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The Pull of the Past

The energy of the past has so much pull because of the way the Conditioned Mind uses past experiences to process life from and until this is realized the present moment will basically be out of … [Read More...]

Present Moment Peace

As one becomes more and more anchored in the present moment, the created stories are needed less and less; yours and mine. Without a story, there’s a peace the mind settles into because … [Read More...]

Aware of Your Own Presence

The value of truly knowing who you are is priceless because it allows the mind to settle instead of needing some story pretending to be this loving, spiritual, head in the clouds person. One of the … [Read More...]

No Real Choice

Many believe they have choices, but the reality is, there is no choice because one can only do what their conditioned view dictates and good, bad, or indifferent it’s only done because … [Read More...]

Melody Of Summer

I sat in a lawn chair wind chimes tinkling behind my head. White towels on the clothes line gently swing back and forth. The pinwheel flowers stand still for a moment then gently spin. The sound … [Read More...]

Give and Get Intentions

One’s intentions will be from the base energy to give or to get and this makes the world the way it is. So if you want the world different, simply have the intention to give and watch it … [Read More...]

Stuck in the Familiar

We repeat the same mistakes over and over and we constantly respond to the same triggers because we react out of the habit of what’s familiar, and this is done without even realizing it. Why is … [Read More...]

Being Isn’t a Doing

The true essence of life can only be understood by being. Life is not a doing because it exist regardless of what you do. Defining a life through what you think you need to do is your doing, not … [Read More...]

Evaluating Yourself

Evaluating and learning from your practice allows for one who was once lost, to now be found and one who was blind, to now see, but only because of having a practice in place that allows this. If … [Read More...]

Happy New Year

Vows, pledges, and resolutions aren’t needed in 2016 as long as it’s realized the thing one wants to change is only there because of not being in the present moment. Happy New … [Read More...]

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… the light is shining on me …

I stand in the middle of the desert, And the light is shining on me ... I … [Read More...]

God Saying

I am the head of universe to staying every where to the different stage and … [Read More...]


COCOONS We hid ourselves  swathed in our fleshy bandages So we could … [Read More...]

Weave the twine of your life

Weave the twine of my life between power and love let the shuffle flow … [Read More...]


O, come sing, a gospel song, not to short, and not to long. Make it, a … [Read More...]


The beasts want out, my body tells me. All at once they seem to … [Read More...]


  There is a trail, out back of the house, winding over the hill, so … [Read More...]

White and Silent

It is white and silent  trees heavy laden with untouched snow,  a sky of … [Read More...]

a drunkard of the spirit

tipsy tock tipsy tock falling and getting up  for the power of the … [Read More...]


My father’s grave—a solemn place; Still yet, I see his haggard … [Read More...]


MY HOMES My first home, a small one, beside a babbling brook, called … [Read More...]

Space Between Thoughts

Thoughts are what makes one think the grass is greener on the other side, … [Read More...]


A blank canvas Pure, untainted Innocent, unknown "What will I become?" A … [Read More...]

Visit to the North on Dec. 24

My antisipated drive to the North The pines lined the road  Snow banks … [Read More...]

To My Sons…

Archetypal Warriors Gifts of my flesh Brave Spirits, Peaceful … [Read More...]

Undying Love

His  eyes know what  you think Without saying a word His  hands the … [Read More...]

The Flowering

This poem is a reflection on a time of suffering in my life during which I … [Read More...]

To, My Valentine.

Holding your hand, Makes me forget all the … [Read More...]

I owe it to life

  In the reality of the oneness of all things I realise I cannot be … [Read More...]

The Sun Within Our Heart

Feel the warmth of the sunshine gleaming on your face, it makes it feel … [Read More...]

Forest Dweller

Is it magic Or something way more profound? She sees through your … [Read More...]

The Definition of Difference

“My existence from thoughts ~ into reality it comes~ unseen because … [Read More...]


may you always rise if you should fall, be you large or be you … [Read More...]


I am sitting, sitting quietly, thinking about special things, how the … [Read More...]

A Writers Inner Landscape

  Pen and paper, letters forming words Sentences and paragraphs … [Read More...]

This Fall

This Fall   This fall We had cold rain, finally,  Barging in … [Read More...]

Is This You?

IS THIS YOU?   What if you’ve never experienced LOVE … [Read More...]

“A Wait For a beautiful Sail”

My ship stands empty, Waiting at a shore,Where no one cares if it is … [Read More...]

God Did Not Make Me

  God did not make me So you as a man could break me Yet He … [Read More...]

Defining Self

How Do You Define Yourself? Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", … [Read More...]

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Two Sides

One’s higher vibrational energy has to be understood so the bondage … [Read More...]

Do You Believe…

I was asked many moons ago... "Do you believe?" "Yesssss" I … [Read More...]

Created Restrictions

Restriction to life's abundance is created by a mind that is conditioned to … [Read More...]

Stop Thinking

There’s no path, program, or way that can enhance life because life … [Read More...]

Grateful Me

All this talk of Abundance and the Law of Attraction Has most people think … [Read More...]


The clock struck nine, I still lay, in this bed of mine; I cleared my … [Read More...]

Exploring Passion

What is passion? A desire? A want? A knowing of something? A hearts … [Read More...]

Summertime Breeze

I am grateful for the warmth of the summers breeze The warmth of the sun … [Read More...]

The Power of “I Am”: Affirm Who You Are to Get What You Want

I had a beautiful revelation this morning. Well, actually it’s one … [Read More...]

Addiction Not Required

If it wasn’t for the belief in a false self, addiction would be non … [Read More...]


The difficulty of going through life without an understanding of how the … [Read More...]

beginning an inner journey

There always seem to be just as many reasons not to start an inner journey … [Read More...]

Death is Like a Bird

The Scarlet Macaw is considered to be amongst the most beautiful birds on … [Read More...]

Life Happens to Everyone

Life happens to everyone, one day the story is about us, not someone else. … [Read More...]

Conditioned Mind Antics

Peace is the natural process of awareness because when one is aware of … [Read More...]

The Girl

I walk down the street I see a girl and our eyes meet, tears run down her … [Read More...]

Enslaved By One’s Own Lies

One can't claim to know truth if they don't understand what it is to be a … [Read More...]

A Conditioned Mind Notices

See how a mind agitation arises from your conditioning, it’s not … [Read More...]

The Stages of Life

The difference between learning from each stage of life and living it to … [Read More...]

Making Room

With ones mind, if the old isn't cleared out, there won't be any room for … [Read More...]


Silence is an innaccurate word Loud, it is full of strangeness Listen, for … [Read More...]

What We Are Up Against

It may seem that what we are up against is out there, but its always from … [Read More...]

Nothing to Know

Understanding ones own mind leads to a knowing that there's nothing needed … [Read More...]

Who Is This Man Called Jesus

This is a poem that ask the question, Who Is This Man Called Jesus and … [Read More...]

Being Fulfills Not Doing

We will always be guided by the things that we seek. And whether those … [Read More...]

The Heart of God … [Read More...]

Worry equals Action

Jane was admiring view of clouds through her window. World look so still … [Read More...]

Projected Fear

The Conditioned Mind uses fear to keep one from the Here and Now by … [Read More...]

Lightning’s Gift – Inspirational Poems about Nature

Lightning's Gift Flash!Lightningbolts strike … [Read More...]

Five short stories by grandma – for young children

This is a free flip book, of short spiritual stories for young children on … [Read More...]

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