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Spiritual Writers Network is currently undergoing a much needed revamp in 2015 to update website content and further broaden the stage for our writers.

While Spiritual Writers Network prides itself on being a free network for writers, the costly dedicated web hosting due to the high daily traffic the site receives has inspired us to add a new and exclusive tier to our free membership site.

Don’t worry, if Platinum Elite Membership is not for you, you will still be able to share your writing on our network and read the submission of other fellow SWN contributors by retaining a  free membership status.

The NEW Platinum Elite Membership will offer a premium level of membership for those wishing to access our new and improved private pages of the site, gain access into our NEW private Facebook group exclusive to Platinum members (this is a closed group where access is granted by invitation only), our updated resources page packed full of useful links and contacts to aid your writing and publishing journey, newly added freelance writing job board, and get early access to our contests and other exclusive offers.

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Replacing Death with the Beauty and Peace of Transformation

What is death? Well for a start, it isn’t simply the end of life itself. Death has many forms, including death of an appetite for living life in the true sense of really living. In this demanding … [Read More...]

Undying Love

His  eyes know what  you think Without saying a word His  hands the ones You love to hold A place of friendship Honesty and Trust The missing piece felt When you are apart The person that makes you … [Read More...]

Going beyond fear to “name the process”: A way forward in this troubled world?

Last week I went to see my local football club, Chesterfield FC playing at home in a local ‘derby’ against Doncaster Rovers. At the end of the match, I was leaving the stadium along with a couple of … [Read More...]

Twilight Meditation

  As we outgrow certain aspects of our lives, such as jobs, relationships, and ways of thinking, there is often a transition period to the new place we are heading for.  The time between the … [Read More...]


Full Bloom

Happy first day of spring. The weather here in Seattle still feels like winter. Last night after I got home I saw rain, sleet, hail and snow. My car was frozen this morning; I could hardly open my … [Read More...]


Breathe Life Into Your Book

“Follow your breath and it will lead you to your creative source.” – Michelle Berry Expressing your inner voice and inspiration through writing can be a challenge for us sometimes. This is especially … [Read More...]

CG4 2012

Be Amazing

Simply Amazing A Chinese proverb reads, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  I love that wisdom of life’s journey and we can all agree on its truth.  But what happens when … [Read More...]

on the verge

On The Verge

The past several weeks I have felt weepy.  I’m not sad nor am I highly distressed. It feels like the tears could drop at any moment. Yet when I try to cry nothing happens. Sure I’ve … [Read More...]

Holy Spirit Filled and Led

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", "prison", for ALL Eternity? I think the answer is "free will". Do I not "give and take away", being my own "editor", when I … [Read More...]


Kabbalistic Difference Between Writing in Third Person Narrative and First Person

Since the topic came up recently, I thought to include my responses here for the benefit of all. While this article references non-fiction, the difference between the two relates to fiction as … [Read More...]

Gentle Giants

The Lord sent  two gentle giants Into my life when it was full of heartache and strife My husband left for the Heavens without saying good-bye Leaving debts and everything unfinished Stress of … [Read More...]

Rewards Program

When a rewards system is put in place to live life by, it makes for a reward to always be needed. When we do certain deeds are we not looking to possibly get a better seat in heaven or move up on the … [Read More...]


My Dogs Became My Guides

Max & Pixy ,my earthly Angels !My dogs became my Guide. November 2005 When ever I use to sit for healing and meditation at times while my consciousness was ascending higher , I remember Max,my … [Read More...]

butterfly and eye

Time Is

A moment A smile A touch A word A memory Time is a gift Time is now Time is a minute Time is an hour Time is months and years Time is now! Time is life each second Each day Each moment and memory Make … [Read More...]

Joy in the Mourning

Joy in the Mourning

  Joy in the Mourning I recently attended a five day mind-body-spirit intensive workshop hosted by a beloved friend and gifted Spiritual mentor. At its conclusion each attendee was to stand at … [Read More...]


Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw Many of their pictures show a rainbow in the sky The rainbow is full of colours in God's unique design When I think of the rainbow and the strips of colours it … [Read More...]


Mom’s Lessons

I learned  from her to be strong To work hard or nothing would be gained Hold my head up be a lady with some grace Mom  always had a joke to tell a smile upon her face Be kind to others … [Read More...]

Here I am

Have you ever had a moment where you realized you were denying a big part of yourself? Over the past few days I've begun to realize how much I deny my fear of being vulnerable. I am starting to shine … [Read More...]


Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence

Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence How do science and spiritually offer evidence of oneness? Objective: Growth in compassion and emotional freedom. The following excerpt was included … [Read More...]

Be A Friend To You

You will find when you get older True friends are few You do not  have to look far You have yours  inside of you Be a friend to you! You look at her each morning In the mirror she looks … [Read More...]


If I Were a Bird

This is just a little poem that I wrote while I was in Primary School in N. … [Read More...]

True Sight

True Sight A glimpse, Quick, fleeting, but clear Technicolor Out of the … [Read More...]

The Snow Drift

The Snow Drift There is a large snow drift, In front of the large tree, The … [Read More...]

I am not a victim

Angel's have asked me to write this poem for everyone whose lives have been … [Read More...]

Winter Days

The day is snowy, The day is white, My deck roof collapsed, In the middle … [Read More...]

A Drop In An Ocean

A DROP IN AN OCEAN These tears you cry were Ocean, once Your weary … [Read More...]

Happy Second Birthday to My Son on 26th November 2014!

Your birthday takes me back to the past in my memories to the day when you … [Read More...]


A Thought

T o the Wounded A bandage applied Is but a bandage But a bandage applied … [Read More...]


“A Wait For a beautiful Sail”

My ship stands empty, Waiting at a shore,Where no one cares if it is … [Read More...]

Tell It To Jesus; He Alone Understands

This poem tells that there are times when we go through rough times in our … [Read More...]


The Key to My Happiness

The Key to my Happiness It broke my heart the day love died It broke my … [Read More...]



The colors are changing in hue as I stroke Mix a little of this, mix … [Read More...]

girl and angel

God Wiped Away The Other Tear

It was a cold, crisp day in February Two trucks and a head-on-crash That … [Read More...]

Ring of Truth

On a freezing solstice day love found a place within her heart, As it … [Read More...]

White and Silent

It is white and silent  trees heavy laden with untouched snow,  a sky of … [Read More...]

If yiu can do me one favour…

      If you can do me one … [Read More...]

Womans Whisper

I am a woman of faith I  am a woman of grace Strong and wise Through … [Read More...]

rose glasses


lovelove is protecting,love is consuming.love is that kiss on your … [Read More...]

Spiritual Peace (poem)

I find my place of spiritual peace Again, just when I feel I never … [Read More...]

Zena (RIP)

Still Not Goodbye

That day was just any other day, Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]

A promise to my children.

I promise to keep you safe in this place, I'll keep for calm in lifes rat … [Read More...]


A Hug from Archangel Michael

A Hug from Archangel Michael     “Here we go again,” … [Read More...]

Thanksgiving in the Heart

 Abundant blessings seek To be known. Sent to give a peek To the … [Read More...]

Front Porch

“Front Porch”

"Front Porch" Come sit a spell on the front porch swing We will play a game … [Read More...]


A Father’s Day Poem

A Father's Day Poem I looked at your photo on my mantelpiece today I really … [Read More...]


It was about 12 PM, you might say midnight, I lay looking my … [Read More...]


It was late, late in the day; I got on the wheeler, and drove slowly on the … [Read More...]

First Glance Attraction

Her heart had been closed like a spring flower bud The dark clouds had … [Read More...]

Be A Friend To You

You will find when you get older True friends are few You do not  have … [Read More...]


The beasts want out, my body tells me. All at once they seem to … [Read More...]

Through A Window Pane

It is early afternoon, about two PM; I am looking through the window pane, … [Read More...]

What Shall I Give My Lord This Day

  This poem asks the question: what can I a mortal being, give to the … [Read More...]


Grateful Me

All this talk of Abundance and the Law of Attraction Has most people think … [Read More...]

Rainy Days

I am reflecting, back to my younger days, that the rainy days, didn't stop … [Read More...]

When You Think Of Me

Think of the smell of a fresh bouquet of flowers A campfire crackling with … [Read More...]

Weeping Maiden

Weeping Maiden   Maiden in the forest deep sits and … [Read More...]


What is the right measure of love? Love will surely fade if there’s … [Read More...]


We Missed the Dawn

This meditation initially ran in The Wizard of Monadnock on June 11, … [Read More...]

‘The Human Condition’

‘The Human Condition’ With restless longing Amidst the clamour of our … [Read More...]

Life’s Choices

Life is a song unsung A play  not performed An untold story Life can … [Read More...]

Happy wedding Anniversary my Beloved Husband!

Our Anniversary reaming time to reflect on all the joy over the years Over … [Read More...]


I am sitting, sitting quietly, thinking about special things, how the … [Read More...]

Journey of Love

  Despite the interminable distance,in a brumous and sunny path Under … [Read More...]

Someone sees me

  "For those that loved me, there were always conditions,"For those … [Read More...]


  Imminent   I looked at the sky   Seeing black clouds … [Read More...]


    “Climate change is a fraud And global warming … [Read More...]

Winter snow

T'was the week before Christmas, The air was crisp, And it was cold. The … [Read More...]

Not To Fast And Not To Slow!

It was 7 in the morning,   I jumped on the old four … [Read More...]


Breathing, the heart slows…my body releases me.My mind now travels. … [Read More...]

Copy of CroppedButterfly .jpg


COCOONS We hid ourselves  swathed in our fleshy bandages So we could … [Read More...]


Be Here

Like the prudent mariner Never trust your fate To just one map, A … [Read More...]

Shaman tree

Fall Into

Fall into my arms For I have never left you There is a garden that sits … [Read More...]

I am child of the goddess

I am child of the goddess   I am child of the goddess the goddess … [Read More...]

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Wind gusts push cold snow Across the ridge, settling As a … [Read More...]

A Stroll With Uncle Free

Curse the blighters, curse them all. He had bled and sweat to see them … [Read More...]


A mango tree will give mango fruits, a banana tree will give banana fruits, … [Read More...]


Questioning thoughts

It seems to be that all hearts bleed ~ from careless words or thoughts and … [Read More...]

Kellie Newsome writer

Your Glass

Push through your glass into the cold dim world where our lifetime still … [Read More...]

A Raven Sang to Me

A raven came to me in a dream and sang to me. It was a song of things to … [Read More...]


WOLFSISTERS   Wolfsisters we are side by side walking the same … [Read More...]

What flows in your veins???

Once upon a time, blood used to flow through my veins, It was tough being … [Read More...]


While strolling through the woods today,I was awed by the beautyof … [Read More...]


As I sit,Looking over the hill,The air is cool,The air is still.Over the … [Read More...]

Myriad voices

Among the myriad voices A lonely head spins Like a merry-go-round Trying to … [Read More...]


The Beggar

And there he sat alone and withered, Tired, sad, No clothes, he … [Read More...]

One Love

Your beauty is the sky Day or night, sun or moon, rainbow or cloudMy … [Read More...]

Hear the voice of God

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE … [Read More...]

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel   Medicine Wheel of sacred powers teach me my place in … [Read More...]

Easy, and Egos

Easy never "comes and goes". Its visit's brief, and no one knows exactly … [Read More...]

feather pen and paper

My Wish For Today

The sun in my face, The wind at my back, A song in my heart, A pen in my … [Read More...]

My Tapestry Of Life

As the rains fall From the Heavens The tears I hold in my heart Another day … [Read More...]

A Beautiful Rose broken into many pieces

The tender loving bluebell shined in all its glory With the lightly yellow … [Read More...]

Boston Strong

On Boylston Street, there are two soul stemmed orange blooms. Around the … [Read More...]


sacred drum thumpingancient rhythms living eternallythroughout … [Read More...]


Oceans in Oceans

surfacing rising floating in boundless bubbles holding heaving moving … [Read More...]

A May Day

It is late in May,the leaves are green,the shy is grey,but it is still a … [Read More...]

The Anima Initiation

The following poem was published by the Spiritual Writers Networkin a … [Read More...]

To you My Friend !

You are the friend who is always there and will always care. Who have … [Read More...]



THE SCRIPT... Let it go, let it be, it was once yours, but it was … [Read More...]

A Piece Of Clay

God gave us each a piece of clay perhaps not doled out fairly Some got more … [Read More...]

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The Development of “I”

The greatest misgiving in one’s life is the development of “I”. It blocks … [Read More...]

bloom where your planted

Writing My Heart Out

Writing my heart out matters to me. It might also matter to … [Read More...]

End of Kaliyuga (Dark Age)

After much hyped Doomsday theory might not have been proven to be truth, as … [Read More...]

The Third Step: Commitment

Made a decision to practice aligning our will and our lives, to be in … [Read More...]

Know the Truth of Lies

Those who claim to know truth, but don’t understand the lie, remain a slave … [Read More...]

The Judgment Has Begun

  Poem: We should accept Gods gift of salvation, today, because we … [Read More...]

Natural Love

If one thinks being a bully or acting in ways that aren't based in love is … [Read More...]

Our Unique Route

Although we're the same in the way existence is entered and exited, our … [Read More...]


A Soulful Awakening Excerpt

Stef: This is an excerpt from A Soulful Awakening that was channeled about … [Read More...]

Hello, it’s me!

They said it wasn’t true They said, “Don’t be so daft! There’s no such … [Read More...]

I Am is I Am

I Am is I Am, anything added creates attachment to a role that doesn't … [Read More...]

One’s Right to Peace

Being at peace is ones right, but why isn't it always so? Being human … [Read More...]

The Eyes of I

Simply put, when the eyes of I are the base of ones view in life, there … [Read More...]

Honored Guest

We do what we think is needed to make a purpose of our life to better the … [Read More...]

Tools of Change

Tools are needed that cultivate what needs changing. They can change the … [Read More...]


One of my favourite UK-based TV comedies over the last 30 or so years was … [Read More...]


    “Climate change is a fraud And global warming … [Read More...]

Reflected Beauty

One's reflected inner beauty is a creation from the Universe, but for it to … [Read More...]

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm   I get an e-mail everyday … [Read More...]

Inwardly Complete

If one has an urging to change things, to know if the change is from the … [Read More...]

Expectation or Attachment

One can expect life to be anyway that it's wanted, but when it doesn't work … [Read More...]

Establishing a Beneificial Center

Everyone has a center, but what's used to establish it is the key that … [Read More...]

Results of Love

It is in the understanding that any spiritual practice should result in … [Read More...]


The Beggar

And there he sat alone and withered, Tired, sad, No clothes, he … [Read More...]

“Do We Know These Days Are Golden”?

Are we ready to choose to be part of a new awakening of the heart, soul and … [Read More...]

Using Things

When something from out there is locked into and is used as part of ones … [Read More...]


My Dogs Became My Guides

Max & Pixy ,my earthly Angels !My dogs became my Guide. November … [Read More...]

The Human Condition of Addiction

The human condition of addiction isn't limited to the labeled addict, it … [Read More...]

Stretching Out

Take my hand, Lord I'm reaching, My arm extended Barely able to touch you. … [Read More...]

A Referenced Life

As long as the past is the reference point used to make our present moment … [Read More...]


excerpt from “The Book of Truth”

The creation of chaos magnifies the lessons we are in need of learning. We … [Read More...]

Freedom to Choose

The difficulty of going through life without an understanding of how the … [Read More...]

Defining Moments

There are defining moments in life that expose truth, but this truth isn't … [Read More...]

Small Acts of Grace, Big Impact

Small Acts of Grace, Big Impact "Could you imagine what the world would … [Read More...]

Who’s the Selfish One?

   Who's the Selfish One?       By Cyndi … [Read More...]

Reinforcing I

There are two ways to view life, one is of I and one is of stillness. They … [Read More...]

One Mind

Watch how the same mind that creates is also the one that destroys. Think … [Read More...]

Subtle Awareness

The subtleness of how ones behavior affects others can only be understood … [Read More...]

Allow Life to Be

Freedom is allowing things to be as they are. The triggers to the things … [Read More...]

Accepting What’s There

What occurs in the moment can't be changed, but it can be accepted so ones … [Read More...]


Thank You Storm

I thought I was over him. I thought all the bridges were burnt. Little did … [Read More...]

Twin Flame 11 11 Pisces & Aquarius Testimony.

Like the coolness of snow at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to … [Read More...]

The Heart Loves

An I perspective interrupts the cohesive flow that one has with life … [Read More...]

Childhood fears experiences and trauma the path to subsequent freedom and emotional liberation

What exists beyond our preoccupation with “fear”? I posed this … [Read More...]

Sunrise over the Nile, Luxor, Egypt

Following the Breath from Horizon to Horizon

Every day we move through a process of waking up when the sun peeks over … [Read More...]

A Heart’s Urging

Wanting from the heart is from the urging of the moment of what is as … [Read More...]

No Explanation Needed

We are limited by our incessant need for explanations, but an understanding … [Read More...]

Compromised Freedom

When the Conditioned Mind is in control, ones freedom is compromised. No … [Read More...]

“I” Never Has Enough

It is the energy of love that sustains an abundant life. Without love one … [Read More...]

Open Hands

Lost Purpose

Why am I here? Where is humanity going as a whole? What is the fate of the … [Read More...]


Be Here

Like the prudent mariner Never trust your fate To just one map, A … [Read More...]

Society’s Compulsions

If you think the problems as a society are with drugs, alcohol, politics, … [Read More...]

Segments of Time

Unless time is used for reference only and not broken up into segments to … [Read More...]

“One Nation Under God”

When one establishes a center of love and its used as a base to live life, … [Read More...]

Trusting What Is

In the stillness of no mind is our trust. This isn't the trust of the logic … [Read More...]


Layers of years Marred By the rise and fall Of creeks and rivers Leave … [Read More...]

abstract colour diamond FB

Move beyond the fear of life into the freedom of loving life

Why is “fear of life” such a powerful presence in the world? I … [Read More...]

A Fictitious Reality

When it was discovered that life was a created reality that really all … [Read More...]

Holy Spirit Filled and Led

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", … [Read More...]

Photo Credit: Hannah Nicole [ Aspire ]

The Power of “I Am”: Affirm Who You Are to Get What You Want

I had a beautiful revelation this morning. Well, actually it’s one … [Read More...]

Don’t Make it Personal

What life reveals to one determines how their reactions will be to whatever … [Read More...]

Created Stories

We think things happen to us and this makes one uncomfortable as it becomes … [Read More...]

Go and Sin No More

To be guided by love is the intention of existence. If it's thought to be … [Read More...]

Self Rightousness

To know our own heart is to abide in a peace that can't be shaken by the … [Read More...]

The Way of Holiness, Enlightenment, and Redemption in the Hebrew Bible

                  THE WAY OF … [Read More...]

Knowing What’s Beneficial

If one doesn't do things in their life that are beneficial to it, it should … [Read More...]


[Read More...]

Accept What Occurs

Its not the secrets of the Universe that allows for peace, its the simple … [Read More...]

The First Step: A Tool

We admitted we were controlled by our Conditioned Mind Patterns and became … [Read More...]


Tales from the Secret Cottage

Hello to all from the land beyond our Secret Cottage! We have enormous … [Read More...]

Three Brothers with Three Sets of Eyes

There were once three brothers, brought up in the same house, but each with … [Read More...]

Vastly Different Views

The unfolding of any given life is dependent on its view. And whatever the … [Read More...]

Giving Up the Lie

Unfortunately even if someone dies on a cross to show the world truth, it … [Read More...]

The Missing Link

Because one's own mind isn't understood there's very little intuitiveness … [Read More...]

Dancing to One’s Music

One can only dance to the music that is heard and depending on what … [Read More...]

Intended Actions

The best of intentions don't always produce the best results. If there are … [Read More...]


Message From Nature

Messages from Nature is a collection of short stories about animals, trials … [Read More...]


Excerpt from “The Book of Truth”

Reach for the stars and the light will shine through our souls. The gift of … [Read More...]

The Way Love Works

When one truly awakens, it is to the energy of love which is part of one … [Read More...]

The Fifth Step: The Root

Identified the exact nature of our wrongs and the associated behavior that … [Read More...]

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