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Past Energy Consequences

Life itself is only a consequence of the energy that’s attached to, so stop attaching to past energy patterns and watch life naturally become different as its energy is transformed. Regardless … [Read More...]

Mom’s Lessons

I learned  from her to be strong To work hard or nothing would be gained Hold my head up be a lady with some grace Mom  always had a joke to tell a smile upon her face Be kind to others … [Read More...]

Present Moment Obstacles

The more a person can remain and live in the present moment, the less obstacles there are that don’t allow life to be lived to the fullest. So to me, the key to any life is to be present or … [Read More...]

Out-side of God

        God is Divine, He is Righteous, and He is Just in all His ways.  But His Anger is kindled, and there is a day appointed in which this Anger will be poured out on the Earth.  God has made a way … [Read More...]

A New Beginning-Happy 2017

Today there’s a change in the year, but this day is like every other day as each one should be treated as if it’s a new beginning. Life is precious and every moment alive is a gift, not … [Read More...]

A Background Perspective

If you can develop some awareness of inner stillness, the background perspective will have less control as your mind agitations subside and without these agitations, one will never have a need to … [Read More...]

Changing Your Inner State

When love is the energy of one’s inner state, it emanates transforming energy out into the world. Many will pickup on this energy and in the process they will transform. This all occurs because … [Read More...]

I Am Just Me!

You just stay being you! Honest and open Keeping it real and simple! Open hearts sharing Nothing fake no masks I am just me! You keep being you! Flaws excepted We are not perfect Perfection is a … [Read More...]

Lost In The North On Christmas Eve

It was a cold night far in the North The snow was twiring and swirling Before it hit the ground I could barely see the road ahead The snow pelting against the windshield Starring at the endless … [Read More...]

True Happiness

The happiness which most seek is always contingent on something from the outside, if this or that happens then I’ll be happy, but true happiness is from within and doesn’t need anything to … [Read More...]

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The day is very cold, After the snow, The temperature hovers, At twenty … [Read More...]

A True Need

A true need isn't something that's needed to fulfill some made up want or … [Read More...]

Appreciated Friendship

A true friend can be hard to come by. Till the day I met you, and you … [Read More...]

Stretching Out

Take my hand, Lord I'm reaching, My arm extended Barely able to touch you. … [Read More...]


Love is an intimate, shared look Love is a warm and caring touch Love is … [Read More...]

Finding peace in chaos

Whatever did I say Whatever did I do To make you feel this way? I am … [Read More...]

Healing Love

  When the world  is faced with lies  who is the one  that will … [Read More...]

Blossom Young Bird

Blossom Young Bird Blossom young bird, blossom and grow, Embrace the … [Read More...]

If yiu can do me one favour…

      If you can do me one … [Read More...]


Today is dark and grey, and I long to go, go out to where,     … [Read More...]

Be A Friend To You

You will find when you get older True friends are few You do not  have … [Read More...]

Lady of the Dark

Lady of the Dark   Lady of the Dark the shade is her gown Lady of the … [Read More...]


  The truth is like a … [Read More...]


Some gifts are large, some gifts are small, but it’s the thought that … [Read More...]


THE SCRIPT... Let it go, let it be, it was once yours, but it was … [Read More...]

My Last Wish

I walk amongst the Skyscrapers in horrible abandonment,Thinking of my Guru … [Read More...]

The Light of Jesus

The Light of Jesus: We are all born of light, but it's the conditioned … [Read More...]


The beasts want out, my body tells me. All at once they seem to … [Read More...]


The sun sinks in the west, singling the end, of another blessed day. A … [Read More...]


DAY BREAKWhat a beautiful morning,the sun is shining bright,it makes my … [Read More...]

God Helps Caregivers

God understands caregivers work of love Getting up the crack of dawn … [Read More...]

For Those Who Hurt On Fathers Day

  This Father’s day I ask you to listen to what I have to … [Read More...]


lovelove is protecting,love is is that kiss on your … [Read More...]

A Mind In Conflict – A mind At Peace

A mind in conflict tortured, twisted, tormented. Divide and fight the enemy … [Read More...]


The clock struck nine, I still lay, in this bed of mine; I cleared my … [Read More...]


  Freeze       Leaves cold … [Read More...]

The Essence of Being

  In the midst of the chaos that surrounds us all You are my … [Read More...]

An “Aha Moment” Shift

Everyone has an “aha moment” that shifts their view of life, but the mind … [Read More...]

Watch Out

 WATCH OUT Watch out for the devil, the father of lies, he will sneak up … [Read More...]

Sister “C”

Sister Claire  She was a nun, And she was my teacher. She had the most … [Read More...]

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Nothing to Blame

With an outward view of life, there’s always justification to point a … [Read More...]

Comparisons Separate

God can be likened to a made up story that arises because one compares life … [Read More...]

The Jewel Within

A person doesn’t wake up because something from the outside shakes them, it … [Read More...]

Creating a Burden

Once life is wanted different than what it is, it becomes an endured … [Read More...]


Yogi walt December 3 · the only thing important in my life is that i … [Read More...]

Self Rightousness

To know our own heart is to abide in a peace that can't be shaken by the … [Read More...]

Head and Feet Connection

The head and feet connection is a center that can be used to remain or … [Read More...]

Hungry Angry Lonely Tired (HALT)

Selfing energy only focuses on self and it usually arises when one is … [Read More...]

Simplicity of Life

Life really isn't complicated, it just is. But because of the way it's … [Read More...]

Natural Love

If one thinks being a bully or acting in ways that aren't based in love is … [Read More...]

Mind Mastery

If one doesn’t have mastery over the mind, the mind will have mastery over … [Read More...]

Stuck in the Familiar

We repeat the same mistakes over and over and we constantly respond to the … [Read More...]

Same Old Results

One can’t change the way life is responded to by using the old tools … [Read More...]

Rainbow Of Humanity

When little children begin to draw Many of their pictures show a rainbow in … [Read More...]

A Made Up Order

Who truly cares what one thinks, not I, not the world, not the Universe, so … [Read More...]

A True Gauge

Because of the way one’s mind becomes conditioned, its normal state … [Read More...]

Truth is Always True

I often write about truth, but what is this truth of existence that I often … [Read More...]

Awake For Life

Life is a journey a given gift, and it’s up to each individual to … [Read More...]

Know Your Own Mind

It has been said that if you rule your mind, you'll rule the world. But not … [Read More...]

Universally Satisfied

The Universe produces much different noise than the created noise that … [Read More...]

Enter Zen From Here

The unity produced when the world is truly heard for the first time occurs … [Read More...]

Segments of Time

Unless time is used for reference only and not broken up into segments to … [Read More...]

What’s in a Label

Think of this, everything you have labeled up to this point in your life … [Read More...]

Thought Created Reality

Until it's understood that it's the false sense of self that … [Read More...]

Suffering Isn’t Inevitable

If you live long enough, aging, sickness, and death are inevitable, these … [Read More...]

No. 1 Fan

  As always in her concert gigs, Ai sings her favorite song, "I … [Read More...]

my metaphysical and spiritual ebook

Here are both links where you can buy copies of my book Here is the Amazon … [Read More...]


Review of Countenance: For two days I've been living with the charming cast … [Read More...]

Conflict Within

When there's a conflict that takes one from their own inner peace, … [Read More...]

The Sun Within Our Heart

Feel the warmth of the sunshine gleaming on your face, it makes it feel … [Read More...]

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