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Kabbalistic Difference Between Writing in Third Person Narrative and First Person

Since the topic came up recently, I thought to include my responses here for the benefit of all. While this article references non-fiction, the difference between the two relates to fiction as … [Read More...]

Joy in the Mourning

Joy in the Mourning

  Joy in the Mourning I recently attended a five day mind-body-spirit intensive workshop hosted by a beloved friend and gifted Spiritual mentor. At its conclusion each attendee was to stand at … [Read More...]

Holy Spirit Filled and Led

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", "prison", for ALL Eternity? I think the answer is "free will". Do I not "give and take away", being my own "editor", when I … [Read More...]

Here I am

Have you ever had a moment where you realized you were denying a big part of yourself? Over the past few days I've begun to realize how much I deny my fear of being vulnerable. I am starting to shine … [Read More...]


My Dogs Became My Guides

Max & Pixy ,my earthly Angels !My dogs became my Guide. November 2005 When ever I use to sit for healing and meditation at times while my consciousness was ascending higher , I remember Max,my … [Read More...]



I am not a very religious man but I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. I do believe in miracles and praying. As far as Angels go I always thought they were just in Heaven. I had never seen one but … [Read More...]

Undying Love

His  eyes know what  you think Without saying a word His  hands the ones You love to hold A place of friendship Honesty and Trust The missing piece felt When you are apart The person that makes you … [Read More...]

Someday Dreams

Someday is a popular word A word that holds our dreams Someday I will do that Said often as someday dreams concerned We seem to put them off Until we dream again Put your someday dreams Into now … [Read More...]

Gentle Giants

The Lord sent  two gentle giants Into my life when it was full of heartache and strife My husband left for the Heavens without saying good-bye Leaving debts and everything unfinished Stress of … [Read More...]


Stretch Pants, Stretch Marks and Stretched Too Thin!

With the rebirth of the warmth of the summer sun in we can wave good riddance to what felt like an agonizingly endless winter.  The days grow longer and we scurry to fill the extra daylight hours … [Read More...]

Twilight Meditation

  As we outgrow certain aspects of our lives, such as jobs, relationships, and ways of thinking, there is often a transition period to the new place we are heading for.  The time between the … [Read More...]


Do I Look Fat in This Attitude? It’s Never Too Late to Have a Positive Attitude

Let me ask you a question. Please try to answer this question with total honesty. If you met yourself on the street today, would you want to talk to yourself? What would you think about … [Read More...]

What we can learn from the human face of Association Football

On Sunday, 30th March 2014, I was with my partner at Wembley Stadium, London to watch my hometown Team, Chesterfield FC play in the League Trophy Final against Peterborough United FC. It was my fourth … [Read More...]


Dear Husband Of Mine

How I wish for a peaceful day.  My head spins like the ferris wheel at the local fair.  Tears run down my cheeks like a spring with no end.  You went to the Heavens without saying good-bye.  I wear a … [Read More...]


Mom’s Lessons

I learned  from her to be strong To work hard or nothing would be gained Hold my head up be a lady with some grace Mom  always had a joke to tell a smile upon her face Be kind to others … [Read More...]

Visit to the North on Dec. 24

My antisipated drive to the North The pines lined the road  Snow banks piled high Sky so blue the air crisp and fresh The sun glissened  dazzled the eyes Millions of crystals on top Of … [Read More...]

Pikes Peak Cairns, Copyright 2012 Cindy Skaggs

Balance in an Imbalanced World

Climbing Pikes Peak last summer, I discovered a trail marker I'd never known before.  Called Cairns, they're stacked rocks that mark the trail.When I first noticed them, I thought they were merely … [Read More...]



In the last week or so, I finally made a decision to go ahead with open heart surgery. For a while I felt I had the luxury of choice – but in the end there was no choice left except an obvious … [Read More...]


Full Bloom

Happy first day of spring. The weather here in Seattle still feels like winter. Last night after I got home I saw rain, sleet, hail and snow. My car was frozen this morning; I could hardly open my … [Read More...]

Daddy's Hand photo

Daddy’s Hand

 A hazel eyed man gazed down  At his little bundle of joy Chubby cheeks eyes of blue Stared back He reached his hand down in the little bed A tiny little hand reached up She … [Read More...]



Silence is an innaccurate word Loud, it is full of strangeness Listen, for … [Read More...]

Life’s Choices

Life is a song unsung A play  not performed An untold story Life can … [Read More...]

Please Allow Me!

When I am old and my body frail If tubes keep me alive instead of breathing … [Read More...]

The Anima Initiation

The following poem was published by the Spiritual Writers Networkin a … [Read More...]


O, to walk on those streets of gold, that are in Heaven, I am … [Read More...]

I Pray

I Pray.. that you may live this day.. with Bliss, Contentment, … [Read More...]

Blossom Young Bird

Blossom Young Bird Blossom young bird, blossom and grow, Embrace the … [Read More...]

One More Day

Dear Dave I wanted just one more day That I could hold your hand One … [Read More...]

Thank you

I thought I would die, if I stopped living a lie To used to staring up at … [Read More...]


I walked your world alone With Breath and pulse Both rapid I stalked my … [Read More...]

The Light of Jesus

The Light of Jesus: We are all born of light, but it's the conditioned … [Read More...]


Burning you

Bewitchingly, she tiptoes barefoot across her overgrown backyard, feeling … [Read More...]

Healing Bird

Healing Bird   Healing Bird share with me your color which is made out … [Read More...]


Be Here

Like the prudent mariner Never trust your fate To just one map, A … [Read More...]


The day is very cold, After the snow, The temperature hovers, At twenty … [Read More...]


I see and image in my brain! I visualize Beauteous! Hues are hypnotizing, I … [Read More...]

What Shall I Give My Lord This Day

  This poem asks the question: what can I a mortal being, give to the … [Read More...]

Meditation, An oasis

When I got quiet, it found me. My part? Close my eyes and open my heart. A … [Read More...]

Lost souls held in captivity

Does the flame of fire ever touch your heart My eyes glazed into the flurry … [Read More...]



Song-Flower In the garden of the heart rests a pure white lily floating on … [Read More...]

Divine Love

In concealment where are you stayingPlease come I'm seeking out you at … [Read More...]


As I sit,Looking over the hill,The air is cool,The air is still.Over the … [Read More...]

Shine On

Shine on   A heart sighs in empathy As if, somehow, to revive the … [Read More...]


Preference Ego breeds Arrogance, Contempt, And Dismissal. These … [Read More...]


may you always rise if you should fall, be you large or be you … [Read More...]

Putting Limits in Place

One is truly bound by nothing but by what one's own mind puts in place. So … [Read More...]

My Last Wish

My Last Wish

I walk amongst the Skyscrapers in horrible abandonment,Thinking of my Guru … [Read More...]


The Flowering

This poem is a reflection on a time of suffering in my life during which I … [Read More...]

how do I

how do I paint paint a perfect picture with this colour blinds with this … [Read More...]

The Name Of The Lord Will Be Glorified

This is a poem that glorifies the name of the Lord.  The Lord deserves our … [Read More...]

A Beautiful Rose broken into many pieces

The tender loving bluebell shined in all its glory With the lightly yellow … [Read More...]

A Smile Nine-days-lasting

Who is she,this woman who bestowed upon me,underserving mortal man,a smile … [Read More...]

butterfly and eye

Time Is

A moment A smile A touch A word A memory Time is a gift Time is now Time is … [Read More...]

butterflys and flowers in hand

Recipe Called Life

Mixed with sadness, loss and hope Spiced with many lessons Cups of wisdom … [Read More...]

Woman’s Life Moments

Magic moments Simple pleasures Laughter and childhood memories Teenage … [Read More...]


No more... proclamation for a key salvation... with gravitational truths … [Read More...]


I find calm repose in the energy that bleeds between words. I want as thin … [Read More...]


IN HIS ARMS In His arms we can safely go, Where great blessings He … [Read More...]

Boston Strong

On Boylston Street, there are two soul stemmed orange blooms. Around the … [Read More...]

White Feathered Horse

White Feathered Horse   On the wings of the white feathered horse I … [Read More...]


  Shadows       The purple and white columbine … [Read More...]

For Those Who Hurt On Fathers Day

  This Father’s day I ask you to listen to what I have to … [Read More...]

Hand in Hand

Hand in hand with Jesus,walking down life’s road,sharing every … [Read More...]

Special Someone

When you meet that special someone That puts that sparkle in your … [Read More...]


El Shaddai

El Shaddai He who makes the oceans roar Can hear a teardrop fall And He … [Read More...]


The Swan of The Lord

The Swan of the Lord Swift sound, sweet heeding in keeping sequence with … [Read More...]

Ethereal Awareness

In this timeless ethereality where silences build converted assonances and … [Read More...]

This Fall

This Fall   This fall We had cold rain, finally,  Barging in … [Read More...]

To you My Friend !

You are the friend who is always there and will always care. Who have … [Read More...]

In Need of Thy Hand

On a slippery slope Of fear and trial, I look upon my Savior for hope When … [Read More...]


            … [Read More...]

The Gifts

And he asked her, " How may I win your heart? Shall I adorn you, my vision, … [Read More...]


A Thought

T o the Wounded A bandage applied Is but a bandage But a bandage applied … [Read More...]


Come Back

Come Back EgoWhirls around me, like a hurricaneIn search of its … [Read More...]

Faint Memories

I was just three,Naive and carefree,Far away from tension,No fear, no … [Read More...]


DAY BREAKWhat a beautiful morning,the sun is shining bright,it makes my … [Read More...]

rose glasses


lovelove is protecting,love is consuming.love is that kiss on your … [Read More...]


What is the right measure of love? Love will surely fade if there’s … [Read More...]


  Freeze       Leaves cold … [Read More...]

Lord Teach Me to Count My Blessings

This poem reminds  us of how much God has blessed us, because … [Read More...]

God’s Child

He came out her womb with his obvious first cry. He still cries for that … [Read More...]

Holy Saturday: The Power of Liminality

They take my body bound in linen And lay it in a tomb hewn out of rock. I … [Read More...]

I Promised…

I promised I'd be the good guy Stereotypical Samaritan type A truly … [Read More...]


Growing: Loving God, loving each other, producing fruit with my friends, … [Read More...]

Can I sit with you?

Can I Sit With You?

I know you do not not know my name Can I sit with you?  When  I … [Read More...]

Cowboys Goodbye

Cowboy’s Walk Into The Sunset

That day was just any other day,Totally unaware you were not to … [Read More...]


It was about 12 PM, you might say midnight, I lay looking my … [Read More...]

Be A Friend To You

You will find when you get older True friends are few You do not  have … [Read More...]



To feature your poetry on this site, please REGISTER and create a free … [Read More...]

I Believe

I believe in you I believe in me I believe in us I  believe in love I … [Read More...]


The Definition of Difference

“My existence from thoughts ~ into reality it comes~ unseen because … [Read More...]


  Lullaby   I’ll sing you a lullaby Straight from my … [Read More...]


IN THE STILLNESS OF THE NIGHT   All was quiet on that far away … [Read More...]


excerpt from “The Book of Truths”

Rise and fall as all of us shall but always return to your roots that run … [Read More...]



the lemon tree lemons grow on trees, hence lemon trees. love grows … [Read More...]



Now I lay down to sleep, listening to hymns, soothing and sweet. Now I lay … [Read More...]

Love Shared

When we live from the love of our heart, we can truly love another. Whether … [Read More...]


Oh, sweet spring, how bad I miss thee, and want so badly, the green grass … [Read More...]


Winds of Change

I am the winds of change, the point between day and night. The cool … [Read More...]

girl and angel

God Wiped Away The Other Tear

It was a cold, crisp day in February Two trucks and a head-on-crash That … [Read More...]

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The Name Of The Lord Will Be Glorified

This is a poem that glorifies the name of the Lord.  The Lord deserves our … [Read More...]

How Magical Are We

Many blessings to those that see beyond their own needs That aid in others … [Read More...]

God Helps Caregivers

God understands caregivers work of love Getting up the crack of dawn … [Read More...]

Two Ways to Exist

Life needn't be all figured out to make sense. It just needs to be … [Read More...]

Thinking Differently

There was a time when I didn't know how to love, but today there isn't a … [Read More...]

A Split Second

What is done is done, it is neither right or wrong, but it is what is done. … [Read More...]

Love is a Shared Energy of Blessing

  LOVE IS A SHARED ENERGY OF BLESSING   Dr. Barry … [Read More...]


The Seed Love Grew

   Go towards your brother rather than avert. Hear rather than … [Read More...]

Establishing a Center

A center needs to be established so theres a place one can return to when … [Read More...]

Harmony With Oneself

To be in harmony with life, there has to be harmony with oneself. But if … [Read More...]

The Light

Time on Me

Time                        "Time was the life force inside me. … [Read More...]


  I was asked to give a talk in a part of town where the majority of … [Read More...]

to this moon

the moon behind the walls through cold feathers of the wind, calls the … [Read More...]

A Worldly Reflection

We can reflect a deep inner beauty which is a creation of the Universe, but … [Read More...]

Unquestioned Assumptions

There’s a tug-of-war that occurs in most lives between one’s outer and … [Read More...]

We Are One

If one can't understand themselves, it will be impossible to understand … [Read More...]

Using Prayer

Prayer can be used as anything that directs ones energy. Whatever their … [Read More...]


Strive for the finish line: keep in the presence of the saints.

God continues to show that He can bring strength even in our … [Read More...]


I am sitting, sitting quietly, thinking about special things, how the … [Read More...]

Changing choices

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown.

Truth is the building block a lie can teardown. In reference to … [Read More...]

The Tool of Fear

Live in fear and everything that occurs in life will be from the mind, not … [Read More...]

Labeling the Moment

Each moment only provides the setting for it to be labeled. When one says … [Read More...]

Creating Problems to Solve

An undisciplined mind has no filter. One's seemingly random thoughts aren't … [Read More...]

Stories and the Placebo Effect

Since the earliest times we have been searchers. Beginning with the daily … [Read More...]


It’s Cool to be Different

For nine long years I suspected that you were unique: I ignored those who … [Read More...]

Do You Believe…

I was asked many moons ago... "Do you believe?" "Yesssss" I … [Read More...]

Joy in the Mourning

Joy in the Mourning

  Joy in the Mourning I recently attended a five day … [Read More...]

One’s Fallen Nature

One's fallen nature is exhibited in the form of greed, hate, and delusion. … [Read More...]


Beyond Limitations

There is a hunger in all of us that wants to be understood. To be fed. A … [Read More...]

Woman’s Life Moments

Magic moments Simple pleasures Laughter and childhood memories Teenage … [Read More...]

As One Judges One Goes

One cannot judge without it arising from within so every judgement is as if … [Read More...]

No Diversion Needed

To be in the moment is to be with what is occurring at that precise time. A … [Read More...]

Investigate the Cause

Life can be endured with the hope that by some miracle it will be changed, … [Read More...]

Life From Stillness

Doing doesn't get it done, in stillness all arises. A flower doesn't make … [Read More...]

Conditioned Mind Patterns

An undisciplined mind is the cause of all suffering and because of this … [Read More...]

Establishing a Beneificial Center

Everyone has a center, but what's used to establish it is the key that … [Read More...]

Life…By the Numbers

At one time or many throughout our lives we ask ourselves a question – why … [Read More...]

Karmic Peace

Karma is real, so when there is undeniable trust in the moment as it is, … [Read More...]

No Explanation Needed

We are limited by our incessant need for explanations, but an understanding … [Read More...]

No Fact to Feelings

The difference in having compassion for others and allowing feelings to be … [Read More...]

No Justified Judgements

From our judgements not only do we cause harm to ourselves, but we affect … [Read More...]


A Death Worth Pondering

I stand with my hand poised over the door handle of my car, not remembering … [Read More...]

A Made Up Order

Who truly cares what one thinks, not I, not the world, not the Universe, so … [Read More...]

Conditioning in Place

Love is the energy of the greater good. Those who live for the greater good … [Read More...]

Archangel Michael: Remembering How To Live In More Than One Dimension

Part 2 of a Message Received through Mercedes Kirkel on June 2, … [Read More...]

Faith is the bridge

The Bridge

While others may doubt and try to dissuade: His believe. As we study His … [Read More...]

Devoid of I

Freedom or prison is more of a mind state then it is physical. One can be … [Read More...]

Here I am

Have you ever had a moment where you realized you were denying a big part … [Read More...]

Love Never Needs

Love is love, it never needs. No path leads to love because it's already … [Read More...]



Once rescued, we must wonder, 'Why?" Repent. Believe. Beloved, the burden … [Read More...]

A Slave to Oneself

Regardless of what it is, everything in life passes except for what one … [Read More...]

Peaceful heart

Peaceful Heart

Everyday I am amazedBy the universes graceEach night I talk to the heavens … [Read More...]

Imaginary Girl

"Sorry, Em." Annie looked worried, almost sheepish. “I’ll try harder. I … [Read More...]

The Prison of the Mind

By: Dino Daswani (Life Coach) Dino's Words of Wisdom Blog - … [Read More...]

Created Stories

We think things happen to us and this makes one uncomfortable as it becomes … [Read More...]

Reinforcing I

There are two ways to view life, one is of I and one is of stillness. They … [Read More...]


MARY MAGDALENE: Finding The Relationship You’ve Dreamed Of

Part 1 of a Message Given to Mercedes KirkelOn July 21, … [Read More...]

The Conditioned Grip

To be stuck in the hold of one's conditioned grip, is to be lost in a world … [Read More...]

The Stuff We Are Made Of

Modern science has put together a computer animation program on the … [Read More...]

“Soul Dance”

Soul Dance by Renae Jones Feel the beating, the fluttering of heart upon … [Read More...]

A Canvas of Love

We make our life what it is, but we are not the creator of it, we are … [Read More...]


Stuck in the Mud

This morning was the start of a great day. I woke up early. At first I was … [Read More...]

Intentions of Love

When one's intentions are based in love just for the sake of not wanting to … [Read More...]

Transcendental Deliberation

I left you there!... Between semicolons and dashes, lost inside the days of … [Read More...]

Twilight Meditation

  As we outgrow certain aspects of our lives, such as jobs, … [Read More...]

Identity Crisis

Hold on to any identity that you want, but if the results of this identity … [Read More...]

Stabled in Love

Its so easy to feel connected to life when things are going the way that … [Read More...]


Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw Many of their pictures show a rainbow in … [Read More...]

Open Arms

Soccer and the Right to Bear Arms

One hundred years ago, a ball is kicked into no mans land and men from both … [Read More...]

What’s Within

Don't regret anything that's been done in the past because it's most likely … [Read More...]

Natural State of Peace

There’s a natural state of peace that’s experienced when one stops doing … [Read More...]

stepping out

Stepping Out

A couple weeks ago I decided I needed to get out. It was a Friday night and … [Read More...]

Making Room

With ones mind, if the old isn't cleared out, there won't be any room for … [Read More...]

Truly Living

Dependency in any form creates a prison to the bondage of self that blocks … [Read More...]

Another Lie by Society

Remove the mask that society creates and see yourself as the beautiful … [Read More...]

Harmony Generates Love

Harmony within results in ones ability to love. It's a simple decision to … [Read More...]

Our Peace

It may seem as though some are more at peace than others, but its only … [Read More...]

Blessing Within

God extraordinarily gifts us and wraps us differently and brings us … [Read More...]

Lightning's Gift - inspirational poem

Lightning’s Gift – Inspirational Poems about Nature

Lightning's Gift Flash!Lightningbolts strike … [Read More...]

Enslaved By One’s Own Lies

One can't claim to know truth if they don't understand what it is to be a … [Read More...]

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