loss As a rose drops its petals I can see that the parting … [Read More...]

Someday Dreams

Someday is a popular word A word that holds our dreams Someday I will do … [Read More...]

1100 o’clock Panic

Sulphurous memories make me reek of you; dark alleys behind my eyes … [Read More...]

Sweet Serene

Sweet Serene    From the tendrils of your heart  Extend … [Read More...]


I AM Whatever I Am I Am the Fountain of Life I Am Love Unconditional I … [Read More...]

The old warrior

  All I ever wanted was to be seen as I am.   Like that serpent … [Read More...]



You used to be the first to know, the sun I looked for in each day. I have … [Read More...]

Growing Old

I am old,and turning grey,I forget a little more each day,so, forgive me if … [Read More...]


The Flowering

This poem is a reflection on a time of suffering in my life during which I … [Read More...]


To, My Valentine.

Holding your hand, Makes me forget all the … [Read More...]

A Lady On The Bridge

The following sonnet is a sample selection from my upcoming second book of … [Read More...]


The Beggar

And there he sat alone and withered, Tired, sad, No clothes, he … [Read More...]


Wind Whispers

Wind whispers love for today and hope for another day. A forgiving heart … [Read More...]


God is near, as I walk in the forest green, and when I sit by waters clear, … [Read More...]


MY GOD IS REAL Some people go from day to day, not thinking about … [Read More...]

The Door

Behind every man there is a door yes, a door he sometimes breaks in and … [Read More...]

Burden Free

A created perception becomes one's burden endured. When the endured burden … [Read More...]

Lost In The North On Christmas Eve

It was a cold night far in the North The snow was twiring and … [Read More...]


Broken Open.

It is ceaseless. And it is true what they say, there are always … [Read More...]


Hiding in darkness

The hidden story of Mother Earths Light, awakened to heal in the … [Read More...]

Faith In Dreams

Not Really Goodbye

That day was just another normal day, I was unaware i was not to … [Read More...]

Shine On

Shine on   A heart sighs in empathy As if, somehow, to revive the … [Read More...]

For Those Who Hurt On Fathers Day

  This Father’s day I ask you to listen to what I have to … [Read More...]


Winds of Change

I am the winds of change, the point between day and night. The cool … [Read More...]

Hello, it’s me!

They said it wasn’t true They said, “Don’t be so daft! There’s no such … [Read More...]


Today is sunny and very cold, I don’t enjoy winter, since I have got … [Read More...]

Zena (RIP)

Still Not Goodbye

That day was just any other day, Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]


It was late, late in the day; I got on the wheeler, and drove slowly on the … [Read More...]

Amy Bryant: Reflections of a Nubian Daughter

Reflections of Love and Forgiveness

As I look in the mirror .... the bronze copper image reflected carries the … [Read More...]

A True Need

A true need isn't something that's needed to fulfill some made up want or … [Read More...]

Citizens and the winter rains

Tender and shimmering,  The winter morning rains, Sudden---fierce, In … [Read More...]


Oceans in Oceans

surfacing rising floating in boundless bubbles holding heaving moving … [Read More...]

Winter Days

The day is snowy, The day is white, My deck roof collapsed, In the middle … [Read More...]

The Road Within

The Road Within Every way I've turned  each twisted road that I have … [Read More...]



Our lives are like the clouds,little vapors in the sky,we hang around … [Read More...]

Shaman tree

A Prayer to Self Love

Blessed Mother Father God, help me to forgive myself on every level. Help … [Read More...]

I Believe

I believe in you I believe in me I believe in us I  believe in love I … [Read More...]

If I Were a Bird

This is just a little poem that I wrote while I was in Primary School in N. … [Read More...]

Weave the twine of your life

Weave the twine of my life between power and love let the shuffle flow … [Read More...]

An Obsevation

The day is sunny, the day is cold, it chills my bones, more now since I am … [Read More...]

What flows in your veins???

Once upon a time, blood used to flow through my veins, It was tough being … [Read More...]


Wither in Peace

 a red folded layered pettalled form   tender sweetly soft … [Read More...]


Breathing, the heart slows…my body releases me.My mind now travels. … [Read More...]

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Here's the prologue from my new book, Out of the Sixties available in the … [Read More...]

positive thinking

6* i didn't want to be sick anymore, i made a decision not to allow a … [Read More...]

overcome addictions

Break Out!

Break Out!   On earth we learn that many circumstances and conditions … [Read More...]

The Eighth Step: Universal Love

Made a list of all persons we had harmed due to our self-centered behavior … [Read More...]

One Love

Your beauty is the sky Day or night, sun or moon, rainbow or cloudMy … [Read More...]

Two Ways to Live

Become the observer of life and be free, or not and stay entrapped to the … [Read More...]

Assigned Roles

When existence is based on the roles that we ourselves or society assigns, … [Read More...]

Practiced Results

Everything done in life has an associated practice. So the results of ones … [Read More...]

A Mistress’ Daughter

    When I was 12, I learned that I was a mistress’ … [Read More...]

Three Personas of Self

There are three personas to ones self, the story, the lie, and the truth. … [Read More...]

The Eyes of I

Simply put, when the eyes of I are the base of ones view in life, there … [Read More...]

A House of Cards

A house of cards needs very little mishap for the structure to fall and … [Read More...]

Words Are Just Words

Since my "Awakening" I have come to discover many new things, ideas, … [Read More...]

The Light Within

The Light Within by Diana Bellerose Link: http://amzn.com/1507571119 … [Read More...]

Random Thoughts

Don't fall prey to the belief that one has no control of their thoughts. It … [Read More...]

Think Not

Not many think they're wrong in what they think or thinking wouldn't be in … [Read More...]

white bird upside down

From Anxious to Confident

I’m sitting here and I just told myself to be anxious for nothing. I … [Read More...]

Swami Vivekananda says: – The word Hindu is a misnomer; the correct word should be a Vedantins, a person who follows the Vedas.

      Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru: - The word Hindu … [Read More...]

Trusting the Way Things Are

There's the one who exist with all the mind made concepts and beliefs, but … [Read More...]


Enlightenment is HERE. There is nowhere else. Enlightenment is NOW. There … [Read More...]

Unquestioned Assumptions

There’s a tug-of-war that occurs in most lives between an outer and inner … [Read More...]

People Who Need People

BS"D   When  I was about 12 yrs old, our family and other … [Read More...]

Truth is Love

Although it may seem as ones conflicts are with others, all conflicts are … [Read More...]

Exertion of Will

Most people have never developed tools that puts one in alignment with … [Read More...]

Prison is Prison

Prison is prison, maximum or minimum security makes no difference, it is … [Read More...]

Energy Transformed

One's transformation of energy from self serving to silence is not … [Read More...]

Response of Love

A conditioned belief used to respond to life occurrences, limits the amount … [Read More...]

Complete Trust

There is a love of the heart that is only known when there's trust in the … [Read More...]

Equally Created

If one puts others on a pedestal because they have a talent given to them … [Read More...]

The Settled Mind Sees

Truth is only seen when the mind is settled. The thought of truth is a … [Read More...]

A Storied Past

Story after story, going round and round in the head. He said she said, if … [Read More...]

We Are One

If one can't understand themselves, it will be impossible to understand … [Read More...]

A Surface View

The way life is viewed determines ones entire existence. When the view is … [Read More...]

What’s Within

Don't regret anything that's been done in the past because it's most likely … [Read More...]

butterflys and flowers in hand

Recipe Called Life

Mixed with sadness, loss and hope Spiced with many lessons Cups of wisdom … [Read More...]

Carrying a Message

When one awakens from the sleep and carries its message to others, the mess … [Read More...]

to reach God

Out-side of God

        God is Divine, He is Righteous, and He is Just in all His ways.  … [Read More...]

Addicted to Dependency

A person I know has been struggling with a dependency problem, the … [Read More...]

A Referenced Life

As long as the past is the reference point used to make our present moment … [Read More...]

Endless Possibilities

The openness to endless possibilities manifest when there's no past labels … [Read More...]

infinity w:hand of god

MARY MAGDALENE: Alternating Between 3D And Higher Dimensions

Part 3 of a MessageReceived by Mercedes KirkelOn July 21, … [Read More...]

It’s Monday Only in Your Mind

In stillness all truth is revealed. The truth of existence can only be … [Read More...]

Repetitive Quiet or Noise

If the Conditioned Mind isn't understood, it will be difficult for one to … [Read More...]

The Tool of Fear

Live in fear and everything that occurs in life will be from the mind, not … [Read More...]

God Brings the Harvest

Once the Seed is planted, the Lord will do the rest. Look at how well He … [Read More...]

Three Brothers with Three Sets of Eyes

There were once three brothers, brought up in the same house, but each with … [Read More...]

Establishing a Beneificial Center

Everyone has a center, but what's used to establish it is the key that … [Read More...]

The objective world-the world of names and forms-has no independent existence. The Atman alone has real existence. The world is only phenomenal.

      There is only one Reality to be known, the same for … [Read More...]


Layers of years Marred By the rise and fall Of creeks and rivers Leave … [Read More...]

Love Gives

Life is not a blessing because of what one gets, its a blessing because of … [Read More...]

A Fabricated Existence

A fabrication of existence is a fallacy made up by a Conditioned Mind. … [Read More...]

Nothing to Know

Understanding ones own mind leads to a knowing that there's nothing needed … [Read More...]


Yogi walt December 3 · the only thing important in my life is that i … [Read More...]

know yourself

स्वयं शिष्यता की धारा!

ज्ञान जीवन का आधार है और ज्ञान का आधार है शिष्यता। हमारी जिन्दगी में यह बात … [Read More...]

The Fifth Step: The Root

Identified the exact nature of our wrongs and the associated behavior that … [Read More...]

Available Resources

We can hope for the best in life or we can take control and find out what … [Read More...]


The light shines in

There is a crack That passes through my soul It caused … [Read More...]

Making Room

With ones mind, if the old isn't cleared out, there won't be any room for … [Read More...]

Marty Glickman – A Regretted Decision

When you regret something that happened many years ago, the understanding … [Read More...]

Learning to Listen

When one hears the silence, this will be the beginning of truly learning … [Read More...]

Creating Problems to Solve

An undisciplined mind has no filter. One's seemingly random thoughts aren't … [Read More...]

Universal Importance

Freedom from the bondage of our made up stories is only known in the space … [Read More...]

A Special Bond

Just because its mom doesn't mean its a perfect relationship, but the bond … [Read More...]

Burden Free

A created perception becomes one's burden endured. When the endured burden … [Read More...]


excerpt from “The Book of Truths”

Rise and fall as all of us shall but always return to your roots that run … [Read More...]

No Justified Judgements

From our judgements not only do we cause harm to ourselves, but we affect … [Read More...]


            … [Read More...]

the cosmos in flux

Confusion will be my Epitaph

The eden which we live in or the world. Is in a state of confusion. … [Read More...]

Three fold flame in lotus

MARY MAGDALENE: Finding The Inner Marriage

Part 4 of a Message Received by Mercedes Kirkel On July 21, … [Read More...]

Spiritual Stillness

All of life is a story until one day one awakens to the fact that it's not. … [Read More...]

Reinforcing I

There are two ways to view life, one is of I and one is of stillness. They … [Read More...]

Entrapped in Self

The price paid for not understanding ones own mind is a dependency on … [Read More...]

Subtle Conditioning

Our own mind is our prison as it is also our gateway to freedom. This is … [Read More...]


One of my favourite UK-based TV comedies over the last 30 or so years was … [Read More...]

Labeling the Moment

Each moment only provides the setting for it to be labeled. When one says … [Read More...]

Writing Truth Can Hurt Yet It Is -One- of The -PassageWays- Home To The Heart

Writing Truth Can Hurt  Yet It Is -One- of The -PassageWays- Home To … [Read More...]

Created Challenges

Life happens, its not a doing. When its made into one it creates a … [Read More...]

Perfect Disciples

When we come to Christ, He lovingly accepts us as we are, baggage included, … [Read More...]


[Read More...]

Mindful of Each Moment

Why do you think one constantly lives in the past? Memories are used to … [Read More...]

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