The Journey of Transformation

The Journey of Transformation by Diana Bellerose Link: http://amzn.com/1493545051 … [Read More...]

Judging Separates

Seeing conditioned behavior for what it is doesn’t condone unloving behavior nor does it exalt loving behavior, it just allows one the understanding that a person can only act as the … [Read More...]

Projected Energy

The present moment is naturally free flowing because there’s no resistance, there’s no trying to make it different than what it is. Projected energy stops the flow because it’s based … [Read More...]

The Flame of “I”

One’s selfish flame of desire can become a destructive inferno if it’s not known what causes it to ignite. This is the fuel of “I” and it will have to be removed to prevent the … [Read More...]

Don’t Know Mind

In this life everything is impermanent, if you’re stuck in a “need to know mind” the door to true freedom will never be experienced because there’ll always be the thought that … [Read More...]

A Soulful Awakening

www.stephaniebanks.org   In August of 2012, amidst the magnificent mountains of Whistler British Columbia Canada, Stephanie Banks, misjudged her surroundings and narrowly avoided death as … [Read More...]

Head or Heart Living

Head (intellect) living knows love only through a story, heart living knows love through the peace that passes all understanding. The head will never understand what the heart knows intuitively. The … [Read More...]

The Stages of Life

The difference between learning from each stage of life and living it to its highest quality or being stuck in a stage where life is the same old same old, is breaking free from the lie of … [Read More...]

The Gift of Trauma

Freedom, Peace, and Love. The 3 gifts I was given nearly 3 years ago. The three most important things of my life, that I will never let anyone change or take from me. No-one or no thing, on earth … [Read More...]

Peace of What Is

Being sad because a loved one dies is natural. If one could just be with the sadness without tightening up like a closed fist, you would remain open and an I story wouldn’t come into play. Here … [Read More...]

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Thanksgiving in the Heart

 Abundant blessings seek To be known. Sent to give a peek To the … [Read More...]


Some gifts are large, some gifts are small, but it’s the thought that … [Read More...]

Over The Hill!

As I, look over the hill, everything lies, so quiet and … [Read More...]


  JUST THINKING! My old body is feeling ill, as I sit … [Read More...]

God Wiped Away The Other Tear

It was a cold, crisp day in February Two trucks and a head-on-crash That … [Read More...]

Beware of Mark of Beast!

A dragon with seven heads with seven crowns and ten horns will appear He … [Read More...]

Please Hold My Hand

Please hold my hand on my dying day If you need to share a tear I … [Read More...]


I wake up and I feel your presence all around me, smile in the knowledge … [Read More...]

The Eyes of a Child

A beach lit by the sun Every grain of sand Sparkling like a crystal A … [Read More...]

Dead Man Walking

"Is this where my life has come?" I said "I'm afraid so"  he … [Read More...]

Little Gold Band

A lady stared down at her hand On a warm and sunny day At  the band her … [Read More...]

Life Isn’t About Anything

Although we all have different experiences that are conveyed with words to … [Read More...]

Nature’s Entertainment

It was a hot summer's day in July The blue sky filled with the odd white … [Read More...]


I hear Your Voice in the rustling trees,I feel Your Touch as the grass … [Read More...]

A Drop In An Ocean

A DROP IN AN OCEAN These tears you cry were Ocean, once Your weary … [Read More...]


      He followed the cart - wheels from the ruts … [Read More...]

I am child of the goddess

I am child of the goddess   I am child of the goddess the goddess … [Read More...]


I went to the park, dogs, dogs, running everywhere, through the … [Read More...]

Still Not Goodbye

That day was just any other day, Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]


Awake, my mind awake! Meditate on God; His words and grace so freely … [Read More...]


To ...A Man   Does a man who shows his feelings   make him … [Read More...]

The Angel Heaven Forgot

Dearest Angel, sweet Light Bringer... you've been treated so … [Read More...]

Appreciated Friendship

A true friend can be hard to come by. Till the day I met you, and you … [Read More...]

Small Bouquet of Flowers

  I give you small bouquet of flowers that are not worth much. To let … [Read More...]

Mind, Body and Spirit Unison

Mind, body, and spirit, if there’s a deficiency in any one of these areas … [Read More...]

A Smile Nine-days-lasting

Who is she,this woman who bestowed upon me,underserving mortal man,a smile … [Read More...]

Quick To Judge

Don’t be too quick to judge. We all have a story to tell,  A story that … [Read More...]

When Jesus Knocks

This is a poem that tells what happens when Jesus knocks at the door of our … [Read More...]

Weave the twine of your life

Weave the twine of my life between power and love let the shuffle flow … [Read More...]

Awake For Life

Life is a journey a given gift, and it’s up to each individual to … [Read More...]

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Imperfect Perfection

There’s an underlining perfection to life that never changes. It’s the … [Read More...]


Have you ever wondered who invented the number zero? Can you imagine … [Read More...]

Unquestioned Assumptions

There’s a tug-of-war that occurs in most lives between an outer and inner … [Read More...]

The Unlimited Mind

The mind sees things through the vastness of itself which exposes the … [Read More...]

The Controlling Past

The past has so much control over ones life that until it is understood and … [Read More...]

Only One Truth

One's version of truth is a story that keeps one immersed in the lies … [Read More...]

Enticed to Cling

Although clinging is very subtle, eventually it leads to death and this is … [Read More...]

Harmony With Oneself

To be in harmony with life, there has to be harmony with oneself. But if … [Read More...]

Comparisons Separate

God can be likened to a made up story that arises because one compares life … [Read More...]

An Ordinary Awakening

Live in a way so it can be a benefit to others, but only in the sense that … [Read More...]

MARY MAGDALENE: Finding The Inner Marriage

Part 4 of a Message Received by Mercedes Kirkel On July 21, … [Read More...]


Happy Thanksgiving, not only for today, but for each and everyday because … [Read More...]

The Forgiveness Story

When it's understood that everyone no matter who it is, has been trained to … [Read More...]

Perfectly Imperfect

There can be as much peace in perfect health as there is in perfect … [Read More...]

MARY MAGDALENE: What Is Most Critical At This Time

Part 1 of a MessageReceived by Mercedes KirkelOn September 5, … [Read More...]

A Storied Self

A story needs a title to be created. We supply the titles of our stories … [Read More...]

The Ninth Step: Restitution

Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, but only with the … [Read More...]

A Fictitious Self

We don’t give names to wild animals, they’re categorized by … [Read More...]

Universal Intervention

The thinking mind has life all figured out, it creates whatever story one … [Read More...]

Attach Less, Suffer Less

Existence is and then one day it isn't. The more attached one is to it, the … [Read More...]

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

If one isn’t judging a book by its cover, it just may allow for the … [Read More...]

Look Within.

If you wish to find yourself                                         … [Read More...]


I AM Whatever I Am I Am the Fountain of Life I Am Love Unconditional I … [Read More...]

The Circle of Love

To be inside the circle of love, the heart must be unlocked and although … [Read More...]

Excerpt from a diary

I have lots to say, little to teach and much to share with you my friend … [Read More...]

Full Bloom

Happy first day of spring. The weather here in Seattle still feels like … [Read More...]

The Listener

The Listener By Terry Roice   I heard what they said When they … [Read More...]

Truly Living

Dependency in any form creates a prison to the bondage of self that blocks … [Read More...]

What’s Truly Needed

A true need isn’t something that fulfills some made up want or desire that … [Read More...]

Being Prepared

Without preparation, the constant pull of attachment will be the norm and … [Read More...]

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