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Stretch Pants, Stretch Marks and Stretched Too Thin!

With the rebirth of the warmth of the summer sun in we can wave good riddance to what felt like an agonizingly endless winter.  The days grow longer and we scurry to fill the extra daylight hours … [Read More...]

Nothing is Unacceptable

Regardless of what happens in life, if it’s not accepted as it is it will cause suffering. Even if what’s occurring initially causes suffering, the suffering will deepen if it’s … [Read More...]

If you’re breathing you’re spiritual

  Here are a few things to consider about spirituality: Meditation is wonderful, but it's not what makes someone spiritual. It's what supports a balanced life, can help open your mind, and … [Read More...]

A Traveling Mind

When you are mentally somewhere other than where your body is, most of your life will be missed. Until there’s a mind and feet connection, the haze of the Conditioned Mind will continue its … [Read More...]

Goodbye Summer

The green grasses have turned from green to brown. Flowers lowered heads with frowns. Summer has come to a close the beauty of the stars and campfires are over till next year. Each season holds … [Read More...]

Strive for the finish line: keep in the presence of the saints.

God continues to show that He can bring strength even in our weakness.  “Samson’s name (Hebrew, shimshon) means “sunny” or “of the sun.”(Hindson, 2003, p. … [Read More...]

Remembering Pleasure

Understanding the phenomenon of remembering is very important in breaking the chains of bondage because it’s the attachment to I that makes one only remember what’s pleasurable. The … [Read More...]

A Surface Stranger

What’s seen on the surface of life is all a facade and until it’s seen that below the surface is what truly matters, one will be living as though you were a stranger unto … [Read More...]

Open Your Heart to Everyone

Opening your heart to everyone includes yourself, so love yourself exactly as you are and understand if you don't, it's only because of the conditioning that's in place. Tis the … [Read More...]

A Soulful Awakening   In August of 2012, amidst the magnificent mountains of Whistler British Columbia Canada, Stephanie Banks, misjudged her surroundings and narrowly avoided death as … [Read More...]

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Step Four – Self Investigation

Made a searching inventory of the self-centered behavior that kept us in … [Read More...]

The Real Challenge of Life: not falling from grace but ascending into grace?

Speaking as a psychotherapist with an interest in spiritual aspects of … [Read More...]

Love Never Needs

Love is love, it never needs. No path leads to love because it's already … [Read More...]

The Beggar

And there he sat alone and withered, Tired, sad, No clothes, he … [Read More...]

A Segmented Self

Life is continuous until one day it’s not. It’s broken up into segments … [Read More...]

Behind Closed Doors Integrity

Behind closed doors integrity means, what you do behind closed doors is the … [Read More...]

Nothing to Know

Understanding ones own mind leads to a knowing that there's nothing needed … [Read More...]

Love Unites

Unity as a species seems to be linked to the base of an individuals … [Read More...]


            … [Read More...]

They Know Not What They Do

When someone does something that isn’t from love, at that time it can … [Read More...]

Genie in a Bottle

To be completely honest, the first time I attempted to read the first few … [Read More...]

Love Shared

When we live from the love of our heart, we can truly love another. Whether … [Read More...]

The Spell of the Conditioned Mind

When one is under the spell of the Conditioned Mind they behave in ways not … [Read More...]

Imaginary Girl

"Sorry, Em." Annie looked worried, almost sheepish. “I’ll try harder. I … [Read More...]

The Space of Truth

Truth isn’t a made up story, it’s not something that can be … [Read More...]

Is That So

It's the applied label that allows for life to be controlled, but if the … [Read More...]

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown.

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown. In reference to … [Read More...]

Enter Zen From Here

The unity produced when the world is truly heard for the first time occurs … [Read More...]

Let SELF-LOVE be your conductor and board the train heading for new horizons.

When you walk through the world with your past wounds driving the train, … [Read More...]

A Majestic View

The majesty of life can only be if that is the view one has of the world. … [Read More...]

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Forest Dweller

Is it magic Or something way more profound? She sees through your … [Read More...]

Hiding in darkness

The hidden story of Mother Earths Light, awakened to heal in the … [Read More...]


      At twenty five we put on black painted our faces … [Read More...]

Angel Healing

Angel healing You have been working hard my friend,I have seen you from … [Read More...]

New Season Cleaning

You're tracking dirt in my house Didn't I tell u 2 wipe ur feet b4 u come … [Read More...]

The Core

The Core    Everybody has a core:  It's an acute … [Read More...]

No True Separation

The thought of separation from others isn't truly separation, … [Read More...]

A Life In Spirit

    As whispered words of guidance flow, celestial choirs … [Read More...]


I find calm repose in the energy that bleeds between words. I want as thin … [Read More...]

Hour Glass Of Emotions

I sat sifting through this year Contemplating the tears of sadness Another … [Read More...]

My Wish For You

That you find that person who hugs you on good days and bad ones! A person … [Read More...]


S.A.D As rain cries teardrops Down the window pane I look out beyond At the … [Read More...]


IN THE STILLNESS OF THE NIGHT   All was quiet on that far away … [Read More...]

Be A Friend To You

You will find when you get older True friends are few You do not  have … [Read More...]

Happy Second Birthday to My Son on 26th November 2014!

Your birthday takes me back to the past in my memories to the day when you … [Read More...]

Emma Cooper – Part Three

"Most of my friends are like you, Emma." Ben’s voice came from behind … [Read More...]

In Need of Thy Hand

On a slippery slope Of fear and trial, I look upon my Savior for hope When … [Read More...]

The Beggar

And there he sat alone and withered, Tired, sad, No clothes, he … [Read More...]


A Poem by ROSALIND Show me God is this exactly what am feeling ask' me … [Read More...]

Kali Ma – Kali Me

  The pain and rage of a million sorrows I carry within my breast As … [Read More...]

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